You get to meet some very old characters of mine. Roxy and Mikazuki... You saw Roxy in Sync 1 as Safiri's and Ray's daughter. Mikazuki is gonna be Kutzu's and Susie's son... Yeah... keep in mind that the kids were never supposed to exist, so... xD
[Cruce, the name that this place called Hell gives to Chris, has just seen Danithan for the first time in four years. Since Cruce has been away for that long, the real shocker here is that Danithan is not supposed to exist...]
P A R T Y:
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(Cruce - Danithan)
-Hell (Earth, Pacific Den).-
[A luster gateway makes its presence in a huge tunnel, which is part of an even larger network of tunnels all leading to a series of underground homes. This network of tunnels is known as the Pacific Den, and was constructed by Grayness. The tunnels are made of stone... Danithan and Cruce appear in the center of one of these tunnels, a faint white fog in both directions of the gray tunnel.]
Cruce: ...[Walks ahead and looks up and around at the area.] ...Lord...
Danithan: [Walks up to Cruce.] Pretty spacey, huh?
Cruce: Just a little. Who built all of this and... where are we?
Danithan: We're in a place called the Pacific Den. It was built by the forces of Grayness as a hideout from Hellspawned... So... we did.
Cruce: Wow... Where does it lead?
Danithan: [Walks ahead of Cruce.] Follow me and see your wildest dreams come true... Not really. Just follow me.
Cruce: Tch. [Catches up to Danithan.] So... dude, what's with you callin' me Cruce? I'm Chris.
Danithan: What, did that witch not tell you?
Cruce: ...No...?
Danithan: Lemme make it short and sweet: We're the Connectors. You've got more of a point than I do in life, 'cause you're kinda alive. You're a lot like Hellspawned's Leader, so that Leader's creator gave you four identities. It was supposed to be three, but...
Cruce: Wait wait wait, four identities!? Slow down... I'm Chris...
Danithan: That's your second identity. Your third identity is a copy of "Chris" powered up to be not even "Chris" at all, but this weird morphing stuff... it was used to finish creating Hellspawned's Leader, BlackMatter.
Cruce: Are you kidding!? ...Okay... never mind, just... what are my identities? This is a little too much at this point.
Danithan: 'Right, so you've got four. Right now, you're Cruce, but you probably can't even tell.
Cruce: ...I feel like Chris...
Danithan: Cruce is a genetic copy of Chris, sorta, so you won't tell very well. The only difference is uh...
Cruce: ...What, what is it? Arrrrgh, I'm itching to know!
Danithan: You sure you wanna know?
Cruce: ...Why? Is it bad?
Danithan: I don't think you'll take it very well.
Cruce: Huh. I'll do my best. [Shrugs.]
Danithan: Alright. You're BlackMatter.
Cruce: You're right. I won't take that very well. WHAT!?
Danithan: Chill, bro! You're not the Leader, you're just... Black "Matter".
Cruce: So, I'm the "stuff" that can morph?
Danithan: Yahtzee.
Cruce: ...Can I morph now?
Danithan: Do you even know how?
Cruce: ...Heheh... No.
Danithan: [Chuckles.] Heh, we'll save that for... oh wait. [Looks ahead.] We're here.
[Cruce looks ahead as well to see an opening in the tunnel. It leads to an enormous room that seems like a large, empty silo at first glance. It is actually a huge hall with many levels. One the first level are a few large, round tables and a cafeteria. On the second level are a few open classrooms. On the third level, there are small arenas for battles. The area is deserted, however.]
Cruce: Duuuude... [Stops at the entrance and looks up.] What the hell is all of this?
Danithan: You mean, "what in Hell" is all this?
Cruce: ...What? [Turns to Danithan.]
Danithan: C'mon, dude. [Walks ahead, leading Cruce to one of the tables. He pulls out a chair for himself and Cruce and sits down.]
Cruce: [Follows Danithan, sitting as well.]
Danithan: Short and sweet again, you ready?
Cruce: Hit me.
Danithan: We're in Hell.
Cruce: WHOA, s**t! [Slams his palms on the table.]
Danithan: ...Glad the kids weren't around...
Cruce: Kids!? What kids!? Wait, no... Explain the Hell thing first.
