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[Chris and Sol have decided to return to Sol's house before they leave for the Antifigurate World. Danithan, having returned to normal, trains near the Angelic Zenith with the new spells that Hideaki has given him for his Ecliptix so that the Ecliptic Pull of other worlds doesn't halt his progress as a Connector.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Sol)
-Solace Palace.-
[The two enter the palace and assume everyone is in the dining room.]
Sol: Well dang, Chris! Aren't you hungry?
Chris: Oh... [Rubs his belly.] I forgot this isn't completely my body...
Anema: (I ate right before I died!)
Chris: (Heheh, I'm getting you some nutrition, Mr.!) Sure, I can use a bite.
Sol: [He snaps his fingers, holding out his palm to Chris. A light quickly forms in it, then takes the shape of a particular food item which he tosses to Chris.]
Chris: [Catches and observes it.] ... [Tilts his head. The item seems to be string cheese.] ... [Looks up at Sol.] How...?
Sol: Alchemy, little bud! How else are you gonna eat with no animals or vegetables or fruits around? Through alchemy, we're allowed to create something perishable without materials. Allllll the same contents. [Smiles, slowly moving his arm to the other side of his body as he speaks.]
Chris: [Pulls the rapper off and peels the string cheese, taking that piece and eating it, chewing slowly.] ...That's awesome... That's freaking awesome... [Munches on it.]
Sol: Heheh, c'mon. That's not enough to tide you over. Follow me, my Lightspawn pals probably made plenty for you also.
[The two walk to one of the palace foyer's first floor halls. At the far end of the hall is a large set of rooms, one a strange kitchen, and the other a large dining room where the Eclipses sit, eat, and chat. They seem to be enjoying meals that would be seen regularly on their worlds.]
Chris: Heya folks. [Waves.]
[They greet back with waves and smiles.]
Safiri: Howdy Chris! [Chris joins Safiri at the table, who is sitting next to Roc.] So, what'd Hideaki want with you and Danithan?
Chris: [Sits in the black diamond chair. The height of the chairs everyone is using is specifically adjusted for Sorenians or Corussians.] He wanted to tell me a little bit about what's gonna be happening... I'm going to the Antifigurate World next.
Safiri: You get to see more of your friends though, right?
Chris: Hm, yeah. Saf, the Antifigurate World is... um, a little different than Safa or Soren. It's really unique. The Antifigurates used to be almost like stick figures, but according to Idi a while back, they evolved like Sorenians did. Northern Sorenians, at least. Now they're much more like humans.
Safiri: Humans? How closely related do you think they are to humans?
Chris: Probably the closest out of all the worlds I've been to so far, but those two new planets... 'Never know, could be some pretty similar to human life.
Safiri: Mm, how different would'ja say Antifigurates are to us? Safans and Sorenians?
Chris: The world is... [Stares off at the ceiling.] ...Kinda like Earth, actually. You've been to Earth, Saf.
Safiri: Gee, it was so long ago... Hey, d'you want some of these? I can't finish them all. [Offers Chris some of the berries from a crystal bowl in front of her.]
Chris: Oh, thanks. That cheese stick wasn't enough for me, Sol was right. Say, Saf, what are these? [Takes one of the grape-sized green berries.]
Safiri: They're called okos. Okos are my favorite... They're like little tingly, juicy bubbles.
Chris: [Pops the berry in his mouth. With the first chew, the berry explodes in a juicy torrent.] Whoa... That's fizzy... Do they have seeds?
Safiri: Nope! I asked for seedless okos.
Chris: Oh, wow, these are pretty dern good, Safiri. The skin's like mango, and the juice kinda reminds me of an orangey sort of thing...
Safiri: Mango?
Chris: Fruit from Earth. You'd love it. It's so sweet, just like these. ...Ooh, really sweet. Good lord, I think I'll have another.
Safiri: Have as much as you want, hehe.
