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the stuff that i write.......
i will write whatever i want to write in it,really
read it! its funny! if you dont know already, you=me ^^

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: type faster
Stranger: looking to talk intelectually? or just cruising for girls like a f*****t?
You: lol
You: im bored
You: thats my reason
Stranger: cool
You: so lets talk intellectual
You: haha
Stranger: im so sick of crushing poor lonely boys dreams by being a male
Stranger: hahah
You: oh ouch my dreams
You: damnit
Stranger: hahaha
You: *disconnect*
You: lol
Stranger: what do those poor lonely jackasses not understand about omegle being the absolute stupidest way to meet women i have ever thought of?
You: they is lonely
Stranger: i want to meet women.... i know! ill go on a website where i can talk to a girl i could never meet in real life of ever even talk to again!
You: and i guess meeting women the regualar way is out of the question
Stranger: hahahaha
You: lol
You: yeah pretty much
Stranger: talking to real girls is much more rewarding
You: it is
You: this is just more entertaining
Stranger: and it will get your pickle tickled about 10 million percent more often
You: haha said from experience im sure
Stranger: yeah, and not a single girl ive had relations with was met on omegle haha
You: damn you're like an omegle god then!
You: haha
Stranger: how old are you good sir?
You: too young to vote
You: yet
Stranger: thats rough
Stranger: old enough to drive yet?
You: ehhh..
You: to get a permit
You: yeaaaaaaaaah
Stranger: gotcha
You: and you good sir?
Stranger: im 20
You: 4 year dif
Stranger: life gets much better between our two ages
Stranger: trust me
You: haha i hope so
You: highschool is too much drama
Stranger: high school is an interesting place
You: ill say
Stranger: i had a good time, but thats because school work was easy for me
You: its easy for me too
Stranger: and i knew how to work the system to just do whatever i wanted
You: lol nice
You: yeah its easy for me
You: but im lazy
You: and lazyness=failing
You: big time
Stranger: not so good
You: no not really
Stranger: what is good about failing high school?
You: nothing really
You: especially when its not hard
You: just adds uneeded stress
Stranger: what type of stress do you have in your life other than school?
You: relationships
You: divorced parents
You: emo friends
You: its all fun X]
Stranger: when you get out of high school you will look back on the relationships and "emo friends" and kick yourself for stressing about such nonsense
Stranger: the divorced parents though is a legit concern
You: im working on it this summer
Stranger: im sorry about that
You: haha
You: thats actually not the big one
You: since theyve been divorced for most of my life
You: it just gets annoying balancing two families
Stranger: yeah im sure
You: haha
You: so
You: mr 20
You: what brings you on omegle?
Stranger: not having s**t to do
You: fair enough
You: have personal talks to complete strangers
Stranger: yeah, its a nice time waster
You: yeah at 1:20
Stranger: and ive met a few people from other countries that were really interesting
You: lol you mean besides lonely pervs that want web p***y?
Stranger: yeah, there are definetely poor of those poor bastards haha
Stranger: plenty of*
You: so you from usa?
Stranger: and its 4:23 am where i am
Stranger: yeah, i live in new york
You: so you sre west coast
Stranger: negative, east coast my friend
You: haha im smart X]
You: ********
You: hahaha
You: yeah then LM from west coast
You: IM
Stranger: yeah or austrailia or some s**t where its 1:24 pm
You: naw austrailians dont have computers
Stranger: hahaha is that so?
You: all they have are kangaroos man
You: haha
You: god im tired
Stranger: kangaroos dont have wifi these days?
Stranger: they are behind the times haha
You: you'd think with those bigass pouches
You: haha
Stranger: perfect to carry an ipad
You: haha we americans are such dicks
You: poor kangaroos
You: theyre just looking for omegle dates
Stranger: yeah, poor horny little roos
You: haha man anythings funny right now
Stranger: just from being tired?
You: yeah
You: i dont stay up too late
Stranger: gotcha, i work as a waiter at night so i usually dont go to bed before 4am usually
You: famn i heard tips are great
You: damn
Stranger: yeah, i make a decent amount of money
You: thats what id want for my first job
You: everyone says it sucks
You: but then again they just cant handle people
Stranger: it depends on the kind of person you are
You: haha right
Stranger: exactly
You: ]you just gotta suck it in and please everyone
Stranger: i mean dont get me wrong, people are ******** retarded, but i can smile at them all day
You: cuz its the green that makes you smile
Stranger: in more ways than one hahahaaha
