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all my thoughts and things
Name: Giovanni SePeir...Geo for short...

Species: Unlimited Shapshifter

Age: 25 but she due to being a unlimited shapeshifter her age varies on how much she shifts.

Birthday: June 23, 1985 (I change this when I do role plays but this is for current reference)

Zodiac(s) : Western zodiac- Cancer
Chinese: Ox (element- Wood)
Egyptian: Hathor-- Goddess of love, music and dance, and queen of heaven.
Celtic: Wren; Oak
Native American: Woodpecker
Aztec: Alligator
Norse: Fricka/ Cat
Canadian: Caribou
Totem animal: Leopard

Gender: Female

Apperence: Bob cut hair style. Blonde with brown throughout, but she changes it often to insure that her identy is safe from getting to her enemies. Slender, but she is in very good shape.On her left wrist is a broken chain tattoo to symbolize her life and the important people that she has held onto. 5' 8" 130 lbs; Animal forms : the animal forms that she shifts into look excatly like the animal, but on the left limb is a scar-like/ tattoo to symbolize her broken chain tattoo

Clothing: Is usually wearing a corset with a blouse that is ruffled at the chest and wrists, and skinny jeans...that are tight, but she can get around in them. Purple and black cape when she goes into a new town. She also changes her clothing style as much as she changes her hair style. When she does change it she changes it to fit the stlye of the town. Cannot wear leather, ex: leather gloves or belts. Due to her special weapon....

Weapon: A dagger with a chain imprinted on the blade. The blade is made of a certian metal that burns flesh, and it is bespelled and dipped in flesh eating bacteria and venom and etc...reason being why she cannot wear leather, because it is just dead animal's hide dried. She also carries a regular daggar for gutting animals for food when she is traking away from any town.

Personality: She has many mood swings, and she is very intelligent. She is stubborn to a point, and she is known to be picky about what she does and doesn't like. She tries to keep her heart inside her chest, but she is always looking for love even though she knows that love might betray her and endanger her. Due to her variety of the totems that surround her she likes to be independent but she tries to find others like her no matter what reason.

Bio: She was raised by a maniac shifter whom is in the illegal selling, buying, and making of drugs that are harmful to all shifter kind. When she got to an age that she could fend for herself she escaped. He main goal is to crush the trade her so called, 'master,' had created. She now lives among humans and waits for her chance to gain revenge. On her free time she goes to bars and flirts with the guys that flirt with her first until she gets so drunk that she lets them take her home with them and never sees them again. If she isn't in a bar she's studying learning languages and other things like that.

Weaknesses: Her memory loss, Guys that she got attached to. And her smart mouth.

Here is the basic lay down of what my shifters are like.....
Unlimited: Can shift into any animal but they use a lot of energy to do so, when they shift they expend energy used to grow so they accelerate their growth...If they stop shifting completely they go back to the age they are in real life and age like normal, if they shift into one animal they live longer and don't age much

Limited: They can shift into one animal and their energy reserves don't run out, if they stop shifting completely they age like normal and if they shift often they usually live longer

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