As of today I am 31 week and 6 days pregnant. This pregnancy is going so fast, but I am happy about that! Can't wait to meet the little one heart

Last week I got quite ill, being sick and achy and headaches and things. I think it might have been a mild case of food poisoning, but it was difficult doing anything for a few days. Only felt better the past two days and managed to catch up on the cleaning!!! I had been worried about the baby, especially as I wasn't eating as much and being sick, but I had a midwife appointment on Thursday and the heartbeat was still strong and baby was fine. That was the main thing blaugh

Ooooh, and also, I got a pram today and I love it. Black and red heart Can't wait until I'm pushing my little baby around in it. Only about another 8 week to go ~

That is my update for now!