This part has Sync 3 written all over it...
[With this new, spontaneous ability of Chris', the capability of possessing another's body, came disaster. Chris can no longer locate his original body, which was last seen on Soren. Now, still in Danithan's Sorenian body, Chris decides to bring the Eclipses and Neclipses to safety in the Me'ihm Gardens.]
A L L I A N C E:
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(Chris [Danicah's Body] - Kutzu - Susie - Ectie - Mikazuki - Safiri - Roc [Roxy])
-Arch of Solace.-
[The luster gateway spits the large group out here. It seems to be a single mountain, crystal stares rising with it. The stairs act as an arch over the entire mountain. A large, crystal clear palace stands at the peak of the mountain, which is not too large in diameter. This mountain is called the Arch of Solace, and the palace atop it is simply known as the Solace Palace.]
Danicah: [Gazes at the mountain.] Hey, we're here... Hm. [Looks back at the group slowly.] Everytime I come here it's something new-wwhoa... Wh-- [Looks back at her wings.] Why are we all still Sorenians!? We left Soren...
Kutzu: I... don't know. Maybe it has something to do with how strong the Ecliptic Pull was?
Safiri: Oh, I read this recently in the Script. I knew it might happen to us.
Kutzu: [Turns to Safiri.] Ooh, what'd it say?
Safiri: I remember it going something like... um... The Ecliptic Pull of any Ecliptic World should remain at a steady flow of about two hours before transformation of any average being. If one were to remain on an Ecliptic World for a single day, that individual's mind would begin to change... Hm, I think it said after about 36 full hours, 3 days, it would actually convert who you really are...
Roc: We were on Soren for only a day, probably not even a full 24 hours for some of us, and we've reached that third stage.
Susie: Oh my gracious, you will change back, yes?
Safiri: I think we have to either be away from Soren, or be exposed to another Ecliptic Pull for a while. That or Light can probably fix us.
Danicah: I'm game with Light lending us a helping hand for once, huh? Let's head up this hill, 'looks like a Phaze lives here.
Roc: Yay, climbing.
Danicah: Heh, we all got wings here. Lets take advantage of it.
[With the advice taken, the group flies to the top of the mountain. It doesn't take too long. By the time they reach the top, it still seems like the crack of dawn.]
[Atop the Arch.]
Danicah: [Sets down on the crystal path. Everyone rises behind her and sets down as well.] Fancy house... Gotta be a Phaze here.
Safiri: 'Wonder who?
Danicah: Let's check it out. [Walks closer to the large palace doors, which are made of an opaque yellow diamond. Before anyone can reach the door, it opens. Two Lightspawn Antifigurates push the door wide open. Down the center of the crystal path which continues into the house walks a brightly colored being. He seems to be a bright yellow Deity, much like Kresent.]

~Sol~ User Image

[Sol is wearing fire colored garments that appear to have ancient Egyptian origin. Sol is wearing a small, red pharaoh's cape. He seems a lot younger than Gibbous, about Kresen't physical age.]
Sol: Ahhhh... [Stretches his arms out as he walks outside.] Morrrrrning sun...
Danicah: Phaaaaaze! [Points at Sol.]
Kutzu: [Claps a few times.] Yay!
Sol: [Opens his eyes, arms still stretched out.] ... Sorenians... Sorenians, they're everywhere... Waaaaait. [Drops his arms and places both hands on his hips.] You're all Eclipses... Uh, I think.
Danicah: No, you're right. We're all basically Eclipses.
Roc: [Points at Danicah.] Dani's the Connector, but right now... um, that's Cruce. Or Chris, I should say.
Sol: [Eyes Danicah.] Wait... What's happenin'? Danithan's back?
Danicah: Yeah, but right now I'm Chris. It's been a little bit of a disaster down at Soren, so I took everyone from Soren, thinking we could rest up at Me'ihm.
Sol: ...Ohhhhh, Gibbous and Kresent told me about'cha, Chris. They said you're back. Sure, you guys are welcome here anytime. My name's Sol, and I'd be happy to share my home with you. Run on in, the Lightspawn'll get you anything you need... I need to talk to you though, Chris. Is that okay?
Danicah: [Nods to Sol.] That's fine.
[In the midst of conversation, the crowd walks passed Sol and Danicah, heading into the home. The only ones that remain out with Danicah are Kutzu and Safiri.]
Sol: [Glances at Kutzu, then Safiri.] You two are good friends of Chris, hm?
