This is my family on Second Life. On there I am Baby Bluestar. I am actually happily with my new family in the game and am loving spending time with them. Its my home away from home if you know what I mean. Basically away from Real life. My daddy is Darkwolf and my mommy is Shadowpixie. They are so very nice to me and so very loving. I would do anything for them. Nobody messes with them and gets away with it. Yes my daddy is a Wolf , My mother is a Neko and so am I. That is me you see there on my daddies back while we are taking the picture together. My family is big and accepting of me no matter what I am or who I am. Even tho they are spread out all over the world I still love each and every one of them all the same and consider us actually living in one place even tho we are spread out. (confusing I know)

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