I now sit in an empty room wondering where all the things have dissapeared to. I stand up from the wooden floor and walk through to the next......The whole house was empty all but a jar, but the jar had never been here before.... I walk over to the jar and unseal the lid, there is a gun and one bullet, so I pick up the gun and there is something writen on it

""One pass one passed"

I load the gun by instict then I walk through to the living room hearing the wood floor creak as my feet slid across them... I sat down on the couch feeling odd..... Then it hit me.... None of this was here just a second ago. I reach for the gun and walk into a narrow hallway and tunr into a bedroom where a body sits in a grooms outfit, I stare on at the body then unwillingly I shoot the groom in the head caking the white fabric in blood, I throw the gun on the ground and walk over to the bed to see the full damage I have caused. As I walked over to the body I heard a tremendous thumping sound behind me so I turn around to see a little girl dressed in all white with a hatchet banging it on the ground over and over. I force myself to look away from her and back at the bdoy and to my surprise... It was gone... I run out of the house horrified at what was going on I stumble and fall off the front step and see a newspaper. It read:

"man is murdered by 34 year old Thomas Royal in a violent killing spree. The victem had lacerations on his upper torso and back...."

I was that man..... Who was that little girl, who did I shoot, where are they now, and more importantly What do I do now?

This one is not as good as the rest because I did this in a hurry