Danithan: Alright alright, Captain Flip Out... This... is Hell. But, when you think of Hell, you probably think of fiery death and... red.
Cruce: Kind of. Yeah.
Danithan: This isn't that, but Hellspawned created it. Their Leader's creator took part in this too... I'm sure you know about the Trials by now, yep?
Cruce: [Nods.] Yep.
Danithan: Good good... But yeah, this is Hell... it's a drag, but it's a cool place sometimes. Like I told ya earlier, Grayness built this huge channel of tunnels called the Pacific Den under the Pacific Ocean. Far down, but we did it.
Cruce: ...Grayness did all of this in like... a few years?
Danithan: Grayness is huge here, bro. We're everywhere. We're on Hell Soren, Hell Chronic, Hell, even Hell Corus. What happens is this... We're a huge pain in the crack for Hellspawned... Whenever a poor soul becomes a victim to the Trials, we try to act as fast as we can and take that victims converted, black matter soul into a safer spot where Hellspawned can't reach them...
Cruce: So... when people fail the Trials... they become just like BlackMatter?
Danithan: Just like you and BlackMatter. You two are the original "Black Matter".
Cruce: Crazy talk... But I have to believe that for now.
Danithan: Whatever, bro. It's true, trust me. Back to what I was saying... [He looks up.] This area is a school for the -- and this is gonna sound freaky -- the Children of Hell.
Cruce: Heh, no kidding... So, are the Children of Hell like... literally children? Or are they those who failed the Trials?
Danithan: Trial victims. Grayness takes them in while they're in their state of random, floating bits of black debris. See, they don't know how to shape themselves into anything at that point.
Cruce: Hold up for a sec. If I'm like them... wouldn't I be floating blackness also?
Danithan: Not really.You're already a copy of "Chris", so even if you don't know how to morph, you still have a solid form you can rely on.
Cruce: ...Oh, neat.
Danithan: It's not so neat for the Children though. What Grayness does is studies the origin of the Children when they arrive by morphing over their floating nothingness. That's a cool little trick that lets us see into their memories. What we can do from there is morph for them, then out of them. That's for the experts though.
Cruce: Sounds kind of complicated... I'm sure it is, but what do these expert guys morph the kids into?
Danithan: ...Kids. Child versions of the victims. They maintain all of their intelligence, but it's a little test we like to give them so that when they learn how to morph, they can revert into their original forms. Or they can stay that way. Or really do whatever... Grayness also teaches them the evil that Hellspawned is all about. Their intellect is the same, but a childish mind allows for a good brain-cleansing.
Cruce: Brainwashing, you mean?
Danithan: Well yeah, but in a good way. It's for the better, y'know?
Cruce: I can't believe you have a whole system that actually works in Hell. Weird, but awesome. And really impressive...
Danithan: Wanna know more about your identities? I think I promised I'd tell you that earlier.
Cruce: Oh... Yeah yeah. Tell me about them... Erm, please?
Danithan: Sure. Your first form, um... I have no idea.
Cruce: [Stares at Danithan.] ...
Danithan: ...Sorry! It's a drag enough not knowing that... All I know about your first identity is that it was around before Hell. It was the original you... But that's all I know.
Cruce: ...Wow... That must be the identity I'm after...
Danithan: Probably... Oh. It has to be. It has something to do with Phantasy, or Dreamland.
Cruce: [Sits up a little.] Yeah! That one! That's my first identity.
Danithan: That one... you're on your own. And hey, it looks like you're doing fine. Your second identity is Chris. You've lived most of your life as your first identity, but I think everyone from here knows you best as Chris. I think you can figure out your second identity 'cause it's you.That identity shaped another called Cruce, which I think was created right when you left. It's a powered up, and kinda screwed up -- no offense -- copy of Chris. Like I said, it helped make BlackMatter... Now here's where I get a little confused... Cruce was kept in the creator's presence for safekeeping. That's what I've learned from Hellspawned... Then...I think something happened in the creator's absence. When BlackMatter finally arrived, another did also. That other was you, Cruce. But... it was some identity no one's ever seen before. It was a Perfect, and -- no offense again -- you're not a Perfect...