Kutzu: We both love him dearly...
Safiri: And we're concerned about his body. He said he couldn't find it on Soren.
Sol: Hm... I think I have a solution to that, but first I need to tell you guys somethin'. .. See, I was informed that Darkness returned only a few hours after Amen left for Soren. Soooo, the day they arrived... I've tried to get in the swing of things, but Father Hideaki has declared that it's best I stay here and work on my Solace Alchemy, which I'll explain in a minute. [He kneels down to the three.] You guys were heavily affected by the Ecliptic Pull? You and you? [Points to Safiri and Danicah.]
Safiri: You can tell I'm Safiri?
Sol: You've got her eyes, and the voice gives it away. [Chuckles a little.]
Danicah: Nice... yep, we're all Sorenians for the time being.
Sol: Father can fix that too. Down to business... [He slams a fist gently into his other palm.] So! You fought Darkness on Soren, right?
Kutzu: Not really. Darkness did steal the Soul Sphere from the Illusions, but we never really got to fight them.
Danicah: We were too busy with Hellspawned, which, by the way, led to me discovering Danithan and the Neclipses in a placed called Hell.
Sol: [Snaps, then points at Danicah.] We have a winner. I was ju-hust about to tell you about that.
Danicah: You all know about Hell? [Leans in a little.]
Sol: The Phazes always knew about Hell. We never knew it harbored life... The World that Never Was has its roots there.
Danicah: The... World that Never Was...?
Sol: Put simply, it's Danithan's time that was never supposed to exist. The laws of nature wanted to eliminate Danithan and the Neclipses, which I'm sure he told you about. But, the laws of nature cannot do without them... so it just sent them into Hell. That's all I know, and now I have'ta know how you got out...
Danicah: I... dunno... I just summoned a dark corridor, then Dani summoned a luster gateway at the same time, and everything went all gray... Then we were fighting side-by-side on Soren, but that's a different story.
Sol: [Nods twice.] ...Yeeesh... You and the Eclipses went down there without any support from Light... That's... that's valor.
Kutzu: We couldn't save Northern Soren though.
Sol: That's okay, Light'll work on it. And I've heard that Danny the Shade is actually considering coming to Light.
Danicah: Danny and Lea both.
Sol: [Claps.] Ni-hice! What's going on at Tartarus, do you know?
Danicah: I think Danny and Lea are gonna work undercover for a while. Two other Shades are probably not too close to Darkness either, and when the time comes, they'll break from Naught.
Sol: That's good, and then we can give Hellspawned what for. Light doesn't usually hold grudges, but with aggression like Hellspawned's, there's really nothing else we can do to stimulate some strength. [Stands again.]
Danicah: Will the Lightspawn be assisting against Darkness and Hellspawned?
Sol: They've been doing that. The problem we have is trying to team up with you guys! We're never on the same world!
Safiri: Heheh... Oh, hey Chris... Your body?
Danicah: Yep. Sol, you said you had something in mind for my body?
Sol: 'Sure do. Come along, I'll show you. [He motions for the three to follow him. They do so, entering the warm home...]
P A R T Y:
User ImageUser Image
(Chris [Danicah's body] - Sol)
-Solace Palace.-
Kutzu: Hey Chris, mind if I go talk to my son? Hehe.
Safiri: Oh, yeah. Can I too?
Danicah: Sure, who'd I be to keep you from your kids?
[The two giggle and join the others, leaving Sol and Danicah.]
[The Phaze leads Danicah down a flight of stairs in the main foyer. They turn, then head downstairs again. The second flight of stairs appears to be part of the flight that leads to the second level from the main foyer. They come to a bright yellow door that is gleaming. A white, simple image of the sun shows on this door. Sol presses his hand to it. The entire door becomes the very same color, and immediately vanishes into thin air following that.]
Sol: [As they walk into this secret room, Sol begins speaking.] You know Corussians pretty well...
Danicah: 'Course. I love the cute little guys.
Sol: You know, in the four years you were gone, their planet was restored to peace.
Danicah: Rea--Are you serious!? [Flies in front of Sol, hovering backwards as they go through a straight hallway.] They're okay!? But what about Mother Melodis?
Sol: Well... We had thought that the Magic Burst consumed her life. We thought you were her.
Danicah: Uh-huh...?
