The old "About Me" Section.... I am much too lazy to actually type something about myself, and I had been constantly adding to this for about a year or two... It might be outdated, but oh, well. Enjoy.

Penname: Senna Amaranth.

-:About Me:-

Soooo... A question: What do you get when you introduce a budding grammar-stickler writer to Role Playing? Well, myself, of course. Yes. I am a writer... who writes alot, whether it be poems or stories or even essays-- I love writing them all. I am actually President of a club that inspires writers.

I don't usually like talking about myself that much... I sometimes come off as standoffish or mean, but that's just the way I write: A little on the formal side with all the big words and long sentences. But truly, there really isn't much to say about me, so I give you a run-down in list form.... Or many paragraphs of crap...

-Spiffy things and Spiffiness
-Using alot of punctuation... Like dots.....
-People who don't get bored when I talk
-Funny-sounding words
-All teh pretty colors~
-Good books
-Awesome things
-ADDICTED to RPing... Blame my friends-- Mainly Moon.
-Martial Arts
-Using big words
-Did I mention I like to read?
-Horoscopes and Astrology
-Other smart people
-Tasting exotic teas
-Critiques on my work [I LOVE them, I don't care how harsh]
-Being a nerd [And being PROUD of it]
-Little comments in brackets [as you might have noticed...]
<can't think of anything else... I'll add it if I care enough>

- biggrin islikes
-Talking about myself
-Stupid people
-Pointless things
-Bad Grammar
-The Cold... including snow
-Chat speak
-TV [yeah, I'm an abnormality. Deal with it.]
-The media
-Being ignored
-Crappy books
-Superficial things
-Some people. You know the kind.... People in general if I am in the mood
-Too many questions
-Exaggeration of Trivial Matters [define this as you wish]
-Books that start off well, and end in dung-piles of shitty s**t. [It is so disappointing]
-People who smoke
-Most organized sports [but not all of them]
-People who don't give up
-Those who attempt to suade me when my mind is made
-Manipulative people
-Most Sweet foods
<Those are the general things. If you want the full-blown rant, you only have to ask. ^-^~>

EDIT:: ....Okay, now that I look back, it seems I've portrayed myself as a very unfriendly person, but I warm to people [that I don't dislike] almost instantly. I'm not moody-- quite the opposite really-- but I am not one to be all happy-smiley all the time either. I either have no opinion on matters or I have a very strong opinion for a cause that I belive in. In most cases the former. I tend to ramble a lot, like I think I am doing now, but bear with me-- I'll get to the point sooner or later. But I believe this little box is available for me to ramble your ears [or in this case, eyes off, so I shall continue onwards with the mindless spouting of words! Feel free to comment, PM, inspire me, glomp, send me hate mail, or jump off a bridge as a reaction to my insanity. Really, I do not mind.

Just a note......
Although I admit, green is a cool color and all, but its not like I am obsessed with it...
*le gasp* Yes... that's the cold, hard truth...
Its not like I have anything against it either, I mean, its a great color and I DO like it alot, but I'm just going with the theme of my username. You know, JadedxBeauty?? Although 'jaded' does not mean 'covered in jade' or something of the sort, but the image/color does come to mind, so why not make it a theme for EVERYTHING??? I'll try to incorperate the color into my posts and outfits and profile and fonts..... Yeah, I do that kind of stuff.... heh heh heh...

For those that are challenged in the area of vocabulary, "Jaded" is an adjective [a word that describes] that means 'faded' or 'extremely worn out'. In terms of describing people, it means 'A person that had been hardened by experiences' or simply, 'very tired'.

I am such a great person... Making people less stupid is a wonderful feeling. Now go off and share your newly "gain-ded" knowledge with the world, and bear it proudly and with honor!! *shoos away*

Now I must congradulate those who actually were bored and unbusy enough to read through all of that boring crap I wrote. Really, I appreciate it. You are now one of my favorite people in the world. Give yourself a pat on the back, because I know all that scrolling and reading those tiny little multi-colored nonsense is a pain. You have actually read almost 800 words, including these. I am so proud. I seriously want to make a list or something in your honor.
But I guess the only reward you are going to get is the knowlege that you unknowingly made a girl indirectly happy by reading her not-very heartfelt words, and can go on through life with a warm and fuzziful feeling in your heart and a smile on your face. Good for you.