Cruce: ...Keep going... (This is really interesting. I can't believe he knows all of this... He's devoted, and that's good.)
Danithan: That's all I really know... No one knew your identity name, so we just assumed you did.
Cruce: ...So it's the fourth identity... I came with the name Fourth.
Danithan: Interestin'... That's the identity Hellspawned is trying to figure out. Well... they're Leader's friend, Vince. He's so obsessed over it, he calls himself Vincefourth.
Cruce: Vince... He's the guy who looked like me...
Danithan: He's a Perfect. I don't know how he got that form, but he's no laughing matter. He's a maniac...
Cruce: ...Why can't I return to my Fourth form? You know, or... not?
Danithan: Not really. You can't just turn back into it? ...Heheh, I guess it really is a little more sophisticated than that though...
Cruce: Heh, yeah... Ugh... [Crosses his arms on the table and lays his head on them.] I'm worried about everyone... They're probably fighting BlackWitch by now.
Danithan: If only we had a way out of Hell, Grayness would really help out in all the trouble up there.
Cruce: There's no way out?
Danithan: You have to consult with Hellspawned for that. They know how to get you outta here.
Cruce: Tch, you serious? ...There's gotta be some other way out of here... Not even your Ecliptix can save us?
Danithan: Ecliptix doesn't work very well if there's no moon... Uh, maybe the Dream Eater can help you...
Cruce: Dream Eater?
Danithan: Yeah. Well, that's his title, but it's not as scary as it sounds... If any of your friends are like, unconscious or something, he can help you travel to their dreams.
Cruce: ...Really? That's a new one...
Danithan: I have no idea where he is though. Probably up at Hell Vrtra...
Cruce: Vrtra? ...Who're we talking about, Danithan?
Danithan: He used to be a pain in the butt... We didn't agree on anything, yet we share some pretty cool abilities like the Ecliptix and the Nullifier. His real name's Ethan.
Cruce: ...Ethan? (Ethan's here?) Ethan's okay!? He's here!? [Raises his head.]
Danithan: Uh, yeah? You know him?
Cruce: Yeah I know him! We went on a journey together up at Chronic. It was the whole Mirror World adventure... Remember? You saw me with him?
Danithan: Bro, this is four years ago... Er, I think--wait... I think I remember... You were both Celebi at the time.
Cruce: Bingo! And there was Adam? 'Member?
Danithan: Oh yeah! The Torchic. So you do know him... Odd.
Cruce: But you have no idea where he is?
Danithan: Nopers...
[The two sit in silence for a few moments.]
Cruce: So there's nothing we can do? That's it then?
Danithan: ...There's nothing I know of. We should experiment around... You never kno--Oh! Dude, the Neclipses...
Cruce: ...Say what? [Stares blankly at Danithan.]
Danithan: [He stands.] The Neclipses, bro! ...Want another short and sweet?
Cruce: Is it not shocking this time?
Danithan: ...Eh, sorta... The Neclipses are the kids of the Eclipses you know. I think you've met them...
Cruce: Oh, yeah. A while back. I thought they were just Eclipses?
Danithan: Well... ...Okay, before I get into that, let me tell you this: the Neclipses are here just like I am. They didn't have a Trial, really. And the reason is because of their position as Neclipses. Neclipses are those who were never supposed to exist, kinda like me.
Cruce: So they got here like you did...
Danithan: Sort of. The Connector and the Eclipses have to exist somewhere, even if time and space say "no way" to it. It's nature fighting itself... That was when Hellspawned... uh, spawned... At this point, our entire time itself was beginning to fade away. The "futuregrounds" were becoming nothing but figments of the mind, and so were we... but at the same time, we weren't. We thought it was the end, so we gathered to try our best to just do something... and at that point... We were taken into a Trial... but because of us being flaws in time and space and also perfections of time and space, we were taken straight to Hell. That's really where Grayness started...
Cruce: Wow... [Blinks before standing up as well.] ...
Danithan: Yeah... Big story. What I'm thinking is that if we were never supposed to exist, but still managed to... You, who are supposed to exist, could like... do your Connection... thing... with them.
Cruce: ...You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?
Danithan: Ah crap, I did, but... I lost it...
