Well, here's a thing: don't report me for that last part... I had plans~!
I mean, it wouldn't be complete without rape.
Okay, moving on.
[Though Danicah and Chris had not defeated Vincefourth, he was gone for now, and nowhere to be seen. Chris felt that this problem was better left for Darkness, though Vincefourth had probably left by now. The two are now in the courtyard of Wingspear.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris - Danicah)
-Wingspear Pillar(Courtyard).-
[The sky remains red, though Darkness and Hellspawned have vanished from Northern Soren... Darkness has completed their objectives. The battle had been left for Grayness, rather its dwindling ally, Light.]
Danicah: [Appears at the base of the entrance to the tower.] Whew... Down... Ah, shoot. I lost my glasses.
Chris: [Glances at Danicah.] Heh, I think you look better without them.
Danicah: Well... Not when I'm myself.
Chris: You are yourself! ...[Groans a little... Suddenly, she stumbles over, but Danicah catches her in time. She holds Chris up, looking down at her.] Whoa! You okay?
Chris: [Looks up at Danicah.] Ow... I don't know... I just had this sensation of my heart stopping, then everything else stopping after that. I feel fine now...
Danicah: Can you stand? If you want me to carry you, I can.
Chris: Aw, thanks... It's okay though. I'm fine now. [She stands with aid from Danicah.]
Danicah: You sure? You look pretty scratched up.
Chris: I'm okay, really. I appreciate the concern though, Dani. I never though I'd be getting any from you. [Smiles at Danicah.]
Danicah: Heh, yeah yeah... You think it's something Vince did to you?
Chris: [Nods.] I don't doubt it. He paralyzed my whole nervous system while he tried to... [...Glances away really quick and rubs her neck.] ...play with me.
Danicah: Oh, there's your problem. That stuff is weird, you never know what aftereffects there can be. C'mon, I'll carry you, you could fall again.
Chris: ...O-okay... thanks.
Danicah: [Scoops Chris up, cradling her with ease.] ...You're a tiny Sorenian, y'know? [Looks down at her, now walking.]
Chris: Heh... So you think I'm cute?
Danicah: Hey, you've been through enough of that. I just don't want you fading out on me every three seconds.
Chris: Hmhmhm... You care about me...
Danicah: Well, of course I do.
Chris: Doesn't that seem weird to you?
Danicah: ...You mean like how I was focused on eliminating you in the past, and now...
Chris: Now you wanna make sure I stay safe... I feel like I'm the Eclipse and you're the Connection.
Danicah: [Smirks.] How does it feel?
Chris: ...It feels really new. Usually, I'm the hero, but... not today.
Danicah: You're a hero... You're always a hero, even when you don't seem like one.
Chris: [Smiles wide.] But right now, you're a lot more heroic looking than I am...
Danicah: ...[Smiles down at Chris, stopping for a moment.] Hmhm. ...Hey, do you know where everyone could've gone? [Looks around for any signs of the group, or any soldiers.]
Chris: They must've fled into the jungle. That's what I heard Lea say... I guess everyone else did too.
Danicah: Ai... [Sighs.]
Chris: What's up?
Danicah: I dunno about you, but... I'm exhausted. Maybe we should just rest here. What'cha think?
Chris: Yeah, I guess so. They'll probably come to look for us soon, so maybe we can relax a little bit instead of... being big heroes right now...
Danicah: I can agree with that. [She walks over to a soft patch of grass near a fallen pillar of the courtyard and sets Chris down lightly.]
Chris: Mm, thanks... [Realizes that she can't move again.] Urm... Can't do anything...
Danicah: Huh? You alright, Cru?
Chris: I can't move. [He ear flicks a little bit. She can move her head, but only slightly.]
Danicah: Are you in any pain? [Kneels down beside Chris, a paw on her chest and the other on her forehead.]
Chris: N-no... Just can't move.
Danicah: Well, that sounds fine. As long as you're not suffering from any pain, you should recover by tomorrow. Don't try messing with your magic or anything like that. Just take it easy, and I'll take care of you.
Chris: Thanks a bunch...
Danicah: No sweat.
[Hours pass as the two eventually fall asleep under the dark red skies together.]
[At midnight...]