Roc: [Talking to the Lightspawn Sorenian next to him.] So, this alchemy thing... How do you do it? It's so...
Lightspawn Sorenian: Conveniant? Heh, yeah. Some of us rely on it more than others and some of us like making ingredients, then cooking our own meals up. It's not really magic, so much as it's like a way to alter air and convert into a solid of any nonliving content...
Roc: Can it create living things?
Lightspawn Sorenian: Mmm, not that I know of. If it did, Hideaki probably wouldn't let us use it freely. Toooooo powerful.
[After about thirty minutes, Chris stands from the table with Safiri, the bowl now empty.]
Lightspawn Sorenian: [Notices the two.] Oh, guys I can take that bowl for you. [Stands and approaches them.]
Chris: Thanks! Good berries. [Hands the bowl to the Lightspawn.]
Lightspawn Sorenian: [Takes the bowl and smiles.] Thank you. I made those. Glad you liked them. Y'know, that was my first time making anything from Safa.
Safiri: Are you serious, those were some of the best okos I've had in a while.
Chris: Yeah, this alchemy thing is really a hit here. I'm impressive.
Lightspawn Sorenian: Happy you like our alchemy! Maybe we can teach you sometime?
Chris: That'd be cool. Unfortunately, I gotta head out soon.
Lightspawn Sorenian: Don't worry, we'll be here! We're not the fighting type of Lightspawn. [Chuckling, he walks to the kitchen.]
Safiri: [Smiles in the Lightspawn's direction.] ...Oh, hey Chris? [Turns to Chris.] I wanna see Ray and Slianna soon. I think I'm gonna lay back for a bit... That okay with you?
Chris: Yeah, that's good, that's good! Get some rest, don't overdo anything.
Safiri: [Pokes Chris in the belly.] You too.
Chris: Heh, dooooon't worry about me.
Safiri: [Eyes Chris carefully.] Don't worry about you? Really?
Chris: Heheheh. C'mon, I'll go see Ray and Slianna with you.
Roc: Ray and Slianna!? [Joins the two right away.] Can I come? Please!?
Safiri: Hahaha, Ray is your dad after all!
Chris: (Awkward.) Sure, come along, Roxy. [Smirks.]
Kutzu: [His ears flick up.] ... [He runs up to Chris and Safiri.] Are you guys going to see somebody?
Safiri: We're gonna see my friends Ray and Slianna. They're Eclipses also.
Chris: Would you wanna meet them?
Kutzu: I'd love to! But... Chrissie, can I talk to you really quick? Before you go?
Chris: Yeah, sure. Something the matter?
[The two walk away from the rest of the group...]
Kutzu: [Frowning with his head down.] ... [His ears flatten against his skull.] ...
Chris: ...Something is wrong...
Mikazuki: Um... [Watches Kutzu and Chris... He turns to Susie and Ectie.] Hey, uh, I'll be right back. [Hops from the chair and rushes to the two. Susie and Ectie look at each other and shrug.]
Kutzu: [Notices Mikazuki coming.] ...Ch-...Chris, I had a talk with Mikazuki, and...
Mikazuki: [Frowning as well.] ...
Kutzu: [Looks at Chris in the eyes.] ...I'm his father... And Susie's his mother.
Chris: ...
Kutzu: So, he must've seen us kiss... And I can only imagine what that's like for him...
Chris: ...[Stares at the floor...]
Mikazuki: ...[Places one paw over the other at the waistline of his dress.] ...
Chris: Mika...
Mikazuki: [Looks up.] Cruce... Chris... I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I--
Chris: Mika, it's fine...
Mikazuki: ...Ex-excuse me?
Kutzu: Chris...?
Chris: The moment I realized whose kid you were, my heart sank... I felt terrible about the whole thing, even if the time you come from isn't real, you are. You have a right to be here, and if that time were real... you wouldn't be here, because of me.
[The two Sorenians remains silent.]
