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Round 1

Chris Anema



In the Central Park of Port Esca
R O U N D 1:
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[And now, a battle between Reality and Fantasy.]
Chris: (Darkness is after me again, and they know I'm more than willing to fight them. If this... when this gets to Naught, I know things will get way tougher. But if Hellspawned can keep Darkness busy, maybe things won't be so bad. Then again, I want to fight Hellspawned too... They won't just let me stab them in the back while they dish it out with Darkness.) [He prepares himself, watching as the Nightmares begin to move closer.] You four know how to deal with the Nightmares, right?
Ghost: Melt them with fire?
Mouse: Make them go boom with fire?
Kinesis: Devour them with fire...?
Chris: Sure. [He leaps into the air, striking at one of the Nightmares with a lightning-empowered blow to the torso. The lightning shoots through the Nightmare just before it can do harm to Chris. The creature disintegrates.]
Smoke-Blayde: [He thrusts both arms down at Chris, who jumps again to avoid them. Smoke-Blayde ducks, letting is tails scythe at Chris. One of the stingers miss, but the other manages to poke Chris in the shoulder.]
Chris: [Winces, falling to the ground. Instead of slacking for a moment, he rolls out of his foe's way, shooting quickly back up at him {with a move very similar to Volt Tackle.} He lands again. Given a few seconds to recuperate, Chris closes his eyes, focusing dark energy in front of him again. He cannot, however, bring it into full form. Smoke-Blayde is already charging at Chris again.]
Smoke-Blayde: [A dark grins crosses his face. His two claws on each wrist are now blackened with a dark, poisonous energy, as are his tails.]
Chris: [Jumps back, canceling his maneuver out.]
Flare: Keep hammering them with those spells Ghost! [Her hands and feet are ablaze with an orange fire that doesn't seem to harm her. She delivers a combination of a roundhouse kick, spin hook kick, and elbow thrust to a tall Nightmare, sending it down. It vanishes as it falls.]
Ghost: [A shimmering air surrounds her as she casts a powerful spell. A Nightmare towering over her receives an explosion of fire to the face. Within seconds, it is gone.
Kinesis: [Her eyes are closed. A single Nightmare approaches, a strange looking axe formed in its devilish hands.] ... [Before the Nightmare can even swing the weapon, Kinesis opens her eyes, which gleam violently. The Nightmare becomes an equally violent tower of fire before her...]
Mouse: [Similar to Flare, her large tails are burning with a powerful stream of fire.] Now you go boom boom boom! [Her tails move in front of her. Like automatic weapons, they begin firing miniature bullets of fire at the Nightmare coming toward her. It takes a good dozen of these bullets plus a larger finishing move -- a fireball, so to speak -- until this foe is vanquished.]
[The same cannot be said about Smoke-Blayde.]
Smoke-Blayde: [Growls, holding both arms out to the side.] You really are proving to be a little challenge...
Chris: Then I need to pick it up. [He tosses two black bolts at Smoke-Blayde, who simply blocks them with his claws.]
Smoke-Blayde: ...[He chuckles, bringing both arms down again.] ...Sooner or later... You're going to feel terrible.
Chris: Terrible for what? Beating you?
Smoke-Blayde: It doesn't matter who wins anymore... I've already destroyed you.
Chris: Right... Well, I'm just gonna zap you now. [His body sparks violently.]
Smoke-Blayde: ...(...Damn those Hellspawned... they really are as much trouble as he said they were... I don't think I can afford to fight Chris right now.) Erg...
Chris: [With lightning practically twirling around him now, he charges ahead at Smoke-Blayde.]
Smoke-Blayde: (I didn't even come prepared... I am such a fool sometimes.) [Crosses his arms, ready to block the attack.]
Chris: [He leaps into the air, flips over Smoke-Blayde, and, as he is upside down in midair, two large streaks of black lightning crash upon his enemy.]
Smoke-Blayde: [Shouts out. As the lightning leaves his body, he falls to his knees, then to his face.]
Chris: [Having landed on the other side of Smoke-Blayde, he stands straight up, turning his head only slightly.] You asked for this... You asked to be my enemy again... [Sighs... He turns around, facing the Femmes Flames.] (I'll never know why... We could work together to take this new threat down, but you're all so stubborn... if only you were more like the Shades. The real Shades...)
Flare: [The flames around her disappear.] Woohoo, you beat him!
Mouse: Spectacular~! [Claps.]
Ghost: Marvelous work, Chris.
Kinesis: ...[Nods.]
Chris: ...Thanks... [Holds his wounded shoulder...] ... Ouch... (That really stings, what'd he do to me...?)
Anema: (Chris...? Are you okay? You did really well...)
Chris: (Thank you, Anema... I don't know what's wrong with me... I feel like I have... ugh, like the flu...)
Anema: (Uh oh...)
Flare: Hey, what's the matter...? Did he get you with somethin'?
Chris: [Vision becomes blurry.] ...I dunno... I feel like crap though... [He begins stumbling a little.]
[The four rush to his aid. Flare kneels down to him, catching him as he falls forward.]
Chris: [Groans.] ...Feels like I have a hundred flues now... [Closes his eyes.]
Flare: [Observes his shoulder.] ...Hm... [Looks at Smoke-Blayde, who remains unconscious.] ...He looks a lot like a Scorpius.
Ghost: He has to have a close anatomy, or whatever.
Flare: ...Hm, probably. Are you still with us, Chris?
Chris: ...[All he can do now is nod a little and give a weak whine.]
Flare: We have to get him help, girls.
Mouse: But where're we gonna go~?
Flare: [Stands up, cradling Chris.] I saw those two Antifigurate guys head off that way. [Looks ahead.] I don't know where it goes, but it's better than staying here and waiting for another wormhole to randomly open up here.
Ghost: [Floats to Chris.] Looks like his breaths are becoming deeper.
Flare: We gotta go now.
[The other three agree to this. They rush passed Smoke-Blayde, heading into the now-clear streets of Port Esca...]

--E N D I N G--
Flare... She looks a lot like someone I know.
Or am.
On Gaia, of course. o.O...