I tried to dodge the bolt but when I side-stepped my arm caught the attack. It hurt like hell. The pain of having a bolt of energy hit your flesh is unbearable. The intensity of it. I can't stand it!

"Aggghhhh!" I scream when my arm and the energy bolt collided. Then I remembered what the guy said when we were falling. Or when I was falling. If I believe, anything can happen. Or so he says. Lets try that theory out. I believed that the pain was gone and, soon after, nothing was there. It was like a cool breeze blew over my arm and healed it some how. I looked down at my arm and saw that it was severely damaged. So, again, I closed my eyes and believed that my arm was back to normal, and, once again, I used my power to heal my arm.

"Good as new...." I said to myself in awe as I looked at my arm again. This believing stuff actually works. I can't believe it. Well I'll just have to now wont I?

"Good. Now that you realize what your powers can do and what you need to do to use it, let us see how you fair against fighting." The guy made himself known. He could have ended me if he wanted to. Was he there the whole time?....

Another bolt comes my way and that makes me snap out of my thoughts and come back to reality. But I'm ready for it this time. I flew to the right to avoid it and sent a gust of wind at my opponent. He flew back and hit a wall that was behind him. Surprise was on his face when he realized what just happened.

"How did you do that so quickly?" he asked me as he caught his breath.

"To be honest, I really don't know." I said to him with disbelief flooding over me.

"Well however you did it, you better do it again....because this was just a distraction...."

I look at him curiously and then realize what he meant.......