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The names in here have proven themselves to be total Jerk-wads biggrin congrats on getting on here scums on gaia! ^w^ DX If you're name is on here. DX;; you've really really made an ass of yourself. >_< good job. and no, not once, but 3+ times. DX I'm a pretty easy going person smile but i don't tolerate cruelness to others DX and just plain stupidity- not the kind of stupidity that makes you go awee.. but the kind that makes you want to run yourself into a wall kind of stupidity >_<. so yeah! good job!

User Image [Shadow.Elven-mage]

- for insulting Lucifer_Satan's choice of name, not once, but twice. Who gives a sh*t if he chose his name? She went into his profile and posted a nice long paragraph on how she thought it was stupid. Well, its none of her buisness first of all, and second its just rude. >_< and apparently she's extremely conceited. DX Want the hard cold proof? Here! biggrin
(taken from the profiles) dont believe me? ^_^ go look it up!

Post 1:
02/21/2006 10:56 pm

*Pulls out Le Nerd Etymologist Suit*

Um, really. I saw your defence of your name at the Exchange and laughed out quite loudly. Seriously, the whole Lucifer-as-Christ thing is so completely folk-etymology. You can argue about connotations and oxymorons all you want - do so until you're blue in the face if you so desire. That won't, however, change the fact that the true connotation is the same type of self-important poseur behaviour that makes wangsty teens want to be in Slytherin. And guess where that lands you? Firmly in the *slitslitslit* it's-down-the-road-not-cross-the-street pile. As a favourite icon of mine states:

"The stupid people stand on that side of the internet."

So...yeah. You lose. And just in case you think of mounting a counter-attack against my witty prose, I make no pretensions about my name being deep and meaningful, so don't bother. Shadow = a nickname I've picked up. Elven-mage = a reference to the main character in the novel trilogy I'm writing. So there. I win. As usual. Don't I just rock?

Sincerely and with barely-veiled contempt,


Post 2:
02/23/2006 7:20 pm

Lady? I'm only just sixteen. And I'm not stupid - at least, not stupid enough to strike up an argument in someone's shop and then try and defend my name just for the sake of it.

Really. I hadn't realised that everyone here was the same. Honestly, my main complaint was with the pathetic defense of the name, not with the user themselves. I'm not the type of person who hates a user because they've said someting stupid, but I can hate what someone does or says. Capice? Good.

Also: Comment on my profile all you want - I just find it kinda funny. Thank you for making me laugh. ^.^

P.S. Yes, I'm immature. So? Defending an SN by talking about oxymorons and folk-etymology is just as immature and lame as picking apart said defense and exposing the flaws. Do any of you do formal debating, by any chance? If so, you may have noticed that that's how the process works

~~~~~~~Those were the one on Lucifer's Profile~~~
So i getting mad go to her profile and post back
02/23/2006 5:36 pm

Ai Kazi
As a favourite icon of mine states:

"The stupid people who make stupid comments on other's profiles stand on this side of the internet."

^w^ <3 Try not to get all of gaia on your badside. icon_smile.gif kkthx <3

~~~~~~~and her reply!
02/23/2006 7:06 pm

I don't have all of Gaia on my bad side, dear - just the ones who don't agree with me. And why would I want them on my good side if they're stupid enough to disagree with me?

Also: My comment rocked. You know it. Because I and my witty prose just kick ass. So hah
wow what an ass smile

More jerkfaces to come XD

Ai Kazi
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [5]
    Whoa, she clearly has too much time and likes being an ass. 3nodding

    comment Kodiki · Community Member · Sat Feb 25, 2006 @ 06:47pm
    What a loser! It's morons like her that keep me from venturing out of the guilds.

    comment Naito · Community Member · Sat Feb 25, 2006 @ 07:31pm
    i just read her first paragraph and i already hated her X_x;;
    "and i win, as usual" sheesh! get over yourself >>;;

    comment [ f o x ] · Community Member · Thu Mar 23, 2006 @ 03:09am
    I completly agree with all the previous comments. I'm sure Lucifer_Satan is happy that someone is defending him! ^^

    comment Ice_Moon · Community Member · Sat Jun 10, 2006 @ 03:13am
    I know quite a few users like this. I moderate a very large gay guild, and have experienced similar behaviors. All of them had a few things in common. They each started the argument where an argument was not necessary, they all attacked users who did not ask to be attacked or deserve to be attacked, and the reason they did it was because they enjoyed seeing the other users respond after being hurt. They are common trolls, and no one likes them. Gawd, people like that make me really angry.

    comment Ezra · Community Member · Fri Dec 14, 2007 @ 10:13pm
    User Comments: [5]

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