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Rachel's Rant/Rave
My every day rantings or raves on a variety of things
Hate Me, For I Am Thinking Behind Your Back.
Is it normal to feel jealous? Ok, it may be normal to have feelings of jealous, but is it really Ok to have feelings of jealousy over trivial things. Relationships with friends are always a treasured thing, you love your friends as much as possible. But as soon as some of your friends start showing others special treatment, or that they like them more, is it normal to feel jealous? May it is simply my obsessive compulsive disorder with wanting attention...but i haven't needed attention for some while. Every now and then i do feel that everyone is conspiring against me, and maybe they are, you never know, but that's about as crazy as it gets! I am sitting here, trying not to go crazy with all the ifs and buts and questions, but it is damned near impossible. I'd feel stupid for going up to them and saying ok you are making me feel horrible (for the reason is i dont like using guilt trips) and telling them what they are doing. It's like asking your friends to not put attnetion on your other friend....and i couldn't do that to a friend. However, i also cannot just get over it like i know most of you are thinking...which is my problem. If i feel strongly over something i CAN'T just get over it...so what am I to do? Suffer in Silence....or...well i see that as my only option....

A r i k a
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A r i k a
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    Kokoro Kishin
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    commentCommented on: Fri Feb 24, 2006 @ 09:46pm
    A) Find me a definition of "Normal" that EVERYONE in the world can all agree on. You can't. It's all just perceptions. B) It's ok to feel jealous, even over trivial things. It only matters what you do about it. C) Friends are fine, and if they are true friends, confiding in them such thoughts won't cause them to see you any differently really. D) If one of them is getting different treatment, then it's likely that something is going on there, more than you're probably seeing. That or they're just simply becoming better friends, which you should be happy about, so you can all be a tighter-knit group. E) Everyone wants and yearns for attention, in some way or another. It has little to do with your OCD, perhaps that does play in some, but no one likes being ignored in any way. F) Crazy is only what you see it as, perceptions again. Just calm down, assess and analyze the situation and see what you get as a result. Don't put in the "buts, ifs" and all that stuff, it's only potential things, nothing that you know for certain. Use what you know for certain and go from there. Add in those "buts and ifs" and come up with different POTENTIAL scenerios and see if anything might match up at all. G) If something is bothering you, and they can fix it in some way, isn't it better to try? I always find it better to try and be "shut-down, denied, etc" then to never know at all. You don't need to send them on guilt trips, just find out some more information and see if there is anything anyone can do to change the situation to make you feel better. H) I'm not thinking of telling you to get over it, sometimes something that most would consider trivial or even stupid is important to another. If you feel that this is important to you, do something about it. I) Suffering in silence is NEVER a good thing, it doesn't accomplish anything, in fact often it will let things get worse and you never did anything about it. I've made this mistake FAR too often, I still am in a way. And it is important to me, but I've said what I needed to. The person that I've told knows, and that much is at least something. Just try and see what happens, I'm sorry in advance if this backfires any, but I don't think it will. I hope I've helped, advice is one of the few things I'm pretty damn good at, and little else. See ya, maybe I'll say hi sometime, I haven't talked to you in a while.

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