[Having arrived on the Antifigurate World, Danithan and Chris have rushed to Port Esca, where a war is raging between Light and Darkness, and a big surprise: Reality and Hellspawned. The two have made it their goal to locate the Eclipses as they shred their way through the broken city.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Danithan)
-Central Park.-
[The two have made it to the center of Port Esca, where a large, open park has been ravaged by the tides of battle.]
Danithan: This godforsaken fog is driving me around the block. Or through it, whatever the crud is going on here.
Chris: We've got Nightmares!!
Danithan: [Holds his white-fire blade with two hands, watching around him.] Well, my dreams aren't that scary...
Chris: [Black sparks begin to fly from his fur.]
Anema: (How do you make our body do that!?)
Chris: (A little black magic...)
Danithan: Oh there you are... [He swings the sword a few times at a Nightmare demon, pushing against another with his free hand, the same white fire bursting from it. After a few moments, Danithan is in combat with many of these Nightmares.]
Chris: [Turns around at the sounds of mechanical whirring and heavy footsteps. A few black robots with different symbols on them than Awgo's aim their automatic weapons at Chris.] What the...? Hm! [He dashes out of the way as the robots begin to fire. The continue firing at Chris as he runs around them, changing their formation so they don't hit each other. These robots are differently shaped than Awgo's as well, with a bipedal structure. {Almost the same idea as the more advanced droids from Star Wars, which I can't remember...} With their arms doubling as weapons and their bodies full of ammunition, they keep up the assault for a full circle until Chris realizes that the bullet-spray could be exactly what their plan is. He stops, then becomes a bolt of black lightning, shooting through the rank of black robots. He stops on the opposite side, a few clean holes through each of the robots from the separate bolts that jolted from his body. The bots fall to the ground, short circuiting.]
Danithan: [Holding the blade in two hands again, sweat dripping from his face. And not from the heat of the blade.] ... [He backs up.]
Chris: [Rushes to Danithan's aid, then turns around at the sound of another explosion. His body sparks a bit as the two stand back to... legs.] ...Hey... Hey, I think they let up.
Danithan: You think?
Chris: [Sighs, dropping his guard for a few moments.] ...Check this out. [Points at the pile of robot corpses.]
Danithan: [Looks over Chris.] Not Awgo bots, lil bro. I dunno whose those belong to... Maybe the Scailian military's here too.
Chris: ...[Looks up at Danithan.] The what?
Danithan: Don't worry about it for now, let's just keep moving. Now, I think we were going this way. [Rushes off in the direction he fought the Nightmares. Chris follows closely behind him.]
[They continue weaving through dilapidated and fallen buildings, slashing through Nightmares or Hellspawned whenever it is easiest. A few of these new black robots halt them, but Chris hurls his lightning their way, stopping them instantly without much effort.]
-Home of Heroes.-
[This area of Port Esca seems to be the most ravaged, despite its location near the docks. Here, even the residents of Port Esca are seen fighting alongside Lightspawn.]
Danithan: Keep pushing through, we're almost there!
Chris: This'd be easier if I was a Perfect!
Danithan: No one's Perfect, heh! [He comes to a stop before a pile of rubble.] Hm... [Looks in both directions.] Dude, this is like a war zone. I know that sounds like stating the obvious, but think about it...
Chris: [The sound of gunfire and many explosions tear at his ear drums.] This is what happens when Reality gets involved...
Danithan: Reality's just doing their thing.
Chris: What exactly is their thing? To screw everything up?
Danithan: Hey... [Looks down at Chris, the blade of fire now in one hand.] Reality's done a lot more than you think, bro.
Chris: ...What, Dani? What did they do? They made some robots and got some technology, and now they're interfering with our battle. This is our battle.
Danithan: You're not to fond with taking help from them, are you?
Chris: Tch, help? If they new Hellspawned's leader was based off of me and I was still alive AND that Hellspawned was after us, they'd be helping those black things too.
Danithan: You're jumping to conclusions...
Chris: I know what it is I'm saying... I know how Reality works.
Danithan: You sure do, but you sure don't deal with it very well...
Chris: [Blinks, looking up at Danithan.] ...We're going backwards on the time line here...
Danithan: Hey, you had the 'tude...
Chris: ...Well... I dunno... I'll take the help, but...
Danithan: [Kneels down to Chris.] Look, I know you've had your quarrel with Reality, but--
Len: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! [Sprints right passed Danithan and Chris.]
???: OHOHOHOHOHO!!! [Within the safety confines of an enormous robot-mech, this mystery character chases after Len, whizzing right passed the two.]
Danithan & Chris: [Staring wide-eyed as the robot passes.] ... [They look at each other.] ...
Chris: What was that?!?
Danithan: ...A furry... and a very big robot...
Chris: 'Think we should follow it?
Danithan: Well yeah, just don't get smooshed.
Chris: ...I'll try not to...
[Without any more waiting around, they rush after the huge black robot...]
[The two are taken to the docks of Port Esca, where the fog is thickest...]
Chris: [Slowed down to a walk.] Great, now I can't even see my own tail behind me... Is it still there?
Anema: (Yep! I checked.)
Chris: (Good, thanks. Didn't want it blown off or anything.)
Anema: (Ee, this war stuff is so hot-blooded...)
Chris: (...A species like Corussians should never have to deal with war... I feel bad for taking your body now.)
Anema: (Oh, but why? I'm honored, really! It's so cool see you in action!)
Chris: (Heheh, you're too sweet.)
Danithan: Chris? [Doubled over with his hands on his knees.]
Chris: Oh, sorry. Yeah?
Danithan: [Looks ahead.] I think we lost him...
Chris: Yeah, I'm not too surprised, Dani...
Danithan: I'm not too happy, Chris!
Chris: Why, because you're wearing sunglasses in FOG!?
Danithan: That doesn't make a difference, really... [Stands.] Who were those two?
Chris: A furry... and a very big robot...
Danithan: ...[Stares at Chris blankly.] Oh. Yeah. You're funny.
Chris: I try.
Danithan: [Looks to his right.] Idi.
Chris: You die? No, I can assure you that you don't die, unless you're talking about being sent to Hell, which in that case I can beli--
Danithan: No, Chris. Idi. The Shade. RIGHT FREAKING HERE. [Points at Idi next to him.]

