[Lea has rescued Kutzu from Hommay's abuse. Hommay has told Lea that he is to finish off the duty with the Soul Spheres, that duty being unknown at the moment. Now, Kutzu and Lea are working on a few newer issues: find Chris and Safiri, find Susie and Ectie, and locate signs of Hellspawned.]
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(Lea - Kutzu)
-Illusive Essence Village.-
[The two are discussing their next moves as a team.]
Kutzu: So, like, do you think we should try to find Chris and Safiri while we're out here first?
Lea: I suppose we could try, but do keep in mind that we have absolutely no idea where those two could be in this giant of a jungle. the Princess and the Chieftaness, however, are surely to be near Wingspear, and I'm positive that if you were to approach a soldier...
Kutzu: [Finishes the thought.] They would tell me... [Nods.] Totally! But... what about you, Lea? Only I know that you aren't working for the shadows...well, anymore.
Lea: Hmm... Dear, I could work in the shadows rather than for them. [She giggles lowly.] Hmhm.
Kutzu: Heh, there's plenty of hiding spots around here... but... the tower...?
Lea: The tower, Dearie?
Kutzu: Wingspear Pillar. You have a strategy to get inside?
Lea: [She places her free paw under her chin, thinking of an answer.] ..Hmm... Are you certain we will need to enter Wingspear at all?
Kutzu: I guess it all depends on, like, how fast we are.
Lea: Correct you are. Let's begin, shall we?
Kutzu: Yep!
Lea: You're on your way, Kutzu. I shall see you on the other side. [With that, Lea disappears with the utilization of a dark corridor. Though, she is actually nearby even still.]
Kutzu: [Smiles at the spot Lea had disappeared.] (...I can't wait to tell Chris about this... It feels... right, I guess. Right that Lea has done this. She is so sincere about it, I know she feels the same way. I know it... and now, we're a team. Might as well kick this teamwork thing off with a good first impression.) [Kutzu begins flying in the direction of the enormous tower, Lea following him in the shadows.]...
[Through the thickness of the jungle, Kutzu weaves through all sorts of strange forms of plant life which cannot be found on any other world: blue vines falling from the canopy, flowers the size of bedrooms, moss that builds on itself and forms strange arch-like structures. Eventually, after passing a few other villages, Kutzu begins to see larger gatherings of soldiers. These soldiers are from all over. They consist of Fairies, Illusions, and even Dragons. The Cyborgs, however, are nowhere to be seen.]
-Illusive Horizon.-
[The area is an enormous, treeless ring of villages about three quarters of a mile from the Wingspear Pillar, which is the center of the ring. Kutzu walks through the gatherings of soldiers, receiving looks of amazement and warm welcome.]
Fairy Soldier: Oh God, it's Kutzu! Kutzu's okay!
Fairy Guard: Kutzu! Where on Soren did you head off to?
Dragon Soldier: Yeah! In case you didn't know... you're kinda needed for all of this Darkness jazz.
Kutzu: Oh my gosh... You're still okay... [Takes a deep breath.] Everyone's still here.
Fairy Guard: Mostly everyone...
Kutzu: What happened? Did you all leave Castle Blossom?
Fairy Guard: We did, yes. A lot of us were either defeated at home or ambushed along the way to the Illusive Horizon. [Shakes her head.] It's... one of the more frightening voyages we've ever made.
Kutzu: ...Are we still doing okay...?
Fairy Soldier: We should be fine, mhmm. We've got plenty of reserve troops and Susie got us out of trouble just in time.
Dragon Soldier: ...Us? Not so great...
Kutzu: [Approaches the Dragon in flight, then sets back down.] Where's Mark? Is he okay, do you know?
Dragon Soldier: Mark was kidnapped by Hommay at the main base... We haven't seen any signs of him since then... [Lowers his head...] And I can guarantee you that Darkness took our Soul Sphere. It makes me wanna hurl...
Kutzu: ...Well, I... ...If... it makes you feel any better...
Dragon Soldier: [Interrupts calmly.] I know yours was taken... But you have your leader. We don't. We're torn, Kutzu...
