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Fly away with the whirlwind~!
My Pet Peeves
Well, I like to think of myself as one to have high tolerance and an open mind... but as this is an entry on things I don't like; note this well:
These are pet peeves, I come across them all the time, and even if you are one to tap into any of them, it doesn't mean your annoying me on a regular basis.

1. Chat speak: I dislike it. It makes people look incredibly lazy, and I guess I know it could be because they are a slow typer... but it doesn't speak much for the intelligence. I type out everything, and I guess I prefer that the people I talk to do the same. I also hate when people capitalize or over use the "laugh out loud" acronym. Even laziness to capitalize proper nouns, such as names or 'I' will irk me.

2. Friend Grubbers: Those are the sorts of people who friend everyone they meet. Honestly, I think I got a lot of friends, and its kinda tough when you meet so many great people and you can't give them the attention they deserve. I also don't like it when someone I just meet becomes very demanding of my time. I spend time with old friends because they've earned it. They have my trust, and I know I am not just being a friend of convenience.

3. Orientation Fad: Gay, lesbian, bi, straight, pan... whatever. Really, people give too much a damn of what people are these days. I know what I am, and you should probably know what you are. None is better than any, and really I don't think we need to label ourselves as if its more important than anything. I tend to say, "if I'm not sleeping with you, its none of your damn business."

4. Waiting: I am very impatient. I hate waiting so much. I am impatient, and when I have to wait for something I want it makes me grumpy. Whether it be waiting for responses in comments, IMs, towns, or a roleplay, whether I am waitng for an IRL event, a friend to come over, a commission to be complete, a phone call... I like things to be quick. This is partially because I am so busy, and people often take my time for granted.

5. Premature affection: I feel uncomfortable when people get clingy when I barely know them. I may not say anything, but its just how I am. I don't trust people, and when they don't give me space, its weird. I want people to get to know me, the real me. Not just my over-rated achievements online. Of course I like to get to know others too. You don't have to send gifts to make me pay attention to you, or anything like that.

6. Insensitive people: We've all met them, and I got to say I don't like dealing with them. I avoid talking about myself a lot because of these sorts. I am gonna blatantly say, that I lead a tough life, and if you do too, even if its to a lesser degree, I'll probably empathize. Sure, wangsting itself, can be annoying as hell... but if your stressed, a little venting goes a long way. Of course if I start thinking you're a compulsive liar, I won't give a lick of empathy.

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    I guess people do not realize that the internet is not a cellphone. There is no limits as to what you can type to.

    I know what you mean. I hate "Person A is friends with Person B, so Person C is friends with Person A; therefore must add Person B." I hate the mutual friends. Mutual friends is okay UNLESS the person actually requests friendship because of what they see in you, and not so much of just because. As in...we know the same person. I rather hate that alot. It starts too many fights , people talk and all that.

    Gender bugs me. I don't care if someone is a unicorn or half and half. I like a person for who they are, on respectable levels. I mean why must a person ask these questions on establishing a friendship? I really think its no ones buisness unless this person is actually interested in dating you, then yeah it is important to know.

    comment Seri Dreams · Community Member · Mon Jun 28, 2010 @ 02:10am
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