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Name: Azure
Age: 210 *Looks 21*
Species: Human/Shinigami
Race/Ethnicity: Half japan half english
Height: 5'10
Sexuality: Straight
Playing football in the human world, dueling, racing other shinigami's across roof top's,
Throwing the star plush in the air and catching it

Current Information

Family background:
Him his brother and mother was killed by a hollow when they was going on holiday

Division: 10th

Zanpakuto, 10th division armband, Star plush, A sapphire magatama necklace and a crimson crescent earring

A long katana "ill re-get the size later",
In it release form It always dripping water. it is still a katana but the blade has turned to water and the handle as got a jet of water going out of it,
What azure can control into shapes or movement or even split into three "whips"

Zanpakuto element:

Katana sheath and handle:
I want the sheath looking like this, Please note i want the first gold...ring to be remove
and the star just above that to be changed into the 10th division symbol,
The handle like this only thing i would like to changed about this, is the guard "Tsuba" to gold

Physical Description

Hair style:
Long (Just hit the back), Always have it tied back in a ponytail

Hair colour: white

Facial hair: Kinda like a goatee/soul patch

Body hair: He got alittle big of it on his chest, The sexy kind

Eye colour:
Aqua. "sample"

Left or right:
Right handed

Scar going down his right eye "From the top it start at the left and go right as it go downwards"

Physical condition:
Muscular body *Not a bodybuilder* Six pack. arm's are strong and happy trail

Clothing as shinigami/spirit:
he wear a white Haori/coat what shows apart of his stomach and two/four ads.
The back is plain white and as it go downwards it splits into two, the inside of it is red,
A black hakama, And a long black handband what flows,
Sandels and black socks what got red and white line crossing over each other,
his 10th division armband what he wears over his right arm.
And finally a sapphire magatama necklace and crimson crescent earring on his left ear

Important detail of his coat/haori:
If you look at the tektek ref you will see a red white and black line pattern
I only want the red line make it alittle bit bigger and i want it in a pattern like

Thanks to Tehshi, I have a great ref of his haori pattern please go to the bottom
to see
the pattern,

Type of clothes when in gigai:
"Made on 08/08/10"

Here one of his favorite gigai outfit's:
Ref by Moonthief By Stacey the Strawberry

A black layered zip up jacket, What has got a Chinese dragon pattern on the left side,
Plain white T-shirt and black jeans what got four pocket's
"one at each side and two at the back"
which he keep his plush in,
On the right leg at the top "ish" is a chain what goes around the leg,
White boots
And finally a white headset with a tribal Star on the "ear's"
Added note please always have his headphone like he wear in the art ref

He Always wear his sapphire magatama necklace and crimson creacent earring
He like all colours but his four favorite colour are white red yellow and black

killing hollow's, swimming, hanging out with mate's, buying new clothe's in the human world, shower, sushi


To find and kill the hollow what killed him and his family

Favorite food:
If it not burned, He'll eat it

Least favorite food:
Anything burned

Most prized possesion:
A star plushie with a XD face on it, He hangs it on his hakama

Positive characteristics,
Playfull, fun, loyal, friendly, sweet, take's hallow fight seriously. never willing to give up

Negatives characteristics:
TOO playfull, very mean/evil side come out when he fighting hollow's, does alot of dumb/stupid stuff *Like falling over himself*


mastered flash step

When he in the world of the living and in his gigai he wont be wearing his Shinigami outfit.
so if you can think of a cool looking outfit. then go for it,
But please always add the star plush even when in his gigai he has it. you dont even have to show it all
Just have it sticking out of a pocket

Art ref: [X]