holla!!! me and mah friens in da houuuuse!! lol!!

my friend mosideya is here shes reading everything i rite...yeah srsly. we're watchin mah fave show, JONAS L.A.!!! luv it!! Nick and Joe r so hawt lol!!! im writing this mostly cos shes watching...haha...

~Hey its mosideya and im interupting her journal entry!!! Im not a huge fan of the jonas brothers but watever......soo i dont know what else to say really but ummmmm we were pretending to have wands earlier with sparklers.....I was LUNA biggrin ~

GRR laptop hijacker!! lol it IS her laptop anyway...................i was hermione when we were playing with sparklers b4. i love sparklers so much lol!!! and im sorry tht u arent a fan of the jo bros mosideya lol. but anywy i wish she wasnt going back 2 her house 2moro she lives really far away...i was hoping she would let me steal some of her makeup or something but its 2 late now haha. she wanted 2 make me over but bwahahaha!!

we both love harry potter and so she gets 2 b luna everytime its not fair!! i luv luna shes so cool grrr!!!!!!!!!