Sol: Well, as it turns out... You can't kill Mother Melodis. Three years after you left, she was seen on Corus again. Darkness let up on the planet... And, as you know from your Ethereal Cross battles, Corussians have this amazing ability to evolve and adapt to their surroundings at unbelievable speeds.
Danicah: Yeah?
Sol: Well, as it turns out, there're some Corussians who can adapt to being dead. Mother Melodis was one of them, and her body actually became animated again. She's alive, Chris. And I'm about to show you something that's just as cool.
[They turn the corner, heading down a few more flights of stairs before coming to another yellow door which Sol handles...]
-Secret Solace Room.-
[The room is much darker than the corridors and foyer above. They are now inside the mountain. This room possesses a strange, misty atmosphere to it. In addition to that, a presence of something astral. The room is not too large...]
Sol: Feel that?
Danicah: [Now flying behind Sol.] Warm spots... Warm spots, all over my body? Like... stripes of warm...
Sol: Those are the spirits of the Corussians embracing you.
Danicah: [Peers through the cloudy mist.] Aw... really? The poor little guys... They're cute even when they're dead.
Sol: Heheh, they're not really "dead". They're just freed from their bodies... [He leads Danicah to the back of the room. Four, black diamond shelves protrude from the back wall. Upon each of them is a seemingly fallen Corussian.]
Danicah: [Flies up to one of the Corussians who is a fox. This Corussian seems to remind her of her Ecliptic forms. {Just in case you didn't know, Corussians are a lot like Sorenians in that they have base animals. Kutzu is a base fox. Snowy, a Corussian from Sync 1, is a base rabbit.} She kneels on the large, bed-like shelf and watches the Corussian boy.] They really are still around...
Sol: Guess how long they've been here?
Danicah: How long? About... a few weeks?
Sol: A few years. Three... And look at them.
Danicah: They're still beautiful... [Suddenly, she feels something touch her arm.] Hm? [Looks at the spot she was touched. Her wrist is grabbed gently, as if someone was calling out for help.] U-urm...
Sol: Don't be scared, Chris. That's the boy you're sitting near. He's reaching out to you... These Corussians have been like this for years, yet they remain so perfectly embalmed... This rare trait is called hyper-adaptability, the capability of adapting to anything. Even death. Their souls will follow their bodies wherever they go... Though they can't repossess their bodies, these shells of them have been completely restored to health through this adaptability.
[Danicah is stunned, staring at the boy who is reaching out to her.]
Sol: You're ability, Chris...
Sol: It's called Retain. Only those who have mastered a few elements--like lightning--on the physical level can use it... The spiritual level is by far the most difficult part of an element to master, and with that, the most powerful... You've only begun the spiritual level, and you've already learned how to Retain.
Danicah: Retain... Sol, how do I control this ability.
Sol: There are two ways to use this "possession-esque" ability. The first way is through meditation. Feel who you want your spirit to take, and don't take their body... embrace it... Let your spirit touch theirs. Let your mind flow with theirs... Entering this perfect Sync of souls is the priority. From there, it becomes natural to you.
[Danicah nods, now grasping the Corussian's paw firmly.]
Danicah: ...Okay... and the second way, Sol?
Sol: That... well that's different. That's a last resort, and it depends on what element you use. For your element, for lightning, I think it has to do something with your nervous system.
Danicah: [Smirks, speaking quietly.] Lucky break... My body was paralyzed, and I began fading out. Dani was the closest person, and it felt like the whole Retaining moment was rushed.
Sol: Last Resort Retain is a scary thing. It doesn't end well all the time. Your element could be your own end. I'm glad you pulled through... Meditation Retain is much safer, though more difficult... Chris, are you... going to...?
Danicah: [Her eyes are closed.] ...I'm stealing Danithan's body right now... He deserves it back. I feel I'm helping this Corussian boy by... his... spirit...
Sol: [Watching with awe.] (A...mazing... Chris is actually capable of feeling a Corussian's spirit that fast? ...Hm, 'guess I can't be sure if it's just Corussians he can communicate with, but he's really doing it. 'Best I leave him be and let him do his thing...) [Remains silent.]
(Chris: [Opens his eyes. He sees nothing but clouds and blue sky... He cannot feel his own body, yet his senses seem to be working just fine.] ...
Corussian Spirit: Hello.
Chris: Hey... are you that boy's spirit?
Anema: Yes! Yes, I am! My name is Anema, and I'm so happy to meet you.
Chris: It's good to meet you too. I'm Chris.
