I've found some small ways to save up money when it comes to being a Wiccan or Pagan on a budget.

Dollar Stores- These things are a lifesaver. I've never spent more than 5$ at one and 95% of things are for a dollar.
- Chalices
- Offering Bowls
- Offering Plates
-Oil Burners, Oils
-Incense sticks
-Boxes, Decorations
- Jewlery Boxes, and more.

Michaels- A bit more expensive, but there's a lot of "Do it yourself" things.
- Clay for making own tools and things like dishes
- Some glassware
- Wax for Candles
- Ribbon and Yarn
- Craft kits (Like candlemaking), and more
- Gemstones

Nature- Completely Free and great if you're out looking out for the right things.
- Twigs and Branches for Wands
- Flowers for decoration
- Herbs for Spellwork (Please be careful and be sure to completely identify a plant before ingesting it!)
- Feathers, and more

Garage Sales- Usually inexpensive and you can find some very antique looking items.
- Artwork
- Jewlery
- Glassware
- Decorations, and more

So next time you're on an outing, keep your eyes peeled!