Good evening, to whom may stumble upon this. It's been a lengthy enough amount of time since I last made an entry solely based upon current happenstance, my memoir idea having been exhausted.

Lately - as in the past two or more months - I've been majorly into Soul Calibur. Me and my boyfriend play it together, and I've practiced hard to become accomplished. I take my dignified skills with utmost seriousness! ... -ahem- Maybe that was a bit silly. Of course I mean I play to compete, but it is also an enjoyable passtime. My main selections are Cassandra, the hotheaded ditzy swordswoman, and Amy, the elegant gothic lolita vampiress. I have fallen in love with the latter! In a completely platonic way, of course. I absolutely idolize her - she's pretty, dainty, elegant, aloof, has impeccable skill with a rapier and gorgeous taste in clothing. She's not a vampire in the traditional sense of the word, merely a being infected by Souledge similarly to her adopted-father Rapheal, but that's her obvious inspiration.

I've already been straying toward adopting such tastes beforehand, so it's natural I would become attached to the dark, aristocratic ones. I only wish I could be so refined... I'll be working on it.

Aside from that, I'll be working on finishing up the year at school. My current course is Philosophy, and me and Travis (a classmate) will be working on doing a Greek-based theme, something of the Socratic era. I love Greek mythology as well, so I'll likely be attempting to implement that into our presentation.

It'd be much too lengthy to go into excessive detail about this, but I also went to Anime North back in May. To summarize it, it was alright but because I didn't cosplay something more widely recognized and was unable to meet others from my fandom, in addition to not sticking around the convention center enough AND loosing half of what I had purchased foolishly, I couldn't say it was fantastic. Next year, I'm hoping for a little more spontaneity and a group cosplay with my friends.

I suppose that's about all I can think of at the moment. I'm going to go try out Grand Chase with Damian now. Goodbye.