Well as you guys no about in my last journals i was ment to go back to ca for the australian holidays to see my friends smile . didnt go . all because of my mother. she didnt want me to spend time in ca with my dad, but i miss cassie and andie and everyone else. they were all i had before i had to come to australia.....

I wanna go back to my old life. before there was fights at my new school and back in ca everyone didnt care about if you were gothic or not or a smoker or not. now in aus you get suspended for stupid things and i hate it.

all my friends in aus are kkinda mean to everyone. and i cant tell them to stop or i might be kicked out of the group sad ;( sad sad
i miss everyone
aus is orite to be in , ITS A GREAT COUNTRY
but i miss ca sad
ever since the whole dad thhing she doesnt hardly talk to me anymore sad
well thats all i guess ..