Kutzu: ...[Continues his sentence.] If it makes you feel any better, I'm here with Chris and another Eclipse to stop this.
Dragon Soldier: [Looks up at Kutzu.] Chris...?
Fairy Guard: You're here with Chris?
Fairy Soldier: Wh-... [Looks around.] Where is he?
Kutzu: ...Uh... Funny story. He and Safiri, the other Eclipse... Um, they got lost.
Dragon Soldier: [He rubs his face.] ...
Fairy Guard: ...Did you lose them in the jungle?
Kutzu: Yeah, but it totally wasn't my fault! Hommay snatched me out of nowhere, and now I'm here all by myself... Well, sorta. But on another note, do you guys know where Susie and Ectie are?
Fairy Guard: Susie and Ectie? ...Umm... They went out into the jungle but returned not too long ago. They're probably near Wingspear right now. Head in from here... [Points to a pathway surrounded by trees which leads to the huge white tower.] They'd be elated to see you, Kutzu. I know I am...
Kutzu: Hmhm. [Smiles at the Fairy.] Thanks. And... [Turns to the Dragon. He places a paw on the Dragon's shoulder.] If I can't do it... Chris will totally find Mark.
Dragon Soldier: [Looks back up at Kutzu.] ...You think so, hm?
Kutzu: Ha, I know so... You venture alongside a guy who has the gall to work with Darkness than comes back to Light four years after being "dead". He can do it, and he will.
Dragon Soldier: [Nods.] I'll give this guy a chance. Good luck yourself, Kutz.
Kutzu: Thanks. [Nods back. He flies off in the direction of Wingspear Pillar, Lea still following him without being noticed.]
-Wingspear Pillar(Courtyard).-
[The huge pillar's courtyard is an open circle of land with no jungle canopy. The grass is soft here, and the scenery is quite pleasant. However, with the sky being a hideous red at the moment, it is not the greatest of sights. Kutzu wanders around the open courtyard before spotting the captain of the Glitter Trance Order, Mimi. Kutzu unhesitatingly rushes up to her and greets her with a hug.]
Kutzu: Mimi!! [Hugs her rightly.]
Mimi: Whoa whoa!! It's Kutzu! [Returns the hug joyfully.] Wowww! You're okay! Oh this is great! We can tell Susie and Ectie! [Releases Kutzu.]
Kuztu: Totally! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay... Are the other Elitists okay too?
Mimi: Yep. Ressa and Helena are with Susie and Ectie. Here, I'll take ya to them! [She grabs Kutzu's arm and takes flight, pulling Kutzu with her. After a football field's worth of flying, Mimi brings Kutzu to a flowered section of the courtyard where Helena, Ressa, Ectie, and Susie stand. They seem to be deep in discussion about the Romuline.] Princess! Chieftaness! Oh, pardon my interruption, but look who I found~!! [She sets down and lets Kutzu go.]
Kutzu: [Steps forward and motions courteously, gesturing to himself with wide open arms. He then bows.]
Susie: [Staring with awe at Kutzu.] Gracious!! You're unharmed! My dear Kutzu is unharmed!! [Before Kutzu can even hug her, Princess Cellie wraps her arms tightly around the missed boy.]
Kutzu: Princess... [Hugs her back, laying his head on her shoulder.] You would not believe what I've been through since the incident at home...
Susie: Gracious... I bet I wouldn't. I missed you so...
Ectie: Kutzu, we missed you so. I have longed to see you again.
Kutzu: [He lifts his head to smile at Ectie.] Gosh guys...
Ressa: [Grins, happy to see that Kutzu is okay.] It's great to see you're alright, Kutzie. What's been up?
Kutzu: [Releases Susie.] Well, I went to Me'ihm Gardens! And from there, I waited about a day... and guess who showed up!?
Ectie: Most certainly, it is Chris. No?
Kutzu: Yes~! He took me... in his arms... [Smiles and closes his eyes. He folds his paws near his face.] Ooh, and we slept together... and we...[His eyes shoot open.] ...
[Everyone stares at Kutzu...]
