[Chris and Roger have reached The Mist and see no signs of Darkness or Hellspawned. Those two forces were last seen battling in the abandoned warehouse of the Federal Docks. There, Chris met Doctor Darkness and Smoke-Blayde, then rescued his old friend Len from their hands. The two have made it far into The Mist. They close in on the hideout.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Roger)
-The Mist.-
Chris: [Walking through small passages with ease. Roger has to squeeze through them.] (This is a cool place...)
Anema: (I'll say! It reminds me of the beach back home... I used to go there on hot days with papa.)
Chris: (I wonder if they're are any beaches at Me'ihm Gardens.)
Anema: (I'm sure there are! There's a sea, and where there's a sea, there's a beach! Hehe.)
Chris: (We should ask Hideaki, heh.)
Roger: This place is quiet. Toooo quiet.
Chris: Not really. I hear waves crashing.
Roger: Then it's just quiet.
Chris: Peaceful quiet.
Roger: Kenny likes that about the cove. It's so... I guess you can call it serene, but it's seen some pretty scary times.
Chris: Oh really?
Roger: The Mist is home to the notorious Pirates of The Mist, so to speak.
Chris: Pirates. (I was missing that element.) I was missing that element.
Anema: (Hehe... I heard you say that twice... Hehe...)
Roger: They're a rough bunch, and there's a lot of them, man. Kenny knows their captain, and he's made a few deals with them: leave Port Esca alone or else the military will fight back.
Chris: Well do they know what's going on now?
Roger: Doubt it... Darkness pro'lly doesn't have much beef with them. If anything, they'd probably join Darkness.
Chris: Sounds like pirates to me. [Notices that it has gotten much darker. They have entered the cavernous bluff by now. The crashing of waves echoes throughout the misty cavern. A variety of drip sounds can be heard as well...] Are we close?
Roger: Yeah. Follow me, man. I know exactly where we are now...
[Chris follows Roger's lead through a few more tight spaces until they see a huge opening in the bluff. Light surrounds a lonely silhouette sitting at the edge.]
Kenny: ...[Sighs deeply, then looks down at the large, gaudy book beside him.]
Roger: Ken!
Kenny: [Shifts his body a bit so that he can turn all the way around.] Yo, Rog! You're good?
Roger: Not a scratch on me, man. You?
Kenny: C'mon. I'm Kenny the Killer, brah. Haha, good to see you're not dead. 'Heard from Ky?
Roger: Not me, but... [Looks down to Chris.] Chris has.
Kenny: [Stands suddenly, looking at Chris.] !?
Chris: [Grins, waving at Kenny.] Hi Kenny! Oh, by the way, I'm back.
Kenny: Holy s**t! [Crouches and holds his arms out.] C'mere, bro!
Chris: [Runs up to Kenny's arms. He is grabbed and held tightly.] Kenny, you've never hugged me before!
Kenny: No, because that's weird. [Squeezes Chris gently.] But look at you! You're a fluffy little ball of Corussian... How can someone resist hugging a Corussian?
Roger: Ken's got a point, man.
Chris: That he does. [He is set down.] How've you been?
Kenny: 'Was fine until Darkness showed their damn faces again. Them and those Hell-whatevers. I fought it up with this Smoke-Blayde guy and check it out... [He leads the two back to the spot he was sitting and picks up the book.] Kenny's got gold.
Chris: ...That's what I think it is, isn't it...?
Kenny: Iunno. It might be.
Chris: It's the Script...
Kenny: [Looks down at Chris, still holding up the book.] Okay, it is. Yeha, I found a few screw-ups in here. Says that there's no Ecliptic Pull or somethin'.
Chris: That's what I assumed... Man, I'm so glad I found you.
Kenny: Hell brah, I'm glad you're alive.
Roger: He really shouldn't go away anymore.
Kenny: No, he shouldn't. We should keep him here, you know, like a pet.
Chris: ...?
Kenny: [Crouches down again, petting Chris' head.] I'm kidding... Ky would probably like that though. If she's seen you by now, she'd think you're a plushie.
Chris: She would think a lot of my friends are plushies.
Kenny: Haha, I bet. A'ight, let's split. I've been here long enough to lose those Darkness turds, I gotta see Kylie.
Chris: I can take us there. Let me just look around this place... I gotta remember it in case we wanna come back here. Dark corridors and all.
Kenny: Oh, sure, whatevs. [He gathers what he left and overlooks the ocean again. Roger now stands beside him with his arms crossed.]
Roger: 'Think things will turn out okay back at the port?
Kenny: Hell, that all depends on the help we get from Light.
Roger: ...Well... If you wanna hear news...
Kenny: Good or bad?
Roger: ...'Guess good... Hellspawned doesn't like Darkness.
Kenny: Sure. Good news.
Roger: I hope they keep each other busy...
Chris: Yoo-hoo!
Kenny: [Stares at Roger.] ...Rog...?
Roger: Yeah, man?
Kenny: Chris just said "yoo-hoo"...
Chris: ...I've been on Soren for a long time, alright...? Anyways, I'm ready to go. You guys set?
Kenny: I got everything. You know how to get back, tiny?
Chris: Mhmm, I d--...Tiny...? ...[Shakes his head, smiling.] Just gather around me.
Kenny: ...Hell. [Walks closer to Chris.] If I could pick you up again I would.
Chris: I love you too.
Kenny: You haven't changed a bit...
Roger: [Picks Chris up under the arms.] I got him.
Chris: Eep--...Okay, get ready...
[With a gust of wind and a wave crashing, a dark corridor comes into being only to vanish as fast.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Kenny - Roger)
-Central Park.-
[The dark corridor from The Mist reopens in the Central Park. This is the area that Chris fought the Shadow-mechs alongside Danithan. The area looks about as torn up as it did before.]
Kenny: Hot damn... What the Anti Christ happened...?
Chris: Hellspawned... and Darkness. [Walks ahead.] I don't see them... Maybe they're all at the warehouse... At least we don't have to deal with that. The problem we have is my stupidity. [Slaps his forehead with both paws.]
Roger; What'd you do wrong?
Chris: Brought us to the wrong place... Kylie was at the gun store.
Kenny: Gun store? Hell, I could take us there. She's probably takin' it easy at my secret little place down there.
Chris: Thanks, Ken. Sorry I'm dumb.
Kenny: Dumb? Hahahaha. HAHAHAHA. Okay, let's get moving.
Roger: He means "you're not dumb", man.
Chris: I... gathered... [Raises a brow.]
[Just before they begin moving, a wormhole appears behind them. Four strange looking girls jump onto the grass of the Antifigurate World... These four are all unidentified specie...]

