Yeah, well It's summer. How late am i to post this?

I just looked back at my older entries and I'm thinking "whoa, freshman year went by fast". Humm, nothing feels different, I guess; I'm still 5'3", Asian 8Dc, My frikken computer is still in the living room >.< yadadada. I've changed a lot during Freshman year, It's like that quote "High school changes you". SO true. My taste in music has changed, my attitude, how i think, philosophy, clothing style, everything; due to my peers -sigh- I miss my old self. I never thought I'd be like this. Anyway, I'm tryna get into Gaia, again, I haven't been on for like a year and half. Hm, I have no sense in Gaia style anymore haha. Wait, there was a style? Oh, yeah this a like a manga/anime based site. Uwa. K, I'ma go. Hopefully write more for myself.