[At this moment, a luster gateway makes its presence known to the two. From this portal steps a young, hybrid Safan...]

~Roxy~ User Image

Roxy: [Walks form the luster gateway, which soon vanishes afterward.] Oh, Danithan. I felt your presence here! It was so strong...
Danithan: [Approaches Roxy.] 'Ey Roxums. Heheh. [He picks Roxy up and hugs her.] How's it goin', little'un?
Roxy: Hehe~! [Hugs and snuggles Danithan back.] I was so bored up at Hell Safa... Then, suddenly I felt this weird sensation I've never felt before. It was like the Connection but ten times stronger, and it came from the Pacific Den, so I though I might as well drop by~!
Danithan: ...Whoa, really? ...[Turns around, facing Cruce.]
Cruce: ...(Hey, that's a Neclipse... Wow... WOW. The Connection's really powerful here... 'Wonder why.)
Roxy: Oh, who is that? [Points at Cruce.]
Danithan: That's Cruce, Roxums. You remember? You met him four years ago.
Roxy: [Staring at Cruce, speechless.] ... [She hops out of Danithan's arms and rushes up to Cruce on all fours, then stands and looks up at him.]
Cruce: [Crouches down to Roxy.] Hey there, hmhm.
Roxy: Are you really Cruce...? You're really the other Connection?
Cruce: That I am. [Nods.] You're the daughter of Safiri and Ray, yeah?
Roxy: Mmhmm... Wow... this is...
Danithan: Shocked, Rox? Heh.
Roxy: So much... I didn't think you were still alive!
Cruce: Heheheh, 'takes a lot to get rid of me. [Holds out his arms for Roxy.]
Roxy: [Crawls into Cruce's arms and lays her head on his chest.] I feel like... I really know you.
Cruce: You might know me all too well, Roxy... [Hugs her close.]
Roxy: [Giggles.] Hmhmhmmmm...
Danithan: [Smiles.] ...Man... To think I hated you for threatening the Neclipses once... I can't believe how stupid I was back then. Maybe if I hadn't been so dumb, we wouldn't have ever come to this... But stuff happens for a reason, and... it looks like you two are fine with this.
Cruce: [Lifts Roxy up as he stands.] We are, right Rox?
Roxy: We so are.
Cruce: ...Hey, listen... Your mom's in trouble back up at Soren... Do you got any idea of how we can get out of Hell?
Roxy: [Gasps.] Mom's in danger? ...Oh gosh... I wish I could help her, but... H-how do we get out of here, Danithan? D'you know? [Looks back at Danithan.]
Danithan: ...Here's a crazy thought... Try--
[Before Danithan can really even start his thought, another luster gateway appears right beside Cruce and Roxy... From it flies a small, blue rabbit Sorenian...]

~Mikazuki~ User Image

[Mikazuki is wearing a purple, regal floral dress and light lavender gloves.]
Cruce: [Startled, he steps back a bit, watching Mikazuki.]
Danithan: Mika? Lemme guess, you came for the same reason as Roxy here did?
Mikazuki: Dani? Roxy? [Looks down at Roxy and gasps.] Roxy!!
Roxy: Mika, hi~!
[The two hug.]
Cruce: (This must be the daughter of Kutzu and Susie... I can see it. She's pretty cute... Both of them are pretty cute. Then again, so are their parents.)
Danithan: [He approaches the four.]
Roxy: So, did you come because of that really strong Connection feeling?
Mikazuki: Totally! It was so... overwhelming... Well, and I wasn't doing anything.
Roxy: But, aren't you the Princess?
Mikazuki: I um... Well, like... I get bored!
Danithan: Yeah, I suppose sitting around on a throne and playing fashion games aren't always the most fun things.
Mikazuki: No, that's why we do each other's hair now...
Roxy: Oh, we should get together some time and do--wait... Cruce, didn't you say that mom was in trouble?
Mikazuki: Cr--What!? Cruce!? [Turns to Cruce.]
Cruce: [Waves.] Hello there.
Danithan: [Motions to Cruce.] Here's the reason the Connection's so strong. I found Cruce not long ago, and told him a lot about what's happened here.
Mikazuki: ...Cruce...? R-really...? It's him?