Anema: Chris? ...Really? You're Chris? You're the one Mother was...
Chris: I am... I want to help you, Anema. May I... Retain your body?
Anema: If you're able to speak with me so easily, you can do that! Plus, you're Chris... I'd be honored.
Chris: ...Hmhm, you're a kind boy, Anema... Is it okay if I ask how you... um...
Anema: How I was killed?
Chris: If it's okay with you...
Anema: Mhm, that's perfectly fine... It was Darkness... One of their Nightmares got the better of me, and... Well... I-I dunno. It ended so quickly...
Chris: Poor little guy... 'Wish I could hug you right now, but...
Anema: Hehe, me too... I'll be with you, Chris. Our souls are gonna be intertwined, if that's okay.
Chris: Of course it is, Anema...)
[Everything goes dark for Chris and Anema...]

~Chris Anema~ User Image

Chris: [Opens his eyes. He is staring at the ceiling of the secret room, and now laying on his back. He flicks his tail out from under him, grabs it, and looks at it. A familiar dark gray fur... He lets it drop beside him and rubs his eyes, then looks at his new, gray furred paws as well... He turns his head to the side a little, spotting both Sol and Danicah looking down at him.] Whoa... It... worked.
Sol: [Shakes his head.] Sheesh, I barely explained it to you... You've got it covered, Chris...
Danicah: How do you feel? You were out for days...
Chris: Wha!?!? [Sits up quickly and swings his legs over the edge of the bed.] What, are you kidding!?
Danicah: Hehehehe! I'm kidding, you were only out a few minutes. That's payback for stealing my body without asking...
Chris: [Splays his ears...] ...H-hey, I didn't do it on purpose... It's good to see you're okay though, Dani. [He rotates his shoulders a bit.] I feel like a Corussian again... It's been a while...
Danicah: You're awfully adorable, Chris... [Flies closer to Chris and squeezes him, giggling.]
Chris: [Squeaks a little.] H--Dani! What's gotten into you?
Danicah: Um... The Ecliptic Pull?
Chris: Heh, out of everyone, it's probably affected you the most...
Sol: Hm? ... [Closes his eyes.] ... (................................................) ... ...
Danicah: [Turns around, facing Sol.] Something wrong, Sol?
Sol: [Opens his eyes, looking up a tad.] I just got a little mental note from Supernova and Gibbous. Seems like we've just received word of two new Phazes out there on those two strange worlds, Tulwar V and Pimix. Oh, and Hideaki wants to see you two. Let's get going, making Father wait makes me feel bad...Oh, and let's wait 'till we're outside for a luster gateway. Any sort of that stuff in here harms the spirits.]
[The two agree and follow Sol out of the room. Before actually leaving the room, Chris turns back and smiles, mouthing "thank you" to the spirits. With that, he runs to catch up to the other two.]
P A R T Y:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Chris Anema - Danicah - Sol)
-Solace Palace.-
Chris: [Walking behind the two, who are speaking with each other.] ...(Mrgh...)
Anema: ([Within Chris' mind.] Chris? Chris, it's me, Anema.)
Chris: (Hm...? Anema? I can hear you! Are you okay!?)
Anema: ([Giggles.] Of course I'm okay! Remember, our souls are linked! I can talk to you like this.)
Chris: (Hey, that's cool. You can chat with me anytime you want?)
Anema: (When I'm not floating around you, yup!)
Chris: (Heheh. I'm happy we can get to do something like this. It helps me get to know you better, Anema...)
Anema: (Ditto... Well, know more about you. I hear you're a pretty amazing hero!)
Chris: (Aw-haww, you're flattering me, lil guy.)
Anema: (Hehe, we're both the little guy! Well, you are. I like what you've done with my body! It looks so cool!)
Chris: (Did I do that...? Really? When I saw you, you were a pale orange Corussian.)
Anema: (Well I... or, you adapted, and changed to match who you are. Hyper-adaptability has probably given you all of your powers just as they were!)
Chris: (...Corussians are awesome.)
Anema: (Now you're flattering me!)
Chris: (Hmhm...)
Danicah: Chris?
Chris: [Shakes his head.] Hm? Yeah?
Danicah: Was something bugging you?
Chris: Oh, no! Not at all... I was talking to Anema!
Sol: Ohh, that's neat, Chris. That's a cool little thing you can do when your soul is linked with another, like how us Phazes are linked.
Danicah: Shoot, I'm sorry for taking you out of your concentration...
