Okay, I'm finished attending Connecticon. Thanks to all the Gaians I met (and the one I friendlisted). Vendettachu earned its owner an Alrune's Rose, so I am now thinking it's time to retire the mask and perhaps give the yellow bassid another gimmick for the next convention in three weeks. I am leaning towards something Dynasty Warrior based this time. Anyone know where I can get a tiny double-bladed halberd?

Oh, and since Tektek decided to fix the randosig, I have added the new batch of sigfiles. Thanks to Ridley Starsmore, Suitor, and Princess Pussypants for actually sending stuff into me. I'm sorry it took so long, folks. When I'm all done in August, I'll send the call out for more user submissions. If in the meantime you folks find some funny pics that seem signature worthy, bung them off through PM here and I'll see if I can't recompensate you...somehow.