~Idi~ User Image

[Idi is wearing a dark grayish red hoodie. His skin seems to be charred and scarred.]
Idi: Chris... Danithan... I have heard of your return, and I expected you would be here...
Chris: Idi! Whoa, it's you! [Runs up to Idi and hugs his leg.]
Idi: [Looks down, raising an eyebrow.]
Danithan: You're the guy I fought at Tartarus way too long ago, aren't you?
Idi: [Looks up at Danithan.] Ah, yes... The Ecliptix one... [Looks back down at Chris.] ...What happened to you? Why are you a Corussian?
Chris: Because my body got stolen...
Idi: Your body was stolen...?
Chris: [Looks up at him.] D'you got a clue about where it could be?
Idi: Chris, I cannot fathom how someone could simply steal "you" without "you" knowing...
Chris: It's complicated...
Idi: I would imagine... Come, we must pursue that fool and his machines... [He grabs Chris with both hands and places him on his shoulder before walking ahead of Danithan.]
Danithan: [Walks by Idi's side.] You know who those two were?
Idi: Not the wolf, no. The reckless fool in the mech is known as Doctor Darkness.
Chris: Doctor Darkness...? Really...?
Idi: He is a professor working for Naught. He seems to enjoy the thought of bringing new meaning to Darkness, what with his army of "Mecha Nightmares." [Chuckles, shaking his head.] The imbecile.
Chris: He's an Antifigurate, right?
Idi: Correct. Naught sent him here, along with I and another who is part Antifigurate, part Scorpius.
Chris: Scorpius... (Like Xhine, the Lightspawn Scorpius... They must be from the newer worlds, 'cause I've never seen them...) So he's like Hommay?
Idi: Precisely like Hommay, an Abomination. There are very few of these creatures...
Chris: Oh... Idi, did you, by any chance... talk to Lea or Danny?
Idi: ...Yes. I spoke with the two in private... Why...?
Chris: ...I think you know...
Idi: Hmhm... I came to this world with another resolve...
Chris: What's that?
Idi: To find... and aid... the Eclipses...

--E N D I N G--