Chris: [Turns to Kutzu, placing a paw on his shoulder.] Kutzu, I love you, and I always will, but even with all of this on us...
Kutzu: All of...? What's happening to our worlds?
Chris: ...Well that and... I dunno... I don't think now's the time for a relationship...
Kutzu: Hm, I had that same feeling... I do love you too... That'll never change, you know?
Chris: Nothing can break the bond we share, Kutzu. Nor the bonds you share with Susie and Ectie, or the bonds Safiri shares with Ray and Slianna. Grayness is a family, and we should love each other like a family...
Kutzu: ... [Smiles wide...] ... [Falls into Chris' chest, hugging him close.]
Chris: ...[Holds Kutzu close to him.] ...I love you so much...
Kutzu: I love you so much more... [Giggles softly, now looking up at Chris.]
Mikazuki: Ohhh, I feel like a big party pooper... Of some sort... [His eyes shift off to the side.]
Kutzu: Mika, noooo... You're not a party pooper of some sort!
Chris: I'm glad you pointed this out.
Mikazuki: Well... I am glad you don't hate me, Chris...
Chris: Awww, I think you need a hug too. [Hugs Mikazuki.] I don't hate you. How can I hate Kutzu's kid?
Mikazuki: [Huggles Chris.] Hehe... You're so nice! You're like Danithan, except you're not always making jokes about me, all out of good humor!
Chris: Heh, Dani's back to normal. Hideaki taught him some pretty cool spells.
Sol: [Joins the conversation.] Hey, Chris... I don't mean to interrupt, but--
Chris: Oh shoot!! I gotta get going, don't I?
Sol: ...Erm, not yet. It's been about... 40 minutes now. Just giving you a heads up.
Chris: Thanks, Sol. I should get going. I bet Danithan's bored, and I can't keep everyone waiting down on Anti. Sol, could you take Safiri and Roxy to Gibbous' house if that's where Ray and Slianna are?
Sol: Absolutely. Do you remember where the Angelic Zenith is?
Chris: Yep. Thanks for all the help, Sol. I'm gonna head out now.
Sol: No problemo, little bud. Come to you're old pal Sol whenever you need somethin'. Good luck out there, it's a wild ride.
Chris: Thanks a bunch.
Kutzu: Please be careful... [Kisses Chris on the cheek.] Hehe, I can still do that!
Mikazuki: So can I! [Kisses Chris' other cheek.]
Chris: [Grins, blushing.] God, you two... are cuter than I am. (I never though being kissed by guys would be that fun... Hm... Awkward again.)
Anema: (They're guys!?!)
Chris: (Oh, Anema... There is much I must teach you.)
Kutzu: Chris, I promise I'll be there to help you another time... I'm so beat up from all of that running around on Soren.
Chris: It's okay, Kutz. You too Mika. Both of you get some rest, you'll have plenty up here. Hmhm. [He wraps an arm around each of them, patting their shoulders.]
[Chris bids his farewells to everyone in the dining room. He asked Safiri to tell Ray and Slianna that he said hi, wishing he could visit them. Outside of the palace, Chris utilizes a dark corridor to reach the Angelic Zentih, where he rendezvous with Danithan at its altar.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema - Danithan)
-Angelic Zenith.-
Chris: Good timing, Dani. Hey, new glasses?
Danithan: [They seem to be identical to his old pair of sunglasses.] Yep. Alchemy, lil bro.
Chris: ...Cool.
[The two bow before Hideaki.]
Hideaki: Young adventurers... Art thou prepared?
Chris & Danithan: Yes.
Danithan: We're ready, Lord Hideaki.
Hideaki: Very well... This time, thou shall receive support from Light...
[Without much knowledge of the Antifigurate World, Hideaki conjures a powerful luster gateway, one which gleams much brighter than the others...]
[The two are gone, destined for a world Chris has not yet set foot on.]

--E N D I N G--
Off to Kennyland!