You: oh snap pothead?
Stranger: just a little bit....
You: haha sweet
You: my dad smokes
Stranger: my manager hate when i come in NOT high
You: i dont
You: lmao
Stranger: she says im useless
You: DAMNIT boy why are you here sober?!
Stranger: pretty much
You: such a nice
You: sexist boss
Stranger: ?
Stranger: sexist?
You: idk
You: since
You: you said
You: that she said
You: you were worthless
Stranger: oh, its a joke
You: lol yes
Stranger: im the best waiter she has either way
You: heh
Stranger: but she much prefers i come in high
Stranger: because i work harder without even thinking about it
You: its so you dont notice when she swipes some of your tips
You: or that
You: haha
Stranger: if she touched my tips id punch her in the nose
You: aww you two would make a great couple
Stranger: she dates my friend who i share a house with haha
You: oh that would make a perfect sitcom
Stranger: haha it pretty much is
You: 'my boss ******** my roomy'
Stranger: yeah but my boss is also a psychotic b***h
You: we'll make 3 seasons minimum
You: oh those are the best
Stranger: so it will prob go 5 seasons easy
You: yeah
You: and you need to be high on set
You: cuz you're useless otherwise
You: hahaha
Stranger: my friend also has stolen my bosses car
Stranger: while me and her were both working
You: lol dude wheres my car?
Stranger: and crashed it it
Stranger: on purpose
You: hahahahaha clapclapclapclap
Stranger: just to ******** it up as bad as possible
You: karmas a b***h
Stranger: because she started to talk to his half brother
You: and said s**t?
Stranger: nah, she was broken up with my friend, and then started trying to get with his half brother
Stranger: this s**t is way better than any sitcom haha
You: lmao i know
Stranger: he also stole his half brothers car
Stranger: crashed it
Stranger: then shot it up with a shotgun
You: lmao
You: applause
You: you need to just videotape the lives around you
You: and you will retire early my friend
Stranger: haha yeah
You: hahaha thats greaty
You: oh
You: i got one
You: my mom used to date this psycho d**k
You: and we lived in a trailer in this plot of land owned by his friend
You: well we visited my grandmother for the day
You: and apparently
You: bf's friend parked in front of the gate that leads inside and outside the plot, aka bloccking his car's path
You: so instead of waiting
You: he drives his truck into his friends car, crashing through
You: drives to his dads
You: whichs is like an hour away
You: gets his dads gun
You: drives back
You: and shoots his friends car
Stranger: alcohol is one hell of a drug
You: hahahaha
Stranger: am i correct?
You: oh man that is true
Stranger: i dont do the booze
Stranger: makes you do dumb s**t
You: me neither
Stranger: and its terrible for you
You: haha
You: yeah i know
Stranger: ganja is the way to go
You: i had drunky parents once upon a time
You: ganja
You: id
You: is
You: not in my vocab
You: i guess im too innocent
Stranger: its the jamaican word for weed
You: oh nice
You: haha oh
You: and i think
You: that moms bf
You: was sober
You: at the time
Stranger: really? then he just was a ******** retard
You: hahaha i know right?
Stranger: or he was on coke and you didnt know
You: hmm
You: i think he did voke
You: coker
You: coke
Stranger: well then id put that type of activity as something someone on coke would do
You: haha but its just still hilarious
You: drugged up or noi
You: no
Stranger: i guess
You: we have interesting people in this planet
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: my friend drunkely rammed a taxi full of his friends a few months ago
You: haha oh god
Stranger: in a truck he stole from one of the friends in the car
You: hahaha jesus dude
Stranger: the morning after he was supposed to be the DD for the next morning
Stranger: but could not do so because he passed out drunk outside somewhere
You: i need to meet your friends hahahaha
You: make them all sign a contract
You: to be videotaped
You: at all times
You: make sure theyre drunk first
Stranger: http://reelcomp.com/videos/10770/view
Stranger: that is a video of the friends involved in the taxi ramming
Stranger: the one with the shaved head is the one that did the ramming
You: haha wow
You: pretty good boarders tho
Stranger: yeah, im as good as them
Stranger: i ride with all of those dudes on a daily basis during the winter
You: hahaha nice
You: crazy guys
Stranger: im not nearly as good as johnny oconnor though, hes the one that does the cab 360 on hardway 360 off
Stranger: idk if you know snowboarding that well or not haha
You: HMM
You: sorry caps
You: i know 360 is a spin
Stranger: yep
You: cab
You: is
You: a grab?
Stranger: nope, its a word used to describe a specific direction of spin
You: oh
Stranger: its switch frontside
Stranger: which means opposite stance, and spinning towards your toes