~Codename: Ghost~ User Image

~Codename: Mouse~ User Image

~Codename: Kinesis~ User Image

~Codename: Flare~User Image

[Each of the girls have an identical body color of pale red.]
Flare: [Holds out her arm, paw up.] Hold it right there, boys!
[The three stop, all turning their heads at the same exact time, then all the way around.]
Ghost: [Her voice sounds like a young girl's.] Look out! We're the Femmes Flames!
Mouse: [Her voice is high pitched.] Watch out! We know magic~!
Kinesis: [Her voice is calm.] Beware, we never lose...
Flare: Lastly, heads up! We're with Awgo!
[They all pose, Flare cheering in front.]
Kenny: [Looks at Chris, then Roger.] ...
Roger: [Looks at Chris, then Kenny.]
Chris: [Continues looking ahead, his left eye twitching a little.] ...Um...
Flare: Oh, wait... I don't think they're with Hellspawned, girls...
Mouse: But the little one! He's all dark and scary~!
Ghost: Are you serious!? He's so cute!!
Flare: ...[Looks at Chris.] ...He's a Corussian. I reaaaallly doubt he's a bad guy.
Chris: [Shakes his head.] I'm no bad guy. We're all here to put a stop to Darkness.
Flare: Oh... We should stop jumping at people we don't know...
Mouse: Mr. Corussian, would you mind telling us where those icky Hellspawned creepies would be~?
Chris: They were here a while ago.
Roger: They're all at the abandoned warehouses in the Federal Docks, just on the other side of town.
Kinesis: ...We should have picked up a map.
Flare: Ugh!! [Droops forward, upset.]
Ghost: Maybe these kind boys can show us where to go?
Flare: [Stands all the way up, rushing over to Kenny.] Well...? [Leans next to him, speaking with a seductive voice.] Would you be a gentlemen and show us little ladies where to go...?
Kenny: [Raises both eyebrows, looking at Flare.] ... Sorry... I've got a girlfriend.
Flare: ...Oh poo. [Steps back a bit.] Well, could you show us anywho?
Mouse: Hehe, poo and who... that rhymes...
[Ghost and Kinesis look at Mouse.]
Kinesis: ...So clever...
Chris: We would show you, but we have to check on an Eclipse... who probably would happen to be Kenny's girlfriend.
Kenny: Got that right.
Flare: Oh. Well whoops! There we go again, being all conclusive. Well, it's okay! We'll find them.
[An explosion... Each of them cover their ears quickly.]
Roger: Agh! [Looks up.] That sounded like that came from the plaza!
Kenny: We gotta roll! [Runs off.] C'mon Chris!!
Chris: [He begins running, but is swiftly taken into another's hand. This specific other had jolted from dark corridor a second before Chris began following after Kenny...]
Smoke-Blayde: You pesky little piece of s**t. [Holding Chris by the tail. By now, Kenny and Roger have sprinted off. The Femmes Flames watch, shocked.] You left us with those creatures...
Chris: Ack!! [Looking up.] Smoke-Blayde! ...Darkness has left me to deal with them, why can't you!?
Smoke-Blayde: [Brings Chris up to his face.] It's different with Darkness... If you get in our way... we'll destroy you, one at a time... I don't give a damn if you're the Believer, I'll have your head...
[The four girls gasp.]
Ghost: Believer...?
Flare: He said Believer...
Smoke-Blayde: [Throws Chris on the ground, pointing his fist at him. Two blades shoot from the skin underneath the thin fur. These blades appear to be part of a Scorpius' natural bone structure. His two tails flare out.] You're gonna be such a problem... I'll kill you here...
[A ball of fire, the size of Chris himself, rams into Smoke-Blayde's side. Smoke-Blayde falls to the ground, yet rolls and recovers quickly.]
Flare: Not if we can help it. [Her arm is out, two fingers pointing at Smoke-Blayde.]
Mouse: And we can so[/o] help it~!
Chris: [He is dropped as the fire makes contact with Smoke-Blayde. He recovers about as fast as his enemy does.] Thanks... [Seems a little stunned.]
Ghost: If you really are the First Believer, let's fight together.
Flare: Show us if you're all everyone said you were.
Chris: ... [Smirks and nods. He looks back to Smoke-Blayde, who has summoned five Nightmares around him.]
Smoke-Blayde: Well alright then... If it's going to be this way, I'll take it upon me, myself, and I to destroy the Advocate.

--E N D I N G--
Battle Scene time.