So~! Methinks there will be a Sync 3 with all that I have, what with the Vox Populi experiment and all. =3

Just like I did with Double Slash and a few other little stories a long time ago, Vox Populi will most likely be incorporated into the never ending series of Sync.

I'm thinking it will be a more futuristic setting, probably about a century into the future from where Sync 2 is right now. I'm doing this so that I don't have to explain the whole "Danithan" thing. Also, while Sync 2 is otherwise known as "Abstract" (Mentioned in Sync 1), Sync 3 will probably just go by what it is now and/or Vox Populi.

Unlike where Sync 1 ended, however, Sync 3 won't pick up from anywhere. It will start an entirely new story much less related to continuation rather than repetition of events.

There'll be another line of BRAND SPANKING NEW characters, along with the inclusion of the 8 Eclipses from Sync 2. The new characters include those upon the Ecliptic Worlds, Earth, and many others.

I'm eager to introduce the world of Theory to the Sync series. =3 This world is a strange little(but huge) place far from Earth or Corus. Yep, it's in Reality, not Fantasy. The physics and rules here are a little different than even that of Fantasy itself. There will be characters with major roles in this world, such as Cree Eitor, Pachi, Edge, and Risu. (Seen on the Vox Populi character list.)

The Eclipses? Like Sync 2 explained, the original Eclipses will still exist. Now, obviously they aren't the same exact people, and they even look a little different. Here's the list:

Khris the Rabbit
Princess Cellie

The Eclipses have very similar stories to their current counterparts' pasts. They also have an understanding of Cruce. (Chris. He will soon become known as Cruce Ifai in Sync 2.) For the first time in Fantasy history, the previous Eclipses are remembered.

As for Cruce, his appearance in Sync 3 has not yet been decided. He probably will appear in some unnatural way. It'll be decided in late Sync 2. Sync 2, by the way, will be going on for a long time, probably well into October. Maybe it'll end by then, and then Sync 3 will start.

Phazes and Phaze Guardians! Yes, the Phazes and Hideaki will most likely remained untouched, but the Guardians will be a tad different. With no more Rush or Amen or Lavender, who will it be? The Shades, very similar to Eclipses, also continue to exist in this century-later world as Phaze Guardians. They are:


These guys will have taken on a transformation that both enhances their power and equalizes the fact that there are four Phaze Guardians and eight Eclipses. They'll be a combination of two species, like the Abominations.

Lea - Sorenian/Pokémon[Chiramii] (Wind + Lightning)
Daniel - Safan/Aquatican[Otterfox] (Ice + Water)
Idi - Antifigurate/Scorpius (Fire + Dark)
Ginsengaar - MobianWolf/PimikuWolfTail (Light + Earth)

The elements correspond to what the Shades/Guardians had control over in previous stories. Obviously, these guys are combinations of two Ecliptic beings. More of these creatures will live on Fantasy and Reality also.

Reality Plot:

Corus will have its shining moments in Sync 3, and at this moment, it's yet to have any shining moments at all. (Sync 2, that is.) There will be a few Corussian characters making an appearance on their planet as well as Theory and another planet quite far from Theory.

This planet is much closer to Earth in the Mirror World. It is known as Vrtra, home to the furry race. Wormhole technology has been developed, and the furries and humans have discovered each others' planets. Tension will rise as a spacial war begins to take place between the furries and humans. Federation Awgo has spread across Earth, manipulating technologies such as Secondary and Third Forms, Advanced genetic engineering, and a lot more fancy stuff. This war will be known as the Cosmic War, or CW I. Basically, the humans and furries are paranoid, thinking that -- as both are advanced specie -- their planets will fall. This is where certain characters of both planets meet and contribute to the story more than most other characters. These characters are furries and humans who have befriended each other even through the hatred of the Cosmic War. These characters are... (VERY IMPORTANT! x3)

Elias Rimmelman (Human)
Lorena Fields (Cat Furry)
Jim "Jockshot" Justaniel (Human)
Piru Dachierr (Lion Furry)
Edge (Blue Squirrel/Cat hybrid furry. Suspicious)
Split Mochi (Strange cat furry.)
Dale Trinn (Human)

No one really takes these guys into too much consideration, but they do draw attention from time to time. Their lives change for good when they meet the Fifth and Sixth Believers. Both of these Believers are the last since Ixis Muugen, but their belief is both in the imminent destruction of Reality through Darkness. These believers are...

Miki Atre (Strange human)
Azhura (Black fox Corussian)

These two Believers will take the Zero War Club (Those seven characters above) on a journey across Reality. This doesn't come without consequences from Federation Awgo, who begin to hunt the Zero War Club down. The Furies (Furry Military) even works to hunt the tiny rising threat. This proves nearly impossible when they escape to Theory with the two Believers. This is done by none other than the mysterious Edge, who had been sent to Earth by his brother Pachi and his sister Risu. He is not really a furry at all, but he works to bring humans and furries together in peace. All of this was predicted by the heroic, mysterious figure known as Cree Eitor, a young white squirrel fur, and a strange Creator called Phi, a tall, interesting magician man.

While they are upon Theory, the ZWC and the Believers experience the troubles of the Creator world, such as the uprising of an evil force known as Nihilus, before Earth and Vrtra locate Theory and they-- not only do they figure out where the ZWC and Believers have been -- bring the war to Theory, killing many innocent creations of Pachi, Edge, and Risu. This enrages Cree as well as the ZWC. Cree leads an small army of powerful creations against the two world forces. When most of the creations fall, Cree battles against two entire forces on his own, managing to reveal to the two worlds that there is another Believer equal to the power of the legendary First Believer. With Cree's militia alone, the humans and furries are driven from Theory...

While the ZWC and the Believers become acquainted to Theory, thinking of it as a "Second Fantasy", they begin to discover odd Corussian Creators on the planet who have actually originated from Corus and become Creators on this world, adapting to its environment. The next goal is to reach Corus with the help of the friends they have made on Theory. With their assistance, they are successful in traveling to Corus through means of a magical wormhole. While on Corus, they discover what makes a Corussian so magical: their closeness to Light. Azhura remembers that Corussians are a peaceful, loving race of adorable creatures who adapt to any environment at rapid speeds, which is why it is best to leave them isolated from the rest of Reality. They will not become blood-thirsty like the furries and humans. Azhura finally decides to remain with his kind, bidding his farewells to the ZWC and Miki. After learning of the Corussian world's past, they encounter telltale signs of Darkness in a small field called the Precious Meadow. After another two days, they return to this spot to find what's known as a "Nightmare", sent by the Overlord of Misery to locate the Uprisings, otherwise known as the Zero War Club...

Through dark corridors, they are taken to Fantasy...


That's my sneak peak of the Reality plot. x3 I'll be updating as Sync 2 continues.