You: lol tony hawks proskater knowledge doesnt really apply to this then
Stranger: not really haha
Stranger: the hardway means coming back off the rail he spun in the opposite direction as he did on
Stranger: which is obviously harder since you have to stop the first spin then reverse it
You: damn
You: thats alot of moving energy
You: and momentum
Stranger: its very refined muscle memory
You: and s**t
You: haha
You: it would be cool to do that
Stranger: modern rail snowboarding is very technical
You: for me
Stranger: but fun as s**t when you learn to do it well
You: haha yea im sure
You: you get to be badass
You: all over the place
Stranger: a proper slide down a rail, or a nice spin over a big jump feels really good
You: dude
You: i cant even balance on a skateboard
You: im doomed
Stranger: skating is hard as s**t though
Stranger: im only so so on a skateboard
You: well isnt it like the same as snowboarding?
Stranger: not really
You: except your feet arent glued to the board
Stranger: yeah, which is a huge difference
Stranger: and its a much smaller
Stranger: board
Stranger: and its stiff instead of flexy
You: i guess thats true
Stranger: and it doesnt slide sideways
Stranger: its very different haha
You: damn
Stranger: wakeboarding is much more like snowboarding
You: oh that sounds like fun
Stranger: yeah, its a good time
You: ive always wanted to do those waters things
You: like the paragliding
Stranger: ive never really wanted to paraglide
Stranger: sky diving is cool though
You: heights?
Stranger: nah, heights are awesome haha
You: haha nevermind
You: my dad said
You: that skydiving is like an extreme floating
Stranger: its like hanging out way up in the air while going really fast
You: do you feel g-force?
Stranger: and then you get to fly around with a parachute for a few minutes
Stranger: you feel acceleration thats faster than any car you have ever been in haha
You: haha thats sweet
Stranger: but only for a few seconds
You: ooh
You: right
Stranger: because you hit max speed for your weight
You: terminal velocity
Stranger: exactly
You: ja ja
You: im not that stupid haha
Stranger: its real fun though, i highly recommend it when you turn 18
You: hmm
You: well
You: i want to'
You: but i hate rollercoasters
Stranger: and jumping off high s**t into water is always a good time too
You: like
You: terrified
You: ooh water
Stranger: ill be jumping about a 65-70 cliff tomorrow
You: but first lets waste time with omegle!
Stranger: of course haha
You: no better way
Stranger: yep
You: haha
You: man
You: you know
You: i just learned about it
You: like an hour ago
You: and it was hilarious
Stranger: about omegle?
You: yeah
Stranger: yeah, its an interesting site
You: so many people
You: disconnecting
You: lol
Stranger: yeah, because they are poor horny ********
You: yeah
Stranger: who are too p***y to talk to real girls
You: and im an innocent teenage boy
You: damn those bastards
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i feel bad for them
You: one said asl
You: which i didnt know at first
You: i know now
You: so i was like
You: lsa
Stranger: haha
You: and it said
You: you first
You: and i said
You: i wish i knew
You: and disconnect
Stranger: haha
You: haha i just waited for the other person to start the conversation and it disconnected
You: right before this one actually
Stranger: my favorite was when i answered 20/m/usa and was immediately called gay one time
Stranger: i laughed so hard i cried
You: haha reaaly??
You: nic
You: usa?!
You: f**
Stranger: nah, for the m part
You: thats just unfair
You: haha
Stranger: thats just ******** retarded
You: well you're gay unless you have a cherry pie then
Stranger: how many girls would really waste their time on this s**t?
Stranger: not very many
Stranger: thats for sure
You: the bored ones
You: and the lonely ones
Stranger: even bored girls find other s**t to do
You: and the trannies
Stranger: like watch the hills or some s**t
You: haha sex and the city
Stranger: things only a female could find entertaining
You: oh so true
You: at my moms
You: its my mom, grandma, and baby sis
You: i am the only male
You: i suffocate on the estrogen
You: every heard on 'days of our lives'
You: ever!
You: ever*
You: its horrible
You: oh damn
You: you're gone
You: oh well
You: its been fun talking man

User Comments: [3]
meh ish Nubbi
Community Member

Thu Jun 24, 2010 @ 06:49am

"damn, I thought I was going to die before I finished that" said your emo friend

Community Member

Thu Jun 24, 2010 @ 10:46am

lmao damn you read the whole thing?! XD

Community Member

Fri Nov 12, 2010 @ 08:51pm

*singsong voice* I didn't I just skimmed cause it started to get boring and hey I dun which no the hills or sex in the city s**t hahahaha i think its stupid hahahaha

User Comments: [3]
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