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[Danithan and Chris have joined up with Idi and are now tracking down an Antifigurate with the name of Doctor Darkness through the wrecked streets of the Home of Heroes, deep within Port Esca.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Danithan - Idi)
-Home of Heroes.-
[The three are carefully making their way through the smokey fog of the streets, fire everywhere...]
Chris: So, you came here with this Dr. Darkness guy?
Idi: He and Smoke-Blayde arrived earlier so that they may disturb the Eclipses and alter the Script of Ecliptic Origin.
Danithan: I take it they're the ones who messed up the Ecliptic Pull then?
Idi: You're correct. There no longer seems to be a Pull... They must have canceled it out.
Chris: Lea did the opposite on Soren. She powered up the Ecliptic Pull so that a day's stay could alter you to the soul.
Idi: ...When your soul becomes one with the world you reside upon, you become a creature of that world, even outside of its magical atmosphere...
Danithan: I was a Sorenian up at Me'ihm for a while. Chris' real body is probably still a Sorenian too...
Idi: ...Hmm...
Chris: Is... something up, Idi?
Idi: ...[Shakes his head.] It is nothing.
Danithan: ...[Looks ahead at the facade of a building which is still standing.] Over there. [Points ahead.]
Chris: Hm, looks untouched.
Danithan: Let's chill there for a sec...
[The three enter the building via the door which has been blown out, along with all of the windows...]
[The three settle here to catch their breath...]
Danithan: Ah, damn... Adrenaline's all died down.
Chris: I never had any...
Danithan: Are you kidding? We just ran through a city on fire beating up all sorts of bad guys!
Idi: Corussians do not have adrenal glands. [Removes his hood.]
Anema: (It's true!)
Chris: (Really? How come?)
Anema: (We have no need for 'em. Of course, our bodies can create them through adaptation.)
Chris: (...Oh, I guess it makes sense.) [Turns to Idi, now sitting on one of the tempered glass counters. The place seems to be a gun store.] Idi, what happened to you? You're all gray...
Idi: The fire within me has charred my external body. It is not a typical fire... Much like your lightning, the fire I possess is a shade of black.
Chris: I heard that it's what happens when you master an element...
Idi: Correct, and there are effects on the body following this abnormal mastery... You seem to bare this trait. It will gradually become more evident.
Chris: But why? Why does mastery of any element have this sort of side effect?
Idi: The elements... Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Light... and Darkness... If one chooses to become affiliated with one element, they will seek to master it. If one continues to use this element and no other, they will soon see a dramatic change in the element's appearance.
Chris: But it always looks like the element we control becomes darker and a lot more evil-seeming.
Idi: That all depends on the path you chose: Light or Darkness.
Chris: Oh... Hm, the elements are strange. I don't think I'd get too into it yet.
Danithan: I read up on this. [Leans against the counter, crossing his arms.] It's why I don't focus on the elements much anymore...
Chris: But what about the fire sword you had? It was white fire...
Danithan: I used to be a pyro like Idi here, and with my Ecliptix, elemental magic became easier. I was obsessed with learning new tricks with fire, and one day the fire I controlled became white and a lot stronger to say the least.
Chris: But you're not white...
Danithan: ...Yeah I am... What, do you mean, like... my appearance?
Chris: Yeah. Like how Idi's dark gray.
Idi: It could be the Ecliptix...
[Before Danithan can respond, a new face walks from the basement of the building.]
[The three turn to see who this is.]
Danithan: [Jaw dropped. He lowers his sunglasses, smirking.] Oo-la-la...
Sacreda: [Flips her hair out of her eyes.] May I help you three?
Chris: Hello, Miss. We're looking for a wolf furry who just ran from a giant robot. You wouldn't happen to know where he or the robot dude went, would you?
Sacreda: ...Hmhm. Adorable little Corussian you are. [She moves closer to Chris, scooping him up like a baby.]
Danithan: Tch... [Rolls his eyes.]
Idi: Might I ask who you are, Vixen?
Sacreda: [Faces Idi.] My name is Sacreda Damandeve, Queen of Hell... Second Believer.
Idi: So it is true... Multiple Believers are walking among us.
Danithan: Queen of Hell? You mean... Hellspawned Hell?
Sacreda: Oh no. Hell. The more iconic Hell.
Danithan: ...Anyways, I'm Danithan. Nice to meet another Believer... I guess... Wait, Believer? I thought you w--[Turns to Chris.] Chris, I thought you were the only "Believer".
Sacreda: [Looks at Chris, then Danithan.] I beg your pardon!?
Chris: Oh, um... Funny story.
Danithan: You're kinda holding the First Believer there... Yeah, I was gonna say something...
Idi: You did.
Danithan: ...H-hush...
Sacreda: ...No, that cannot be. The First Believer is a human, not a Corussian... [Looks at Chris.]
Chris: Well, I am a human, but I have the body of a Corussian at the moment. [He is placed on the counter again.]
Sacreda: My, well met... And Danithan... I have heard a great deal of you.
Danithan: [Smiles.] Oh, have you? You know... I am a pretty famous dude in my parts...
Chris: You mean Hell?
Sacreda: Hell? What were you doing there?
Danithan: Are we talking about the same Hell?
Idi: If I may? We are consuming time here. We must return to the front if we are prepared now.
Sacreda: Oh, but I cannot leave all of these innocent civilians behind.
Danithan: Civilians?
Sacreda: Come, I will guide you.
[The three are taken to the basement of the building. A door of fire blocks the way to a large, underground room. Sacreda reaches out to touch this fire. It vanishes in a puff of purple smoke and they continue through. The room is filled with many citizens of the port, who seem to be curious at these new arrivals.]
-Evacuation Cavern.-
Sacreda: So you see, I have taken it upon myself to keep these innocents safe while the war rages above...
Danithan: Hmmm, this isn't everyone, is it?
Sacreda: It is not. There are many who feel they can either escape elsewhere or battle with Light and the Phaze Guardians. I have been stuck on this world for some time now, so many of these citizens trust me.
Chris: [Looking around... The area also serves as a sick bay for the injured.] Sacreda...
Sacreda: Ah yes, I am sorry. That fellow you saw running was most likely Billy Len. We call him Len. He is a Savior of Reality... Is he not one of your former allies?
Chris: Billy? (Oh my God... Is he here?) ...
Danithan: Oh, Billy's alright? Cool. I hope he got away from that... guy...
Idi: Doctor Darkness. Forgive me, Sacreda. I am Idi; a Shade.
Sacreda: Darkness... walking with Light?
Chris: He's a good guy, don't worry.
Sacreda: ...Hmhmhm, I'm still quite stunned to be in your presence, Chris. Both of you... Danithan and Chris... Quite a shocker. The Eclipses will surprised.
Chris: I feel the Connection acting up. Is an Eclipse nearby?
Sacreda: Yes yes, shall I bring you to her?
[Before any response is made, a loud crash is heard above.]
[Panic settles among the crowds.]
Sacreda: My, I had best see to this... [As she starts walking, Danithan grabs her by the shoulder gently.]
Danithan: It's cool. I'll handle this.
Sacreda: Oh... [Nods, smiling to him.]
[Danithan rushes through the fire-door. The fire forms a hole for him to pass through...]
Sacreda: ...He is certainly a handsome one... And he has a well knowledge of fire...
Idi: Don't we all?
Chris: Not me.
Sacreda: As I was saying... Come, you two, I'll take you to her.
[Again, Chris and Idi follow Sacreda to the far end of the cavern. There are a few beds here, only half of them occupied. The injuries here are not too severe, but some are a bit nasty. In one bed, a girl sits up, bandages around her left arm and right hand. She is speaking with a Lightspawn Antifigurate.]

