This is for the nice people who donate to me in all of my quests or simply because I want to add them.

heart Random Donation Fairy 1- 1k
heart Frasco12- 100k for winning his TekTek Contest
heart ll-iBritt-ll- 10k for winning her Translator Contest
heart H 0 e b 0- 5k
heart Dream Upon Clouds- 10k for playing the Word Search game.
heart Tyandra_Impaler- 6k for 2nd place on her TekTek contest
heart aknudson2- 10k
heart ii_your_little_angel- 110k for buying an artsie eek
heart iDragon-Kun- 55k for buying an artsie
heart Realm of Sin- 50k for buying an artsie
heart TaintedBlade27- 45k for buying an artsie
heart Amarhena- 10k
heart Whimsical Wonder- 25k for getting First Place in their TekTek contest
heart Momma Kat- 14.9k 3nodding
heart Mazulia- 8k
heart Napralina- 28k
heart Closet Jew- 25 for buying an artsie
heart Deminous- 7k
heart Ladyingreen197- 186k heart heart
heart Feel Amour- 10k heart