Lily ran through the forest. The full moons light shown through the branches of the trees casting shadows all over the ground. She stopped her warm breath visible as she panted trying to catch her breath as she looked around. She had been running for an hour or so now and she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that she had to keep going, she had to escape from him. Looking behind her she noticed the bright red blood that stained the freshly fallen snow. Gasping she began to panic realizing that the blood was coming from her bare feet and that it would lead him straight to her. Rubbing her arms in an effort to warm herself up some she started to run again. Running as fast as her legs would carry her the auburn haired maiden dashed through the dark forest. Every now and then she got caught on a bush or a branch which would scratch up her face or arms, sometimes even tearing the thin gown she wore. She knew her body would be a bit bloody an bruised but it would look a lot better than if he caught her. As she ran she could hear the sounds of dogs barking coming from behind her, letting her know that her 'ex' fiance was hot on her trail. Looking back over her shoulder as she ran she tried to see if they were within sight. Not looking where she was going she ran head long into something hard. Falling onto her back with a groan lily clutched her head before opening her eyes and looking up. She expected to see a tree in front of her, but what she didn't expect was the torso of a well built man. Her bright green eyes met his dark ones just before she passed out.

* Seeking a male RP partner to play either male centaur, werewolf, or a half demon/full demon(i prefer dog, wolves, fox, and large cat demons) *

Lily is a tavern girl whose father died when she was 5, since then her mother had been working in a brothel to support her. She began working when she was 12 as a maid to one of the richer families in the town she is from. then when she was 16 she began to work at the tavern. Though she is groped on a daily basis, she is still a maiden. When she was 19 a the son to the family she was a maid for came to the tavern and began to court her. After awhile he proposed, it wasn't until after she had accepted that she saw his true nature. He beats and abuses the women in his life even his own mother. She ran away the night before their wedding and hes after her.