Cruce: Cruce or Chris, I guess. [Shrugs, smirking.] Oh, hey I've always wanted to do this. [He kneels before Mikazuki.] I'm honored to meet you, Princess. [Takes her paw and kisses it.]
Mikazuki: [Blushes and giggles.] Ooh! He's so polite! Well, gosh, the honor's all mine, Cruce. I've so wanted to meet you. We all have!
Cruce: [Stands.] I was hoping I could get to meet the Neclipses again. The children of the Eclipses...
Mikazuki: Cooool! Oh, you can just call me Mikazuki, or Mika for short. I love that you're such a gentleman, but you're also the other Connection and that makes you totally awesome, so...
Cruce: Heh, I'm flattered. You're sweet... awfully like your parents.
Mikazuki: [Giggles again, still blushing and covering his mouth with the paw Cruce kissed.]
Danithan: We need to do something that can help Rox's mother, Safiri. The only way I know how to really do that is to get Ethan's help.
Roxy: The Dream Eater? Maybe... But we can't do anything to get outta Hell?
Danithan: ...[Places his hands on his hips and lowers his head. He sighs.] Roxums, I wish we could...
Cruce: ...I think I have an idea... The Strayer Void.
Danithan: The Strayer Void? How in Hell are you gonna conjure that!?
Cruce: Erm...
Danithan: Like... literally. How in Hell are you gonna conjure the Strayer Void? It doesn't exist here.
Cruce: Hmm, well we can try to stimulate it's appearance. It might take a while, but the quickest way I know is to go to Soren and collect the Soul Spheres, then bring [at this moment, Mikazuki starts speaking with Cruce]
Cruce & Mikazuki: ...them to Mt. Strayer, hold them into the sky, and that'll summon the Blessed Garden.
[Cruce and Mikazuki stare at each other. Mikazuki giggles again.]
Cruce: She knows... [Chuckles.] So you know the story too?
Mikazuki: Mhm! I ready all about it in the Hell Script... which does nothing here.
Cruce: It's worth a try. [Nods at Danithan.]
Danithan: I've heard about the Strayer Void, and you're right on with Soren's way of summoning it. Okay. Onward to Soren then.
Cruce: Good, we'll be able to at least try to get home... I just hope Safiri, Kutzu, Susie and Ectie make it... And everyone, shoot.
Mikazuki: Mommy and Daddy are in danger!? Oh no, we like, gotta go!
Danithan: Let's not waste any time then. [He closes his eyes, already thinking of the spot where his luster gateway will land: Castle Blossom's garden.]
Cruce: [At the same time, he closes his own eyes and thinks of the same spot, only with a dark corridor in mind...]
[In seconds, both of their portals appear over the group... However, something unexpected happens. Surprisingly, the two portals combine into one swirling and sparkling gray portal... Before they can even question it, the group is gone.]
[Meanwhile, back on Soren.]
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(Lea - Kutzu - Susie - Ectie - Safiri)
-Wingspear Pillar(Pinnacle).-
[The group has been completely wiped out from the battle. Lea is the only one standing. Her staff is drawn, and she is facing off with the BlackWitch, who is standing with her broom in one hand.]
BlackWitch: Ehehehe, you'd best back off, little wind mage... Do you wish to end up like your friends?
Lea: I do not, and I will not. I will fight for them and for my home planet. [With a swing of her staff, a visible gust is sent at the witch. The witch steps forward, then vanishes, reappearing behind Lea. Lea turns around quickly, and is greeted with an explosion of black mana to the face. She is knocked to where the witch had been standing previously.]
BlackWitch: How frail... Hehe, I really expected more out of a Shade and the Eclipses... [As she says this, a whip of pure blue energy swipes clean through her torso. Being black matter, she simply reforms, yet the pain is evident.] Ahhh!! You little persistent... [She turns around, and much like Lea, she is greeted with an attack. It is Safiri. Safiri bursts through the whipped spot with a quick blitz, stopping on the other side. BlackWitch falls to her knees, quickly reforming. She holds a hand to her chest, dropping the broom.] Ack...
Kutzu: [Holding his paw up. His alchemy glove is activated.] Not so untouchable anymore, hm?
