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oooh yeah. I'ma be talm 'bout randum stuffs :3

Both KiD CuDi & Kanye West new album's will be released 081410! jeez, i love them both so much ♥

Nicki Minaj(lady to the right) Is my new role model *_* she's amazinginging. She's different from other Female rap artists & plus her swagga is unique & she's mixed w/ Asian, ooo yeeee. There's more about her that i like, but I'm too lazy to go in depth with it..

I love love looove Justin Bieber, huy. >:B He's the only guy I love right now, hah. I also would explain why, but I am too lazy >.< & No, I do not like him just because of his looks.

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Humm. My besty, Ricardo still has Jamison's and I sweaters #FFFFF!!!! -uuucckk I loved that sweater T^T I needa hit 'em up soon..I wanna go watch the new Eclipse movie with him on the day it's released 063010♥ :3 but I can't 'cause I'm outta town, huy.

Oh yeah, Chris breezy's performance on the BETAwards was amazin'! He looked up to Michael Jackson since he was kid and made a tribute to him. It was freakin' amazin'. It was better than those other tributes to MJ last year =P I'm glad they let Chris perform again =] although it was hard to buy If those we're real tears he shed. Anyway, I'm tired of people still holding grudges after that Rihanna Incident; I look pass it. I really like this quote/cmnt I saw on Youtube:

"What Chris did was undoubtedly wrong, but is he not entitled to forgiveness? If Rihanna can forgive him, why can't the people who have nothing to do with the situation. None of you were there, nor do you know exactly what happened in that car. There's three sides to this story, his side, her side, and the truth. Only those two and God knows that so let's move on, and talk about the music. He is still a good artist, who brings a uniques style and flare to the genre. Try highlighting the positive."

Damn, that's deep! haha. I really love his songs..

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I so, so can't wait for Kanye's new album. I already heard 808's&Heartbreaks too many damn xTiMES. His new album is called "Good a** Job" hah, nice. He also performed on BETawards; it was beast. Although, I wasn't really feeling the song. I'm kinda sad that he's not working with electro music anymore-those we're the reasons I liked his music. Ah well. My favorite ♫songs from him is: I wonder, Street Lights, Robo Cop(really wanna do a C-walk vid on that x_x) annnd..Paranoid (Feat. Mr. Hudson) This is also my favorite Live Performance from him: I Wonder (live) Dooope. && these are my favorite quotes/lyrics from Mr. West:

“No matter how we try, it’s too much history.
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony”

uuuh, I'm too lazy to type more.

I derno/lazy what else to write, so yeah. PAYCE! XD