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Tomo-kun's Journal
Random crap that I'll make you listen to.
Random Plot Bunny
"I'll do it myself!" Tomokazu Uehara cried as he ran through the trees.

"You can't even see behind yourself, it'll look choppy if you do it!" countered his mentor, Ritsuko Uehara as she persued him with a pair of shears. It was the day after the Spring Festival, which meant it was time for Tomo's annual grooming. It was a time he desperately hated when his winter fur a cut off to stay cool in the summer.

"Like you don't leave spots. What's with the poofy tuft you always leave at the end of my tail?" he spat back, wondering if any of the steep trees could be climbed in a hurry. He decided that he couldn't and continued to run.

"Don't be childish! I'm never sure where your tail ends and I don't think either of us want to have the tip accidently cut off, do we?" she retorted, "Besides, it makes you look regal, like a lion!"

"It makes me look like a gerbil!" The trees were thinning and the town was beginning to show. The two didn't seem to notice as they ran right down the streets and through the marketplace. Gasps and shrieks filled the air and they didn't realize where they were until and outcry of "Demon!" filled their ears. The companions froze instantly as a crowd began to gather around them.

"Stop demon!" Ritsuko said suddenly, brandishing her scissors. Tomokazu caught on and let out and anguished cry as he collapsed to the cobblestones. He lolled his tongue out for effect as Ritsuko walked over. She thrust the scissors down and pretended to stab him as he let out another dramatic cry. He laid still for a few moments until the villagers seemed satisfied that he was dead and began to dissolve and haggle again. Ritsuko picked up his limp body and hefted it over her shoulder.

"I'll shave you bald, boy," she muttered as she carried him out. His body was shaking with laughter, but not enough that anyone would notice from Ritsuko's bouncy walk.

"Do whatever you want," he whispered back, "That was the most fun I've had in weeks."

Tomokazu Uehara
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