Chris: Don't worry, Dani, it's cool.
[They continue back up to the foyer. The Eclipses have set down near a sun-heated crystal, which acts like a fireplace... While Sol, Danicah, and Chris were downstairs, Mikazuki and Kutzu were having a conversation away from the rest.]
Kutzu: [Sitting on one of the couches near another sun-crystal.] You wanted to see me, 'hun?
Mikazuki: [Sits next to Kutzu.]...Dad...K-Kutzu... Before Chris was thought to be dead... did you have any relations with him other than being and Eclipse?
Kutzu: What'cha mean? ...Like, was I in love with him?
Mikazuki: ... [Nods, then lowers his head.] ...
Kutzu: Ohh, no? I wasn't even like... um you and I... that long ago. I was like a Dragon, not a Fairy. Chris and I were good friends...
Mikazuki: ...I... Um, er... [Looks away for a few seconds.] ...
Kutzu: What's wrong, 'hun? You've been like this for a while... [Wraps one arm around Mikazuki, pulling him closer.]
Mikazuki: [Leans his head against Kutzu's shoulder.] It's you and Chris... I'm... I -was-... so used to it being you and Susie, and now it's all different...
Kutzu: [Frowns.] ...O-oh... awwww, Mika...
Mikazuki: But, it's not your fault, it's mine... I come from a time that never existed, so it's no wonder things are different here. I need to learn to accept that, but... I'm just a sensitive little wuss who can't.
Kutzu: You are not a wuss... You and I are both sensitive, and if I were to deal with something like this, it wouldn't be so soon that I'd be acting like it was my fault. I'm surprised nothing's gotten to me yet...
Mikazuki: [Closes his eyes.] Mmm...
Kutzu: Chris is dealing with a lot right now, and so am I. We all are... Maybe it's just not the time for a relationship.
Mikazuki: Ugh, I feel terrible that I ruined it for you two...
Kutzu: You didn't ruin anything... [Kisses Mikazuki on the top of the head.] You may have saved us...
Mikazuki: [Looks up at Kutzu.] Hmm... [Smiles.] You think he'll take it well...?
Kutzu: We all love each other. I know he'll be okay once we reason with him. Plus, he's understanding anyway. He'll totally be fine with it... buuuut...
Mikazuki: I'll talk to him with you!
Kutzu: Yeah. [Giggles, rubbing Mikazuki's shoulder.] Thanks for talking to me, Mika... It makes me feel like a better parent... Well, a better friend.
Mikazuki: Thanks for understanding... daddy...
Kutzu: [Lays his head over Mikazuki's.] Hmhmhm... I love you, Mika.
Mikazuki: 'Love you too.
[Just then, Sol, Danicah, and Chris return to the foyer.]
Sol: Everyone! We're headed to see Hideaki. Makes yourselves comfortable. If you are hungry or thirsty, a few of my Lightspawn friends can work their alchemy magic for you!
Danicah: Whoa, everyone's here...
Chris: You're welcome~!
Kutzu: [Looks back at the three.] Chris?
Chris: [Waves.] Hi!
Safiri: Whoa!! [Runs up to Chris.] Chr--Are you Chris?
Chris: ...Let's see... dark fur, emo hair, blue eyes, yeah I'm Chris! [Hugs Safiri.]
Safiri: [Hugs Chris back.] Oooooh, you're okay!
Kutzu: [Joins the hug.] Yay~!
Chris: Heheh, gosh guys, I'm gonna fall! Heheheh!
[They release Chris, giggling.]
Safiri: Dani, are you okay too?
Danicah: I'm in tip top shape, thank you for asking!
Kutzu: Oh, cool, you're both okay! Yay! [Hugs Danicah as well.]
Safiri: So, are you guys headed to Hideaki?
Sol: We are, yeah. He has business with Danithan and Chris, so it was a good idea that I took them to... um...
Safiri: Become two people again?
Sol: [Snaps, pointing at Safiri.] A plus.
Safiri: [Chuckles.] Well, let's not hold them, Kutzu. C'mon, let's get a bite to eat!
Kutzu: Okay! [Walks with Safiri into one of the halls that a Lightspawn pointed out to them earlier.] Hey, we're gonna get somethin' to eat. Like, you guys wanna come? [At the end of the question, Kutzu catches sight of Chris leaving...]
Chris: [Looks back at Kutzu. Both sets of blue eyes meet, and concern is instantaneously felt...] (Kutzu...?)