~Kylie~ User Image

[Kylie is wearing an Escan uniform {The society uses uniforms, though is not too strict with it.} It is pink and dark red. It's properties are similar to a leather coat.]
Kylie: Ah man! I wish I could get out there and help him, but... [Rubs her shoulder with her left hand.] they got me good... Stupid Darkness. Stupid friends of Darkness...
Lightspawn Antifigurate: We'll have everything fixed soon. Trust me, Kenny and Roger will be fine. There's no villain here who can stop them. Not even Idi himself can defeat those two in their home field.
Idi: Pardon?
Lightspawn Antifigurate: [Turns to Idi.] GOODNESS!! [Jumps back.]
Kylie: Idi!?!? Sacreda, what're you doing, he's a bad dude!!
Sacreda: Not according to Chris here. [Looks down at Chris.]
Kylie: [Blinks a few times before looking around for Chris.] ...What did you say?
Chris: [Hops up to the bed, poking his head into Kylie's view.] Ky?
Kylie: Who-hoa, Chris? [Lowers herself to his level, leaning over.] 'That you, little dude?
Chris: It is...
[Idi assists Chris by picking him up from behind and placing him on the bed.]
Chris: Thanks Idi. [Turns back to Kylie.] Ky, are you okay? You look kinda bruised up.
Kylie: [Pulls Chris close to herself, hugging him tightly.] You're just what we needed!
Chris: [Chuckles.] H-hey! Heheh... I missed you guys...
Kylie: Aww, we missed you too... A lot. Where were you...?
Chris: I was away from home. I'm back though, and Idi and I will help bring this madness to an end, right Idi? [Looks back to Idi.]
Idi: Indeed. Kylie, do not be alarmed. The return of Chris means much to the Shades of Darkness. Two of us have already converted our ways...
Chris: Don't you mean three?
Idi: ...[Nods, crossing his arms.]
Kylie: [Let's Chris go, now holding a hand against her head.] God, this isn't an illusion of some sort, is it?
Chris: Nope. Heheh.
Kylie: Really? This is all happening so fast. I mean, Chris!! You're back! And Idi! You're... good?
Idi: I suppose you could say that.
Kylie: Cool! Oh man, I am so pumped now! When Ken and Rog see you, they'll freak!
Chris: (Kenny...) ...Should we help them, Idi?
Idi: If they are within the heat of battle, yes. It is relieving having the knowledge that one Eclipse is safe. [Motions to Kylie.] We have to be sure that they are too.
Chris: ...Ky... Sorry this reunion was cut short... I promise I'll be back though!
Kylie: [Smiles wide.] Chris, you go help everybody. Just knowing you're back will turn the tables... Promise me this, Chris...?
Chris: Yeah?
Kylie: When you come back... Come back with two good 'ole goons, would ya? Hmhm, oh. And be careful...
Chris: [Chuckles.] I will. And don't you worry about those two, I'll bring 'em back...
Kylie: [Hugs Chris again.] ...I really did miss you... so much...
Chris: [Leans his head into Kylie's chest.] ...Everyone here will live to see this world shine again...
Kylie: Heh, it's definitely you in there, Chris... Go get 'em, tiger. [She lets Chris go.]
Chris: [Turns to Sacreda.] Sacreda?
Sacreda: I will be here... Good luck you two.
Chris: Thanks, we'll do everything we can. And also, thanks for doing this for everyone here.
Sacreda: But of course, hmhm.
Idi: I shall take us to the surface.
Chris: Right. Let's hurry.
[Idi walks closer to Chris, summoning a quick dark corridor to take the two back up to the battle grounds.]

--E N D I N G--
Kylie's pretty cool. You'll get to see her in action soon.