I'm sure some of you - particularly people I played zomg with or spoke to frequently on your or my own threads - have noticed that I'm not very active here on gaia ^ ^;

I still love the site, mind you, but I'm afraid TinierMe has stolen my attention - and money -

;D And if you haven't joined yet, you so totally should!
It's another avatar site, developed by Gcrest - a company mostly renown for the MMO Trickster Online (Trickstar). TinierMe is the English version of GCrest's already existing Japanese counterpart, @Games. TM was established on October 5th 2009 - @games has been around since 2006. I'm surprised at just how quickly TM became popular and how fast it's grown over the past half year though - most other avatar sites I know are super slow in comparison.

[edit: finally hit 1mil members]

Unlike all other avatar sites though, TM and @Games is flash-based and uses vector art for all of their items - which is all I ever asked for ~

All in all, drop by this link: L I N K

o 3o That is all.