chapter 1:ORIGENS PT1
"war...the mere word brings memories of pain. at first it was so simple just kill those who apposed the gaian republic. but soon i found out the dark secrets"cant get without giving". it seemed like what was a simple task became a living hell like i could see what they saw before the were sluaghtered. the leaders of gaia found this as a threat and banished me. well...that was 5 years ago. those who were in my team either were bribed or killed. somehow they just swept me under the carpet. my minor skill in the dark arts grew in my icolation till i could bend reality to my wim. now i must..." clayton stops thinking to hear a motor runing behind him"well i geuss ill update my memory journal later" he starts to run. when it seemed like the engine was close clayton slide under a mound of sand. to men in black robes came out of what seemed like a hummer. the one man turned to the other "he dosent seem to be here we should head back itll be dark soon" the other nodded as he touched his ear "this is hunters 56 and 55 no sign of target we are heading back to HQ"