Larkspur is one of the flowers used to represent the month of July. It represents lightness and levity. One Native American story credits its origins to a celestial being who made a spike by twisting up a portion of the evening sky. As she plunged it to earth so that she could climb on it flecks of the shy got caught on it. When the spike dried up small pieces of it got scattered over the planet. These become the larkspur. During the Middle ages the flower became associated with the Virgin Mary's Tears. In Germany men and women would stare at the Midsummer fire through a bunch of larkspur. It was believed this would preserve their eyes for another year. One Italian myth says that three knights killed a dragon. When they cleaned their swords the blue dragon's blood made the larkspur and the dragon's venom made the plants poisonous. In Greek myth it came from the blood of Ajax when he killed himself.