And then I decided it lacked colour. No matter how much people tell me I should stick with just one colour, I find myself pondering why they insist. It's not as if I picked clothes based on how they look (obviously?). I pick them based on quality and comfort. These rainbow socks are extremely comfortable! I also hear they do wonders for circulation. Take a look at these remarkable orthopaedic sandals I'm wearing (I do nearly secretly wish they came in pink, but I'll have to compensate with this extremely classy-looking cap)! Now, I can almost hear some of you commenting on the shirt, but I assure you, it is made from environment-friendly materials (a point, which I wouldn't give a crap about if not for the pleasing effect of silencing some of you environmentalist hippies). The scarf was my grandmother's. I haven't the faintest idea why she decided to chuck it, but I will not complain. It warms my chin with superb efficiency. I highly recommend a good rummage through your grandparents' wardrobes. If it has survived in decent condition to this date, it must be durable! scream