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The Rambles of the Indygo
Something I write up when I'm heffed on suger and going insane
Ok, this has gotten to me for some time

as you know, I am an e-fedder. I e-fed to several feds but Im mostly at TKW at the Resident Evil Community website

Ive been searching for new feds but Im starting to get pissed off. First off, all of them are promo-based. I know a promo is important but let me clarify something to you: WWE might be based on promos but everywhere else is basing on ******** WRESTLING!!

Id like to find a fed where two or more people post in one thread for a match and none of this bullshit Gaia God Mod s**t. Note, if the opponent gives oks and you ask him to approve something, its not god modding, its better writing. Its trying to win a ******** match!! If I can find a Gaia e-fed guild that doesn't fallow the ******** God-Mod bullshit rule, Ill join but for now, Im trapped in TKW.

Now with the promo things, I went to a promo fed and become a jobber. I ******** hated it when I was forced to lose to a guy who admited that he was a ******** yardtard and said how that made him hardcore. Guess what ********! YOU'RE A YARDTARD, NOT HARDCORE!! I was stereotyped as a spotfest. Im not a ******** spotfet you retards, Im a luchadore with technical abilites. I don't see how that worked. Even now, when I asked guys from that fed to join my feds, they're like "Oh, I hate writing"...ok, what do you do in a promo, exactly? Not rubbing your nipples on screen, that's for sure. I'm sure I could probably e-fed rape my these guys in a match.

Lastly, originality. Ok, this hard cause alot of you don't have it. You either base your characters on WWE wrestlers then added to them. ZeXX, the Honry Luchadore.....are there any Luchadores who ******** anything alive or any actual wrestlers who do the horny gimmick. Not many, in fact, probably one. Maybe you guys should stop the whole evil cultleader gimmick, messiah gimmick or next best technical wrestler.

Also, my favorite thing...the over use of sharpshooters...I am in a fed in which 3 people use the sharpshooter as a trademark move. One guy's gimmick is that he's a Stu Graduate, I see that...but anything else...no. Maybe preform a different submission move....like the Cloverleaf, or the Figure Four

Well I feel alot better, see ya next time buddy boys

Indy EXE
Community Member
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