Don't worry. Not everyone is gonna fight Vincefourth. It's a battle that's left for Chris and Danithan. It's not even really a battle. it's a face-off, but no one's getting defeated. xD ...Physically... Sorta... [Hey, this is a weird one...o.O]

Danithan(Sorenian - Danicah)



Atop the Wingspear Pillar
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VS. Vincefourth
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[Let the battle between Grayness and Hellspawned commence.]
Danicah: ...Okay... I feel the Ecliptix... The moon's under all those clouds... [He turns back to the group now behind him.] You guys have to get out of here...
Mikazuki: But... you can't fight Vincefourth on your own! He'll rip you to shreds, Dani! We all have to leave.
Danicah: I'm not fighting alone...
Chris: I'm assuming that means I'm in... Okay, you guys really do have to get outta here. I know the power behind a Perfect, and it's way strong... Trust us... We know what we're doing.
Lea: ...Dearies... we have to leave. Now... Chris, Danithan... Best of luck to you both. Come now everyone! I will take us into the jungle. [She calls for everyone to gather around her.]
Vincefourth: [Seems more surprised now...] ... [Instead of charging, he simply waits until Lea conjures a large dark corridor and leaves with the rest of the group, leaving Danicah and Chris.]
Chris: [Growls at Vincefourth.] So, where were we?
Vincefourth: You... You're Chris...?
Chris: Oh-ho! Look at who's catching on...? What of it...?
Vincefourth: The very first Believer...? No, that's impossible... I thought... I thought BlackMatter... [Shakes his head.] It's not possible! [He flares both of his arms out to either side of him. His crystalline hands become jagged blades.] They're right... I'm gonna rip you to shreds...
Danicah: I'd like to see you try... [A strange glow shines from under her hair in her face.] I feel like I've got the home advantage again...
Chris: No turning on me this time, Danithan. [Her fur sparks with electricity.]
Danicah: Heh, you don't need to worry about that anymore.
[In just a second, Vincefourth shoots at the two, a blue glow behind him as he dashes. Without even thinking, Chris and Danicah jump out of the way and take flight. They jump to opposite sides and watch as Vincefourth simply vanishes and a blue flash, then reappears between the two with both arms out in their direction. His crystal blades gleam. Both Danicah and Chris drop to the ground immediately, ducking as a light blue beam is fired from Vincefourth's arms. It shoots out into the redness. When this move misses, Vincefourth disappears yet again, reappearing only feet into the air of where he was a second ago. He aims both arms into the ground and fires two more beams. Light blue circles appear beneath Danicah's and Chris' feet. They quickly roll out of the way before these rings release a highly energetic pillar of blue.]
Chris: [Frantically looks around.] Where is he now!?
Danithan: Stay on your toes... [Looking around as well.]
[Suddenly, Vincefourth has Danicah by the throat, his crystal hand glowing as if it were literally draining the life right out of Danicah.]
Danicah: [Coughing.] Ahhh!!!
Chris: Watch out. [Reacts as quickly as she can, simply staring at Vincefourth and letting some of the black electricity discharge off of her and come into contact with her enemy.
Vincefourth: Hm? [The electricity hits him, but nothing happens. He drops Danicah, who lays on the ground with her sunglasses having fallen off. Vincefourth vanishes again.]
Chris: [Rushes over to aid Danicah. She helps her up... then realizes that there is another, larger circle on the ground beneath them. Chris pulls Danicah up and flies into the red sky with her. The ground explodes with a blue energy that nearly reaches the two in the sky. Before Chris can even recover from that, Vincefourth is above the two. With crystal blades again, he swipes at the two. Chris pulls back, but is struck on the side, then on the shoulder, tearing her flesh a bit. She winces, but manages to stay in flight until Vincefourth grasps her wings, piercing them with his blades. Chris shrieks in pain.] Ahhhh, oww! Dammit!!! Let me go!!
Vincefourth: Gladly. [He chucks Chris and Danicah into the ground. They impact roughly, Danicah rolling away from Chris to quickly stand up.]
Danicah: [As she stands up, she attempts to summon a shield of any sort of protective energy, but is interrupted as a shockwave of blue radiates through the ground. As the blue touches her feet, she immediately falls unconscious.]
Vincefourth: [Holding a crystal palm to the ground.] Aha! I love Aurax... It can do anything... [He stands all the way, turning back to Chris, who is writhing in pain.]
Chris: [Laying on her back, her teeth clenched.] Ow ow... Ow...
Vincefourth: [Approaches her.] See...? That's what the Ecliptic Pull does... it takes away who you really are... it takes the power. It takes the will... That's why I chose not to deal with it. I don't care how strong it is...
Chris: [Opens her eyes.] ...Why are you doing this, Vince...?
Vincefourth: Why am I doing this? Tch, you don't deserve to know what Reality put me through.
Chris: Yes I do!! ...Because Reality put me through something probably like it... four years ago...
Vincefourth: ...Who are you? [Now stands over Chris with one leg at each of her sides.]
Chris: You said I was a lucky little b***h...
Vincefourth: Answer me. [He leans down a bit.]
Chris: I'm Chris... I'm Chris, the Believer, if you don't recognize that name. Or maybe even Cruce...
Vincefourth: [Stands all the way back up, his hands on his hips. They begin converting into blades again.] ...Hm...
Chris: It's the Ecliptic Pull, isn't it...? Do you really just not believe me?
