I know for a fact that everyone that reads this journal entry has problems, but, how many of you are ballsy enough to actually write them down and post it onto a site full of supposed "friends" for support?


1. Who do I back in my friends relationship...this friend is like a sister to me, which makes her BF my brother-in-law, but, now I find out there's someone else too?!?!?!?!?!

2. Will a simple sorry make Jared Ecros' pain go away? Would it help if I just made a ******** effort to be with him like I used to?

3. Is it really okay for me to just turn to a life long friend and say "sometimes people change, get over it?"

4. Do you REALLY think of me as a friend? is there something more that you're not telling me?

w/e...i'm done here...this entry is over
go about your lives