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Skribbles ob da Kitsune
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Age: Orion is ageless. He exists in his realm as the deity of change.
Race: Chaos Dragon
Gender: Orion represents the masculine aspect of change, therefore - Male.

Appearance: Glistening black scales from head to toe. A huge wingspan that hasn't even been bothered to measure as it seems to engulf the sky. Large powerful muscles that release a charge of energy when they remain still for too long. He has a crown of gnarled horns and barbs around the back of his head. His physical manifestation is extremely large, normally hunched over so his head won't drift off into the unoxygenated space that lies beyond the stratosphere. When he wishes to take a less obtrusive form (simply to go through doors and the like,) he will take the shape of or inhabit the body of Dorron Javalinski. If he isn't inhabiting the mage's body though, the image he takes on is that of what Dorron will become; Dementa. Black robes, evil yellow eyes, pallid skin and shoulder length, stringy, unwashed hair.

Personality: Orion could be taken as an extremely impatient, quick to anger sort of being. If this were the case, he wouldn't of hid within Dorron's body for somewhere around twelve thousand years just to find a single entity. No. Though Orion is the deity of change this does not mean he is always angry or even impatient at all. He honors all contracts he makes, protects those he cares about will all his wrath and displays his true power only when someone has either grievously offended him or to those who question his might. He is a very proud creature and it is because of this pride that he normally won't show his true feelings to others - even if others cared what the deity of change was feeling. Orion doesn't like to sit around in one place for long with the exception of hiding within Dorron's essence, instead he will appear to squirm and fidget uncomfortably.

Abilities / Powers: Orion's abilities and powers lay within the domains of his authority; Death, Change and Destruction. Within his realm, there are three races - two of which were created. From the spark of Life's fire the humans were made and from the energy of magick the elves were made. Orion took one member of each race and slapped them together and forced it to change. The third race, the Dimis, are Orion's children. There are some assumptions that the deity of change can create life, this is incorrect as he merely changes things that are already there to make them something else entirely. Those who are killed by the dragon are normally trapped within his essence (which is death itself). Those creatures that are slain by Dorron while Orion inhabits him are also absorbed into his essence. Orion can use the fury and agony of all the souls he has trapped and claimed in one powerful attack that is usually reserved for battles spanning into the divine. Along the lines of his Domain within Destruction, most of his physical attributes are influenced primarily by this domain.

Weaknesses: Orion's primary weakness is that he can not control life; whether in the creation or mending of. He is constantly in search of Lyra, the Phoenix. Orion can not stop healing magicks, instead he just tries to inflict more and more damage in hopes that it will overwhelm the healing. Orion also has the weakness to any order sided magick. Spells of holy judgment and beings of order are normally most effective against the being. This doesn't mean casting something like 'Holy Hammer of Pwnage' would disperse Orion on contact. He would absorb the essence of one of the souls he has trapped to replenish his powers and abilities. Beings of order are also normally just as affected by beings of chaos as well.


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