idea Tip:Use teabags if you cant find the raw herb. In this case, I didn't have any chamomile growing in the garden but I did have a teabox full of them.

Items Needed:
Chamomile (Two teabags worth)
Mint (About a handfuls worth)
Candles (Any color although Green and white are best)
Hot water in a bathtub

-Setup as needed. If you cleanse your water with blessed salt, cast a circle, (I do) then do so in the way you feel most comfortable doing. Run the hot water (Don't make it so hot you burn or can't soak in it) and set the teabags in. Place the mint in as well. Light the candles, cut the electric lights.
- Get into the tub and allow yourself to relax. Enjoy the smell of the herbs and the way the light reflects off the water.
- Take one teabag and begin at your face. Gently rub it on your cheeks, forehead, lips. Envision the soothing energy of the chamomile relaxing away and absorbing all your stress. Work your way down your body, switching teabags when you feel the first is "Full" of negative energy.
- Now take a small bunch of mint. Do the same as with the chamomile, this time envisioning the mint putting recharging your energy and putting in good energy.
- Now wash from your face to your feet with water. Envision it cleansing you fully of all negative energies.
- Wash with soap if desired.
- Soak as long as you wish.
- Get out, dry off, dispose of teabags, mint, blow out candles, thank deity (If you do) , close circle, get dressed.