Chris: [...Opens her eyes slowly... She finds Danicah sleeping next to her, her paw clenching Chris'. Danicah's other paw is on Chris' belly.] (...What's Dani up to? If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was trying to start something with me also... Darn it, I'm not exactly single... Why does no one know this? Eh, maybe that's not the intention here, but she's being really affectionate... Maybe it's because I'm naked or something... Gah, I still can't move.) [Attempts to flick her tail, but it's of no avail.] (I'm like a stone, I can't even feel the rest of my body... I feel like a balloon...) ... (Hmm...) ... [Closes her eyes again.] ... (Wonder where everyone is... I can't stay here for long... the Pull... ...) ...[She falls asleep again.]
Danicah: [She is already awake and tending to Chris' wounds with her Ecliptix magic. She holds her paw a few centimeters above the wounds, a gentle blue light illuminates from her snow white paw. The wounds begin to vanish... Though she can do this, she can't cure what is affecting Chris' nervous system.] Poor little thing...
Chris: ...Mmg...
Danicah: Hm? Oh, Cru! Are you waking up?
Chris: To be honest... I've been half awake for a little... [Opens her eyes halfway, looking at Danicah. She is still paralyzed.] Ah, are you kidding...? I still can't move...
Danicah: Oh no... [She strokes Chris' hair out of her eyes.] You want me to stay with you, or do you need anything? I'm sure I can get you some water if I looked.
Chris: Nah, thanks Dani... I'll be fine for now. Maybe it's just another attack... It'll go away soon. Hey, is everything cool with you? You're acting differently today.
Danicah: Oh gosh, am I acting a little strange? Well, we have been on this world for a day now, and the Ecliptic Pull here is so powerful, I feel like a Sorenian. A real Sorenian.
Chris: (Dani's right... I've been on this world for a while now, and the Ecliptic Pull was amplified... It doesn't stop at changing what you look like. It continues past that and messes with your head, and I think that's what's happening with Dani right now. We have to get off of Soren before this is who Danithan really becomes...) Dani, I think we should get off of this planet. The Ecliptic Pull is taking over you. Any further, and this is who you'll be, body and soul.
Danicah: Is it really that powerful? I wonder why... Shouldn't we look for your friends first? I need to locate Mikazuki and Roxy anyway, the Pull could be doing this with Roxy also.]
Chris: I guess you're right... but then there's me...
Danicah: I can carry you again, if you want.
Chris: Well...I don't wanna keep troubling you with that.
Danicah: It's no trouble at all, Cru. Really, I can take you.
Chris: Why not use a luster gateway?
Danicah: Do you know where they would be hiding? Would we miss them?
Chris: Well, no one's around... We're all alone out here...
Danicah: ...You may be right then... Where do you think we should go?
Chris: I think we should... head... back... to Castle... [Vision begins blurring.]
Danicah: Cru...? Cru! [Holds Chris by the shoulders and shakes her a little.] Cru, are you with me?!
Chris: ...[Her vision becomes even blurrier, yet her survival instincts kick in at the same time. Her body, no longer able to move, begins producing black electricity. The electricity acts as energy for her to keep herself stable off of. However, there is too much energy in her heart, so it is released. The pain would be excruciating if she could feel at this point. This electricity is different than the black energy within her. It has touched her soul and mind, and is much less intense than the other energy. It escapes her body... Chris actually controls this electricity as it moves invisibly through the air. Before she knows it, her vision returns, though she seems to be staring at herself... Danicah is nowhere to be seen.] ...
Danicah: ...[Staring at Chris.] ... [Holds a paw to her head and stumbles back a little, landing on her bottom.] O-ow! What the heck!? Was I just looking at myself? [She holds her arms up so that she can see them.] White fur? I don't have white fur... And... I have clothes on... Am I Danithan? ...Oh God, I am. How did I--what'd I...? Ah... shoot, this is no time for questions, I can feel how powerful the Ecliptic Pull is in this body... I-I gotta hurry and find someone. [She closes her eyes, and thinks of a dark corridor... When that doesn't work, she rethinks her strategy and attempts to think of a luster gateway and Castle Blossom's interior. In a moment, she is gone in that gateway.]

--To Be Continued.--
That's Chris' exclusive ability that's kind of like possession, but in a good way.