Safiri: You made Chris vanish... I swear it, we'll do the same to you. [Growls.]
[Ectie and Susie stand by Kutzu's side.]
Susie: [Without hesitating, she fires rapidly at the BlackWitch.]
Ectie: [At the same time, she raises her arms in the air, calling out to Nature. A single lightning bolt strikes from the sky, hitting BlackWitch directly.]
[The BlackWitch falls to the ground, then explodes into little bits of black matter that wander into the sky...]
Lea: [Sits up, facing the Eclipses.] ...You did it... You all did it!
Kutzu: [Looks up at the red sky.] We did...? ... We did... Phew...
Ectie: This Hellspawned is not to be trifled with, no?
Susie: They are truly not to be toyed with, Chieftaness. Gracious, what a brawl.
Kutzu: I'll say! We totally zoned out before all of that.
Safiri: What was that place I went to...? What did BlackWitch call it again?
Lea: I did not experience this, but I recall her saying it was called the Trials of Hell...
Kutzu: Eek, that sounds creepy! It's not even Hell-like! It's all colorless and boring...
[They all look into the sky.]
Ectie: It's unfortunate, it is... That brute, Hommay... He got away with our Soul Sphere.
Lea: We'll get it back. I promise you.
Susie: Lea... [Faces Lea.] I must thank you for all you've done for us. Without you, we would not have made it... You have our honest gratitude.
Lea: Hmhm, I'm happy to help you all.
Susie: [Smiles at Lea.] ...Hm, now that Darkness and Hellspawned have temporally left Soren, we have to shift our efforts to finding Chris again...
Kutzu: Ohh, Chris... Wherever you are, please be okay...
[As they are about to leave, a large gray mix between a luster gateway and a dark corridor makes itself known just on the edge of the pinnacle...]
Chris: [Steps forward from the portal as it vanishes.] Wow, I feel tiny again... [Looks down at herself. She has reverted back into a Sorenian.] Hey... I thought the Scripts didn't do anythi--...[Finds herself looking at the surroundings, which are familiar and in color.]
Danicah: [Danicah is Danithan as a Sorenian. She is a small, white cat Sorenian with pale blue wings and a gray Fairy's uniform.] Huh? H--[Coughs.] Ahem... A-hem! Uck... I'm all girly sounding... [Turns to Roxy beside him, who is now a Dragon Sorenian.]
Roc: [A light blue hybrid fox-squirrel Sorenian, though it is difficult to tell that he is part squirrel. He is still wearing the green scarf, and a grar Dragon's harness uniform.] Holy crap, Danithan!? Whe-- [Looks around, then at himself.] Dude, I'm a dude!!
Kutzu: This is awesome...
Chris: Hey, I'm back! And you guys came back with me! ...'Eh, Sorta... [Turns to the group staring at him.] Guys! You're alright! [Rushes up to them.]
Safiri: Chris!!
[They all gather around Chris, giving him a big group hug.]
Chris: Heheheh, miss me? I was only gone for... how long?
Kutzu: It doesn't matter, I still missed you!! [Squeezes through and kisses Chris on the lips.]
Chris: [Holds Kutzu's waist and kisses back. It lasts for about three seconds.] I missed you too... All of you, I was worried I'd never get outta that Hell.
Danicah: I don't believe this, we're actually out of Hell... We did something... Lessee, I called for a luster gateway to Soren...
Mikazuki: Maybe Cruce's presence did something... [Catches Chris and Kutzu kissing.] ...[Steps back once.] ...Whaa...?
Susie: Gracious... Where were you sent, Chris?
Chris: I was sent to Hell! Apparently, as a Connector, I go past the Trials and right to the main thing... Danithan and I will explain it all after we defeat the--...witch...?
Kutzu: The witch is gone! We won the fight!
Safiri: Danithan's back? [Looks around Chris.] Is he the blue one? The one with the pointy ears?
Chris: [Looks at the trio behind him.] Uh... No, she's the one with the sunglasses...
Safiri: ...Oh whoa...
Chris: The one you're talking about is your daughter... er, son... er whatever. Your kid, Saf. Remember Kewen? This is Kewen's sister -- brother at the moment -- Roxy. And Kutzu and Susie? The pretty blue bunny is your daughter.
