Happy Fourth O' July people!
Yesterday I went to this carnival thing that they have every fourth of July a few minutes away from where I live. It was really fun though I didn't get to go on a ride that I wanted to go on because it would of given the friend I brought with me a "head ache"
... I'm just kidding. I LOVE YOU!!!
But yeah, I went there and I held a kitten that I probably shouldn't have because I, myself, am allergic to cats. But you know me, I AM SUCH A DARE DEVIL!!! I was okay afterward. It was just REALLY CUTE! And orange whee
How's everyone else doing? What are you all doing this Fourth Of July?
I want to set off firecrackers and when they go off, I wanna jump over it without getting burnt. I probably won't be able to though cry
Oh well. Hope you all have a great Fourth Of July! Funky Llama out dramallama