Kutzu: ...Um, long story short. He's here. I got kidnapped then saved, but I lost him and his friend.
Susie: [Blinks.] ...Chris is here... and you lost him?
Kutzu: ...Er... Kinda... Because Hommay showed up and snatched me from the sky. He did that while no one was looking, so...
Helena: Ah, therefore you lost Chris and his friend? I take it you were leading them here as well?
Kutzu: [Nods.] Totally right you are.
Ectie: ...But who were you rescued by?
Kutzu: [He can hear the wind pick up a little.] ...Well... That's a whole 'nother story itself. [He faces where the wind blew from.] ...It's okay to come out now~!... Before they say anything, you're good now!
[There is silence as Kutzu says this. The Elitists and leaders simply stare at the spot where Kutzu turned to, waiting for something to happen. About twenty feet from where they are, the wind picks up around a certain spot and begins to form a tiny cyclone. Within that cyclone, a dark corridor appears. Lea emerges, carrying her staff. She walks slowly to the stunned group.]
Kutzu: [Waves to Lea.] Hi! So happy you made it!
Lea: Hmhm, of course, Dear.
[The Elitists stare silently.]
Susie: Lea!! K-Kutzu, are you positive we can tru--...[Gulps, watching Lea closely.]
Lea: You need not worry! This change of heart comes from a deep reasoning, with a powerful purpose.
Kutzu: Princess, it has to do with Chris...
Susie: Gracious... Is Chris really here?
Kutzu: Totally! We need to find him in the outer jungle.
Ectie: The hero returns, but if Lea has chosen to side with Light, what are we defending ourselves from?
Lea: Be it known that Darkness has grown powerful. Hommay, another Shade, is working with an army of Darkness bent on stealing the Illusion Soul Sphere as we speak.
Ectie: I see! This means we must hurry and go our separate ways for a while.
Kutzu: Chieftaness...?
Ectie: [Nods.] Someone capable of doing so must be here. We cannot let our Soul Sphere be taken this day.
Ressa: Chieftaness Ectie, if I may? We Elitists of the Fairies would be honored to work with the Elitists of the Illusions to defend the Soul Sphere.
Ectie: Hmm, yes... That is viable. But we may need even more than that... We may require the Cyborgs.
Kutzu: Oh, those brutes... I'll be willing to go... erm, as long as someone comes with me. Hehe.
Lea: I will aid you, Dear. [Smiles warmly.]
Ectie: I shall assist as well.
Susie: Gracious, me too. A powerful squadron will be enough to tell the Romuline that there is trouble afoot. Now, Ressa... [Turns to the Elitists.] I want you and the others to spread the word of the Darkness threat. Once you have done that, you and the Elitists of the Illusions must head deep into Wingspear to protect the Soul Sphere. Understood?
Ressa: Yes, Princess. [Bows.] Come on, girls. Let's get a jump start on things.
[The other Elitists agree with Ressa and fly off with her.]
Kutzu: So! What's first on our agenda here?
Ectie: I believe we must locate Chris, yes?
Kutzu: Totally. Oh! Chris has a friend here too. Her name is Safiri, and she's another Eclipse from a world called Safa.
Susie: Gracious, another Eclipse!? I am thrilled to meet her.
Ectie: Oh, I second that. Shall we get flying, ladies?
Susie: Lets.
[The four take flight, headed in the same direction as the Elitists...]
[Meanwhile, in the outer jungle...]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris - Safiri)
-Illusive Essence.-
[Chris and Safiri have made some progress in coming closer to the Illusions' city.]
Safiri: [Seems to be getting the hang of things even more now. The two have found an unnatural jungle path which they are following.] Do you think we might be headed the wrong way? Just by bad luck?
Chris: Well... Guess we won't know until something shows up! Heh. [Shrugs.]
Safiri: Probably. You know who I haven't seen in a while since we got here?
Chris: Who, Darkness?
Safiri: Exactly. Something happened that's like... making them not wanna be here...
Chris: You're probably right. If I had to make an educated guess, it's the power of this Ecliptic Pull. Darkness hates that kinda stuff, so I'm wondering why they messed it up on the Script...
