Wuz hanging with my friend Christian all day. Texting ppl while hanging with him. Mostly my friend Caycee and Abel XD he pretended to nom on my arm, but i didnt care. I was hyper all day today. Like, crazy crazy drive-ppl-nuts hyper. Now im not gonna sleep and im going to a concert tomorrow smile Wingstock. Includes: Drowning Pool, Pop Evil, Richy Nix, Jackal, someone else (idk who), and Snoop Dogg! yay fun xp
Sadness had befallen me once again today. yet again, suicide had struck my life. I had nearly died from the first person committing suicide in Texas (miss you. R.I.P Trent. Love ya! Cant wait to see you!) and yet another friend left my life at about 9:43 pm (Michigan time). My friend in Florida had drowned herself in the ocean. She didnt even tell me what wuz wrong sad my/her friend called me to tell me the devastating and heartbreaking news. R.I.P Tammy. Love you like a sister. Cant wait to see you!
That ends it, and, well, i have pms to answer. so bi!