Vincefourth: ...I believe you... Before all this, I wanted to know so much about you... Even meeting you in person, I feel like I don't know you...
Chris: What...? What're you gonna do?
Vincefourth: ...Like I said... You're a lucky little b***h. [He crouches over her, taking one of her tank-top straps and slicing through it. The other one had been sliced already.]
Chris: Wh-what're you doing!? [Struggles to slip free from under Vincefourth.]
Vincefourth: Stop squirming. [He places a blade against her neck gently. It gleams blue, then shocks Chris.]
Chris: [Jumps a bit.] Ah!! ... H-hey...I can't move... What'd you do!? Get your a** off of me!!
Vincefourth: Do you want me to tear off your mouth?! Shut the hell up!
Chris: [Gulps...] ...Stop...doing this...
Vincefourth: [Ignores her. Instead, he pulls up the top, and slices through the center of it and pulls it out from under Chris roughly, tossing it away in the wind.]
Chris: [Feels that her torso is now barren.] Wh... You're a sicko... Why are you doing this?
Vincefourth: Figure it out yourself... [He continues to tear through her skirt until it, with the underwear, is loose. Vincefourth takes that and tosses both pieces of clothing off, leaving Chris completely naked. One of Vincefourth's blades becomes a hand again as he lays on top of Chris, pressing his torso against hers.] Now you see where we're going...
Chris: (...This isn't happening... He's trying to... ) You made it obvious.
Vincefourth: [He holds the blade gently against Chris' neck again. It glows, this time restoring control to her body. He keeps the blade there, however. His other hand is on her cheek.] If you try anything... It's off with that pretty face.
Chris: Tch, how charming...(I still can't move my body... But I can move my head.) So you think my face is "pretty"...
Vincefourth: Did I not just say that? [Without any more words, he lowers his head to Chris', planting a kiss to her lips. It is broken in a second as Vincefourth presses the blade against Chris' neck.] Kiss me back...
Chris: ...Ha, really...? You think I'd kiss you if I had a choice...?
Vincefourth: You wouldn't... [Continues the kiss, this time receiving a lively one from Chris as well. The blade glows again, this time allowing Chris' entire body to move.]
Chris: [Still kissing Vincefourth, she moves her paws above his waistline and continues rubbing him gently from there.]
[The two seem to become so entranced in this that they close their eyes... Chris however...]
Chris: [Opens his eyes, feeling Vincefourth's body rub a bit more against hers. Suddenly, she smirks in the kiss. A tiny, puddle-shaped dark corridor appears under her. Without Vincefourth even knowing, she lets herself and him sink into this... And only a few seconds later, she returns alone...]
Chris: [Falls to her knees.] ... Oh... Phew... That was scary... Thaaaaaaaat was scary... (Remembering the gates to Castle Tartarus was the best thing I had at that point... If I couldn't beat him, I had to send him away... I was actually getting into that whole moment though... It's a good thing Ixis taught me what he did. ...Hm... I'm gonna have to thank Ixis the next time I see him... er, her... Whatever.) [Looks down at herself.] (I'm naked still, and it's breezy! ...Sheesh... This is weird, seeing myself like this, with boobs and all. I guess I should wake Dani up...) [Stands and walks over to Danicah, who is just waking up.] (Can't believe he tried to rape me... It's not so easy to rape a Believer...) Dan... Hey Dani, wake up...
Danicah: [Remembers their situation and sits up quickly.] !! Oh!! [Glances around, then spots Chris...] ...Chr...Dude...ette? [Her eye twitches. This time, it can be seen.]
Chris: Yeah, I know. Don't ask. [Offers a paw to help Danicah up.]
Danicah: [Takes Chris' paw and stands.] ...So... Why're you naked?
Chris: Hey!! I just said don't ask... You don't know what I've been through just to get that sicko out of our hair... And literally out of mine...
Danicah: Blegh, what did he do to you...? [Has a disgusted expression.]
Chris: He got excited... That guy is so weird... He's a heck of a kisser, but weird...
Danicah: Yeeeeeahhhhhhh... I'ma go throw up now...
Chris: Don't do that. Look, we won this fight, and I really owe it to Ixis...
Danicah: Ixis? Ixis Muugen?
Chris: You know him?
Danicah: Not too well. Hey, let's get outta here. I don't know where Vincefourth went, but I really don't wanna stick around.
Chris: Yeah... [Lowers her head.] Can you do the whole luster gate thing...? I'm just not feelin' it...
Danicah: Yeah, sure. [She closes her eyes.]
Chris: ...(...Hellspawned works a little differently than Darkness... Never thought I'd be raped or anything... Then again, rape's not even that hard. I'm sure Vincefourth's unbeatable when it comes to battling, but... even he was out of his element in this battle... I can't tell Kutzu about this one. I can't tell anyone... but I'm naked, what can I do... I... hope I'm never like this around Vince again... but for some reason, I'm liking this body... I like my Safan body too... Even though they're not as powerful as my human self, I like them more... Maybe I don't give them enough attention... Maybe... Soon, I'll probably be a Pokémon again... Or an Antifigurate... I can't tell what challenges will come with that, but I know I've got plenty of back up in case I find myself in another situation... Ha...)
[With her thought finished, Chris vanishes with Danicah in a luster gateway...]

--E N D I N G--
One of the stranger battle scenes I've ever done...
Yeah, Vincefourth is a freak, but Chris proved to be a badass even in the face of rape. xD
You don't f*ck with Chris. Unless you're Kutzu.
...Or Cree...