Safiri: What if they didn't...? What if it was Hellspawned?
Chris: I don't think Hellspawned is smart enough to know about the Scripts. And if they were, what would they do with it? ...I guess they're not affected by the Ecliptic Pull though, seeing as how BlackMatter and the BlackParasite were totally fine.
Safiri: But... what if that parasite was in its erm... Safan... form?
Chris: Heheh, then they're ugly! Turning something into a Safan's just supposed to make it cuter.
Safiri: Hehehe. You are pretty cute as a Safan.
Chris: Thanks! ...[Smiles wide.]
Safiri: ...You are so picturing Kutzu as a Safan...
Chris: I am! God, he's already the second most adorable thing ever!
Safiri: Second?
Chris: Corussians.
Safiri: Oh yeah...
[Only a second after they finish speaking, two Nightmares rise in front of them, then behind them, then one on either side. All of this happens in only seconds.]
Chris: Great... We needed this. [She prepares herself for the six Nightmares, all of which are former Fairies.]
Safiri: How do you wanna handle this?
Chris: By winning. [Waits for the first strike.]
Safiri: These... are Sorenians...
Chris: This is just like how Slianna was corrupted... We can't take this too far.
[Just then, all six of the Nightmare Fairies fire their Neutralizers, all of which have a handgun shape.]
Safiri: [Grabs Chris' arm and shoots up into the air. Her unique powers allow her to combine flight with quick bursts of speed. She nods to Chris] Stay in flight, I got this.
Chris: [Blinks in surprise.] Okay. [After being releases, she now flaps her own wings to stay suspended in midair.]
Safiri: [Drops to the ground as fast as she rose. A windy shock wave knocks the Nightmares back. One manages to catch her balance and dash for Safiri from behind. Safiri hears the attack and combines ability with reflex. She zips toward the Nightmare, grabs the Neutralizer{which may also double as a type of beam-sword.} and takes the other arm of this Nightmare, twirls twice, and tosses her against a tree nearby. All of this is done in two seconds with Safiri's super speed. With the weapon in hand, she stands in the center of a rising crowd of Nightmares, only five now.]
Chris: (I got it...) Safiri! [As she gets Safiri's attention, she gestures for her to rise.]
Safiri: [Nods and takes flight, rising to where Chris hovers.]
Chris: [She focuses electric energy into her feet and drops to the ground, letting her wings freeze. As she reaches the ground, the black electricity expands outward, electrocuting all but one of the smarter Nightmares. The four fall to the ground, not too badly injured, but stunned. The one remaining is hovering, aiming at Chris with her weapons. Before she can fire, a narrow black beam is fired upon her, sending her down like the others. Safiri lowers herself a bit, smiling down at Chris.]
Safiri: We make a good team. Heheh.
Chris: We do. We like pulling the "drop to the ground and cause some effect" trick.
Safiri: That we do~. Moving on?
Chris: [Nods.] Moving on.
[The two fly faster into the jungle, leaving the Nightmares behind. They find themselves escaping other Nightmares shortly after this conflict, however...]
Chris: [Flying fast, she looks back.] Whoa, what the heck!?
Safiri: Nightmares!? [Looks back as well.]
Chris: Why're they after us!? Are we in their way? (Probably...)
Safiri: Should we keep going or fight them?
Chris: Gah, I don't want to have this become a problem for the Illusions here, but I don't think we can feasibly deal with that many!
Safiri: Let's at least try to lose them!
Chris: Right! [Stops suddenly at the wall of Nightmares in front of him. These Nightmares are both Sorenian and demonic {Demonic being the original, demon-like Nightmares.} Crap! Crap crap craaaap!
Safiri: [Stops beside Chris, then turns around to see the other horde of Nightmares stopped behind them.] Ahhh, where'd you call come from!?
[The Nightmares don't make a move. They simply watch the two.]
Nightmare Demon: [The tallest, four times the size of a Sorenian. It is blocking the way.] Poor, helpless Sorenians... trapped between Darkness lines... I must say, it was quite impressive of you two to handle a squad of Nightmares as you did, and with such speed! Hmhmhm...
