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The Collection
You can find crazy stories here. Often, those stories are never finished. But! That isn't to say that they aren't crazy. There are tons of OCs and fan fiction ideas starting up at every moment. Unfinished episodes are private until... finished... o.o
~Sync 2~ Episode 6: The BlackWitch
[Chris and Safiri have grouped up with Lea, Kutzu, Susie, and Ectie, forming a large team. Their next move is to locate and recover the Commander of the Dragon forces and possibly request the aid of the Cyborgs... But there may just be something they have overlooked already.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris - Lea - Kutzu - Susie - Ectie - Safiri)
-Illusive Essence.-
Chris: Alright! [Wraps one arm around Kutzu and another around Safiri.] The family's all here!
Kutzu: Totally! Now, I never thought I'd say this, but let's go save Mark and ask Zero for some backup!
Susie: ...Um, Kutzu, sweetheart?
Kutzu: Yeeees~?
Susie: We don't know where Mark is...
Kutzu: ...Oh...
Safiri: Wait... Didn't that huge group of Nightmares want something of the Illusions'?
Lea: They are after the Soul Sphere. Hommay is in command of this operation... Although, I do not wish to confront him up close.
Chris: Danny was like that too. He said he wanted to operate under Darkness for a little while before jumping into Light.
Lea: I'll do the same so that Danny does not have to suffer alone. Now, our plans?
Susie: According to you, Lea, it seems that it'd be best to return to Wingspear and defend the Soul Sphere from Darkness.
Ectie: Shall we return then?
Chris: Let's make it hasty!
Safiri: But hold on! What about Hellspawned?
Chris: ...Oh... Oh shoot. Safiri's got a point.
Susie: Gracious, Hellspawned?
Lea: I've heard Danny mention that... Have I forgotten who they are...?
Kutzu: I heard about them too, up in Me'ihm.
Chris: Maybe we should just do what Susie has in mind, then we can worry about those Hellspawned freaks.
[With the strategy clear, the six head back to the Illusive Horizon. Lea stays out of sight from any who might either take her as a threat or a traitor.]
-Illusive Horizon.-
[Fairies, Illusions, and Dragons are fending off the Darkness attack, which has come from all directions. Hommay leads this attack, yet is nowhere to be seen on the battlefield. The Nightmares are not as strong in numbers, but make up for that in power. Demons and Nightmare Sorenians hold true to their position in Darkness. Neutralization plays no part in this battle of sheer chaos. It is as close to regular warfare as Soren has ever been.]
[The party of six moves quickly across the battlefield, helping out where they can, but only in quick bursts. They strive to reach the courtyard, and ultimately, Wingspear Pillar.]
-Wingspear Pillar(Courtyard).-
[The six arrive to see the battle raging on even here.]
Ectie: This is not boding well. Come, we have to continue!
Susie: But Ectie, what about your soldiers!?
Ectie: If Darkness obtains our Soul Sphere, my soldiers will suffer more than they ever have... And if all four are taken to Mt. Melody, this world will suffer. I hate to leave my own behind, but we must! It is for the greater good!
Chris: Where's the Soul Sphere at, Ectie?
Ectie: At the tower's peak. We must enter the tower and rise up the center through a series of magical force fields. If we attempt to simply ascend outside, the magical force fields surrounding the tower will overwhelm us.]
Kutzu: Then let's totally hurry! Hommay could be there already! We have to help the Elitists!
[They head for the tower's entrance...
-Wingspear Pillar.-
[The building is a giant, sophisticated home for the top soldiers of the Creminine army, and the Chieftan or Chieftaness of course. The center is a narrow, vertical passageway which rises the full length of the tower. Without questioning their surroundings, they now follow Ectie's and Susie's lead up the tower. To Ectie's surprise, however, there are no magical force fields active.]
Ectie: This is not good. This is grim, there are no force fields!
Susie: Either the Elitists forgot to turn them back on, or...
Kutzu: Or Darkness is through... Eeeek!
Chris: The faster we go, the sooner they go. [Flies at full speed. She comes to a solid, marble manhole at the very top of the passageway.] Blocked... Is this a door?
Ectie: [Flies up from behind Chris. She places a paw on the cover. It begins to glow, then vanishes before Chris' very eyes. They pass through, coming to the very pinnacle of the tower. It is a huge ring with chiseled designs in the marble. These designs are ancient, and expand out to the very edge of the huge circular pinnacle. At the north edge of the pinnacle, a fountain-like pedestal can be seen... The area is surrounding with a very familiar sight, almost like the Strayer Void. Crimson clouds swirl around this pinnacle.]
[Hommay has finished battling and corrupting all of the Eltists... all but Ressa, who lays before Hommay. Hommay is holding a green, shining Soul Sphere in one paw, and holding his other out over Ressa.]
Hommay: I've wasted my time with you feeble insects. You had best be grateful that I am sending your soul to Darkness, and your body to the Paradox...
[Before Hommay can bestow a Nightmare Mark on Ressa, they entire group of Eclipses, save Lea, arrives before him. The cover reappears beneath their feet.]
Ectie: Halt, villain!! [Prepares herself, her antennas sparking with a visible magic.]
Susie: [Draws her weapon, pointing it at Hommay.] Drop the Soul Sphere and leave Ressa alone!
Kutzu: [With a flick of his wrist, his alchemy glove becomes a whip again.] Hommay, you jerk! You cheated!
Hommay: You fools!? What, I thought Lea was dealing with you pests!
Kutzu: Lea... um... left!
Hommay: ...What? ...[Shakes his head and growls.] Grrr, you fool, she would not leave on such an important mission unless something--

~BlackWitch~ [A hideous laughter can be heard just above the pinnacle... Everyone looks up to this point, where a strange, bubbly mass of black matter begins to gather into a larger shape. After a few seconds, a huge, demon-like figure of pitch blackness {unlike Nightmares} is formed. It is a female figure, carrying a spiked broom and wearing only a pitch black witch hat.]

BlackWitch: [Sits upon the broom in midair, laughing sinisterly.] Hello hello, little munchkins...
Chris: Alright, who the hell are you!? [Points to the demon.]
BlackWitch: Ohh, she speaks the key word! Hell! Hehehehehehe!
Safiri: H-Hellspawned!!!
BlackWitch: Ehehehehehe! [She raises the her demonic hand, a small void beginning to gather in her palm.] Now now, little ones, let's have some fun, shall we!? [The witch inverts herself so that she is upside down in midair. The void now hovers above Ressa.]
Hommay: Ack--! I did not come to this world to be torn asunder by some demon!! [Quickly vanishes with the Soul Sphere.]
Ressa: ...Mmrgh...
BlackWitch: Ehehehehehe! [The void grows, engulfing the entire area... No resistance can be put up as this attack takes the entire battlefield.]
Chris: ...(...Sh-...s**t... Hellspawned got me...? What'd she do? I know I'm not dead, I've been through this whole thing before... I wonder, is this happening for everyone else...? How weird, I feel like a human again.)

--E N D I N G--

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Sat Jul 03, 2010 @ 09:46am

"The family's all here!" made me lol. x3

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