I sit in my bed room peering out my window watching as hail hits my roof
I sigh and wonder why I feel so alone when all I have to do is pick up a phone or go downstairs
I turn and stare at my X-box......neh
I turn back and look outside....but the hail...it had stopped
but not as one might think
it was avastly frozen in mid air
I thought maybe I was losing my mind
so I reached out to grab a piece and to my amazment
I did.......
I, like any other human then started to think about the situation in all the worst ways....
then as I turned around there was a flash of light and I went unconsious.....
I awoketo the sound of rain
but..it wasnt water it was sand....
I was to in shock to care so I stumbled over a field of dead grass
I then heard a crashing sound from my room and woke up again
it was still hailing outside and everything was fine then I looked over and there was a lovely silhouette standing next to my bed drenched in blood and crying
this was the woman from the other day, the one I met by utter coincidence
but why was she here in my room
I still don't know her name
all i know is.....
I am not dead and i was in trouble