Safiri: [Turns around again.] Well maybe you're underestimating us...
Nightmare Demon: Or perhaps the Fairies are weak and you simply outmatched them...
Chris: Weakness is before us. [Cross her arms, now standing firmly on the ground. Black electricity sparks from her, though only as a threat. The Nightmares raise their weapons at this.]
Nightmare Demon: A "unique" one, I see... Let Darkness crush your hopes. Let Darkness humble you into despair... [Raises an arm, black energy flowing into its palm and gathering into a small cloudy sphere.]
Chris: [Watches the Nightmares in front, then behind.]
Lea: Stop yourselves! [Appears from a small side path barely noticeable. She walks into the scene with Ectie, Susie, and Kutzu. The three Eclipses' wrists are tied together with tight vines. Lea is carrying her staff, looking as menacing as possible.] Goodness, Nightmares...
Chris: [Growls.] ...Lea... And... th-the Eclipses... [Frowns.]
Nightmare Demon: Shade Lea... Do you require these two?
Lea: Yes, yes. Lord Naught has me in charge of these characters, you see? I am after the Eclipses and two very important others. If they do not oblige, I shall destroy there precious Script. Leave these two to me and continue ahead.
Nightmare Demon: ...Very well, Shade. Come! Do not bother with these fools!
[The horde of Nightmares continues around the two. The group is large, but not too massive. After about four seconds, all of the Nightmares pass into the jungle...]
Lea: [Watches the Nightmares off.]
Chris: Lea... please let them go... Don't do this...
Lea: [Smiles.] Hmhm, well played, Dearies. [She raises her staff a bit. The vines around their wrists loosen up and fall off.]
Susie: Gracious, good plan, Lea.
Ectie: I concur. [Rubs her wrists.] Great execution.
Safiri: ...[Turns to Chris.] What's going on?
Chris: [Simply stares at the four.]
Kutzu: Yay! It worked! You're so totally cool! [Hugs Lea.]
Lea: Oh! Hmhm, now now, Dear. [Hugs Kutzu back with one arm. Kutzu releases her and turns to Chris.]
Chris: K...Did--...What'd you... do? [Is suddenly hugged tightly.]
Kutzu: [Lays his head on Chris' chest.] Oh, thank God you're okay... Both of you, I was soooo worried...
Chris: [Hugs Kutzu back, laying her head over his.] I was worried about you... but I can see you pulled off what I was hoping to accomplish here. [Looks at Lea.] Bringing the family together.
Kutzu: I was so happy when Lea decided to change her ways... I knew you wanted to make this a reality, Chris...
Ectie: Chris...
[Chris and Kutzu release each other.]
Chris: I missed you as well, Ectie.
Ectie: [Performs a courtesy bow for Chris.] Thank you for being here for us.
Chris: Heh, sure thing. [Smiles wide.]
Lea: Chris, Dear... [Approaches.] I returned to Castle Tartarus and spoke with Danny... he told me all about you and what he did to be at your side again. I wish to do so, to follow you again. I want to be your sister...
Chris: [Hugs Lea.] You are my sister. Not even Darkness and Light can change that. The step you took to be with us takes so much courage... I'm so proud of you.
Lea: [Leans into Chris.] ...Do you forgive me?
Chris: Hm?
Lea: For... doing what I did when we saw each other... at Castle Blossom...
Chris: ...Of course I forgive you... Returning so suddenly is pretty unrealistic... I don't blame you for that.
Lea: ...I'm so thankful for you. For all of you. [Looks around at the Eclipses.] For Kutzu... for Susie and Ectie... And even you, Dear. [Looks at Safiri.] Safiri, yes?
Safiri: [Nods.] Mhmm. It's so cool that you're doing what Danny did! I'm so happy for you!
Lea: Aww, be happy for all of us! We are... what do you say, Chris? We are shade of Gray, yes?
Chris: Hmhm... We're all one Gray Area between Light and Darkness... Our purpose shines with Light's resolve, and outshines Darkness...
--E N D I N G--