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Caden Blue's Journal
I really don't know what I'm going to use this for yet...
Name: Caden Blue

Age: 28 (birthday is January 7 if anyone cares)

Height: 6’1”

Weight/Build: somewhat muscular (toned, but not hugely bulky); rather broad-shouldered

Color hair/eyes: black hair, blue eyes (and fairly dark skin)

Physical peculiarities: Besides his eyes, which look rather jarring with his otherwise dark coloring, he has several scars: some small ones on his back, a mark on his right hand where a knife went through it once, and a rather dramatic-looking one stretching from just to the left of his bellybutton around his left side

Educational background: Nothing formal. He grew up in a somewhat upscale whorehouse, and did learn to read. He also learned to play guitar, though the nerve damage in his hand makes that a bit difficult for prolonged periods of time. All his knowledge of sailing came on the job.

Sexuality: Gay. Has slept with women a few times, and didn’t precisely hate it, but is generally only attracted to men.

Best friend: At present, probably Linden North, a former crewmate (he was the ship’s doctor.) Caden had a brief fling with him as a teenager and recently reunited with him. Long story.

Enemies: None in particular. His rivalry with Mika over Arien’s affections has cooled considerably. (Also a long story.)

Family: His mother died when he was 10; his father is the infamous pirate “Thousand Blades” Artan, now retired and living quietly in Barton Town. Caden didn’t meet his father until adulthood. He also has a younger half-brother (also Artan’s son), Percy Anglemyer, who leads a fairly unremarkable life working in a bakery. (He does make some mean brownies.)

Core need: I really can’t pick one, but I think Caden’s top priorities are Idealism (he feels responsible for helping people if he thinks he can), Romance (he is very capable of casual sex, but once he gets attached to someone he falls pretty hard), and Physical Activity (he gets very restless if he can’t exercise; now that he doesn’t sail any more he’s taken a job in a warehouse, and he also recently discovered a love of jogging… and a Zony mp3 player to go with it. Gaia is a weird place.)

Pathological manner: (when core need isn't being met) If not in a relationship, he tends to sleep around; he especially enjoys going to gay bars and picking up nervous young virgins to deflower. He thinks he is doing them a favor by being gentle and understanding for their first time, but has probably left a huge string of smitten and heartbroken young men in his wake.

Ambition in life: After his mother died and he ran off to sea he hoped to find his father, but didn’t really expect to actually do it, so that was a pleasant surprise. Right now he’s mostly focused on Linden, who’s currently dealing with massive depression and guilt following the death of his lover. (Again… long story.)

Gestures when talking: Doesn’t particularly talk with his hands; has a tendency to rub the back of his neck when nervous or embarrassed.

Gait: WTF I have no idea. I never really notice how people walk. I rarely even see writers bring this up unless the character is crippled or something.

Strongest character trait: Extremely protective of people he thinks are weaker than he is.

Weakest character trait: Somewhat naïve; he tends to think working hard with good intentions will always produce optimum results, when real life is much more complicated

Laughs or jeers at: Loves stupid sex jokes and immature potty humor (though he isn’t totally tactless).

Philosophy: Believes that the strong have the responsibility to protect the weak, and that people should be allowed to do pretty much whatever they want as long as no one is being hurt by it (for this reason he’s completely all right with promiscuity as long as no one is being misled). He grew up with no religious instruction and is basically completely agnostic.

Political leaning: Doesn’t know enough about politics to really have one, though he’s a bit mistrustful of those in power (especially those who were born into it), mostly because he feels so disconnected from them.

Hobbies: Does sex count? = ) He also likes playing guitar and singing, though again, he can’t play for significant lengths of time because of his hand. He’s also gotten a library card since coming to Barton, which excites him. He’s developed a bit of an interest in cooking, encouraged by his brother, but his experimentation there is mostly limited to “let’s throw these things in a pot and see how it tastes”.

What other characters notice: His large, bright blue eyes, which are the source of his self-given surname, are pretty noticeable. Also, sexy sideburns <3 (wait, maybe only people with sideburn fetishes like me notice those…) His size can be rather intimidating at first, which he knows and occasionally uses to his advantage.

What character does alone: Well, most of his hobbies can be enjoyed alone = P

Will reader like/dislike character: I think he’s pretty likable, but how should I know?

Significant event that molded character: His mother’s death is probably the most influential. It left him independent at a fairly young age and forced him to grow up very quickly.

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