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Emocloud1's Gaia log
this is all about my travels through Gaia
Foolish mortal! Think you can play god like that?! You may have one the first round but I am playing the long game!......Thought you could simply have her take my pulse away did you?! Well you did! Are you Happy?! I hope you are because now, its my turn!!!! My turn to call the shots, my turn to play god! Oh you will pay for the suffrage you caused me!!!! Every single ******** day at lunch I had to put up with your s**t! Some days I didnt even feel it was worth the feelings I had once felt for her.......the feelings that once also belonged to my dear Anastasia.......The feelings you slaughtered,ok? SLAUGHTERED!!!!!!! I can no longer feel the pain one feels when they cut deep into themselves with a razor blade...even if I touch a burning candle, i can feel no pain. If you cut me with a knife, its still the same. And dont think for a second you can abuse me again like you did. Dont think for a second that once i walk back into the gates of Blake that you can resume your job as the puppet master! Because I am not putting up with it anymore! Hear me? ANYMORE!!!! AND I swear to the the gods that if you even TRY to get me back with her, IT WONT WORK THIS TIME! Because i am no longer going to bow down to mortals tghat I think i love when in truth....You are all just a meal waiting to be claimed!.....

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commentCommented on: Sat Jul 17, 2010 @ 08:07pm
Oh dear... That must really hurt, to have someone take away pulse you had...

commentCommented on: Sat Jul 17, 2010 @ 08:13pm
yea it hurts......but the pain can easily be subsided with the best medicine known to my kind, only that should be used on mortals of this stature.......revenge is the perscription I am cashing in. The person im aiming this note towards (you know who you are and if you dont...your even more stupid than I imagined) better beware of this school year as well as the ones ahead because revenge is a treat best suited for more than one tasting...

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