Safiri & Kenny: KIDS!? WE HAVE KIDS!?
Safiri: Oh wait... I remember now... [Runs up to Roc.] ...Hey there!
Roc: ...M-mom? ...
Safiri: If your mom's Safiri, look no further! Hmhm!
Roc: ...[Suddenly hugs Safiri.] ...
Safiri: ...Aww... [Wraps her arms around Roc tightly.]
[Kutzu and Susie approach Mikazuki.]
Kutzu: You're... our daughter? [Looks at Susie nervously.] I remember a time when I heard that Susie and I were gonna get married... but...
Susie: My... Dear, I do believe I've heard that Danithan originates from a time that never truly existed?
Mikazuki: ...[Blinks a few times, staring at the two.] Wait... Daughter? ...
Kutzu: Yes?
Mikazuki: ...[Stares at Kutzu.] I'm so confused...
Danicah: Uh, if I may? Heheheh, um... How do I put this... [With one paw on her hip, she stares at the ground for a few seconds...] Mika's... not... a girl.
Chris: [Her ears twitch.] DING? [She looks back to Mikazuki.]
Mikazuki: Oh, um... heh... I--yeah... I'm a boy. I'm all girly though beca--[Is suddenly squeezed by Kutzu.]
Kutzu: EEEEEE!!! Another just like me!! [Giggles with glee.]
Susie: Hmhmhm, awww.
Cruce: [Walks over to the other group with Safiri. Ectie and Lea follow.] So, Mikazuki... You're a boy, hm? Well, you're dad is a lot like you then.
[Mikazuki and Kutzu stare at each other blankly.]
Mikazuki: ...Awkward~!
Kutzu: Oh, it totally is...
Susie: Gracious, our little boy has grown into a fine Princess.
Cruce: ...(Awkwarder...)
Susie: What a lovely dress that is!
Mikazuki: Oh, thank you! [Lets Kutzu go and motions to his dress.] I thought it was lacking in something flashy, so I added the flowers myself! You like it?
Susie: I love it!
Kutzu: ...Mikazuki... Did you... um... see Chris and I kiss over there?
Mikazuki: ...[Looks away.] ...
Chris: Oh crap. (I didn't realize how weird that must be for Mika.) Mika, I... um...
Kutzu: I'm... so sorry...
Chris: Erk...
Mikazuki: Well... I guess I can't blame you... I mean, I was never supposed to exist after all...
Chris: Awwww, poor thing... C'mon guys, group hug again!
[They all do so, gathering in together and opening up their arms.]
Safiri: What a reunion, huh?
Roc: You aren't kidding...
[Just when they think nothing can go wrong again, the sky lights up, but only momentarily... Everyone looks up... A lone black beam fires down faster than anyone can react to it, though it stops suddenly in midair and shapes into a familiar figure known as a Perfect. Using two Aurax orbs beneath his feet, he floats above the scene, looking down at everyone.]
Danicah: [Looks up. By now, everyone has spread out again.] You...
Chris: Vince...fourth...?
Vincefourth: The Connector... I can't believe you actually escaped Hell, Danithan... And with a few of the Neclipses. Damn your Grayness...
Danicah: Just goes to show what we're capable of when we put our heads together...
Vincefourth: Heads!? Ha! You got lucky... The only way out is through Hellspawned... You probably snuck around with us. Well I'll make sure you don't do that again...
Chris: Well hear this, you jackass... I've been through a hella lot more than you have, and still you act like the big shot of everything! You even go and mimic my Perfect form. Then you side with Hellspawned. Vince... [Shakes her head.]
Vincefourth: ...Are you the one BlackMatter didn't want to battle...?
Chris: You remember from Safa...?
Vincefourth: I remember... It pissed me off that we let a little Safan off easy. Goddammit, I can assure you that won't happen again either.
Chris: You have no idea who I am, do you...?
Vincefourth: A lucky little b***h... I'll devour every one of you like the spineless creatures you are!! All of you!

--E N D I N G--
I decided to make it so that character introductions just show their pictures instead of an explanation. That probably won't work for BlackMatter enemies though, so I'll just describe them. They're easy anyway.
Long part. o.o