[Within a few moments, they are separated...]
[A luster gateway has taken the trio to the Angelic Zenith...]
-Angelic Zenith.-
[The gateway appears upon the top of the alter.]
Sol: Father Hideaki. I have brought unto you Chris and Danithan. [He gets to one knee and bows.]
Chris: [Remembers to do the same.]
Danicah: [Bows as well.]
Hideaki: Very good, Sol, my child... Chris... Danithan... Already, thy journey hath cometh quite the way... It shall not end soon...
Chris: Yes, Milord... Milord, may I ask you... were you informed of Hell? The Hellspawned realm?
Hideaki: Indeed, I was. Thou shall see'th this peculiar world often in thy struggles... Its origins shall surprise you... Danithan, thou hath been missed dearly.
Danicah: Thank you, Milord. I missed everyone... I don't mean to sound impatient, but... um...
Hideaki: Thou shall see them once again. It doth come to my attention that thy skills, perhaps, be'th better utilized with Light's aid.
Chris: Oh, yes Milord. Please... I--we had so much trouble on Soren...
Hideaki: Yes, I shall see to it that atrocities such as that shall not occur. In addition, I shall grant thee a new skill, for thou hath earned this... Chris, I see'th thy body is of Corussian shape... Two spirits reside within... This is Retain, yes?
Chris: That's right. Sol taught me the basics of it. I came into contact with a Corussian spirit called Anema, who I feel is already a good friend.
Hideaki: Impressive, quite... Sol, I commend thee for this teaching.
Sol: Heheh, thanks Father. Chris is quick learner.
Chris: Shucks, Sol. If it weren't for you, I'd be clueless about it.
Hideaki: Chris, thou shall see thy power increase in this new, adapting body of yours and Anema's...
Chris: [Nods.] Thank you, Lord Hideaki.
Hideaki: Yes... Danithan, thou possesseth an Ecliptix, which may be extended... Thou shall experience even further, exotic abilities with this Ecliptix.
Danicah: [She looks up at Hideaki, a curious expression upon her face.]
Hideaki: Hmhmhm... The Ecliptic Pull hath dealt quite the difference... I shall grant thee something that will... let us say, fix the problem, yes... [He raises an arm, his large, white cloak lifting a little. His hand is revealed... Sparkles of light appear at his finger tips, then shoot out, swirling around like molecules with a trail of concentrated light following them. They shoot at Danicah's forehead, entering her Ecliptix much more gently than they left Hideaki's fingertips.]
Danicah: [Having closed her eyes in the process, she opens them, looking up at Hideaki again.]
Hideaki: The Ecliptix has been refreshed and empowered with new white magicks, Child. Three new spells shall suffice... Refurbish shall allow you to undo any change of your body that has been done by the Ecliptic Pull. Metamorphose shall change the type of Ecliptic Pull around thee or any other you choose to cast it upon. Abstain shall prevent the Ecliptic Pull from coming into effect for some time...
Danicah: Thanks so much, Lord Hideaki... [Remembering what the spells do and what they're called, she closes her eyes, beginning to cast one of these new spells; Refurbish. A series of light blue waves leave her body, then return to her as clear waves. This process is done, while her body is a flash of light, until Danicah begins to reshape, a final set of small waves leaving and returning to her body.]
Danithan: [Emerges from the light a human male again. He stretches his arms out.] I'm back! Alright!
Chris: Heh, look who's all fixed up...
Danithan: [Snatches Chris, holding him like a baby.] I still think you're adorable.
Chris: [Coughs slightly.] Okay, sorta fixed! [Chuckles.]
Hideaki: Your next destination shall be the Antifigurate World. How does an hour of preparation sound?
Chris: That will work. We'll get ready earlier if we can.
Hideaki: Very well, Children. You may do as you wish in the meantime.
Chris, & Danithan: Yes, Lord Hideaki.
Danithan: [Sets Chris down.] Hey, I'm gonna try to master these new spells around here. I'll be waiting for you whenever you're ready. Cool with you, dude?
Chris: Yeah, sure. I'm'a head back to Sol's place so I can see everyone off.
Danithan: Alright. Sol takin' you?
Chris: Oh, um... Can you? Please? [Turns to Sol.]
Sol: I sure can. Let's get back home! [Within a second, a bright yellow luster gateway takes he and Chris back to the Solar Palace.]

--E N D I N G--