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18 Years Old
Very gentlemen-like towards people but if needed he
can turn very cold and jealous if anyone messes with
Misaki. He's the type that doesn't trust many so he
keeps to himself most of the time. Hiro loves his
four best friends more than anything and nothing ever
comes between them, until now that is. Hiro and his
three guy best friends have all fallen in love with their
only girl best friend Misaki and don't know what to do
about it. The upside is because they are all so close
they are willing to look pass this and not jeopardize
their friendship so they all keep it a secret from her.
Hiro is always there for Misaki when she needs
someone to comfort her but wishes she would realize
he's always there for her because he loves her. He
wants her to see him more than a best friend but is
afraid to hurt her. He is always getting hit on by
other girls but always rejects them nicely saying
he already has someone in his life, but he gets annoyed
by those girls all the time.
*Misaki--*His best friends*--*Each of their families--
*Dark clothes--*Chinese food--*Singing(Rock&J-Rock)
*Dancing(Hip-Hop)--*Playing guitar & paino
*Misaki's family(Only some and for certain reasons)
*People that use others--*Girls that hit on him and
his other 3 friends*Guys that flirt with Misaki--*Meat

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18 Years Old (Looks like a child though because of face and size)
At the age of 5 she lost her father in a car accident, that
kept her and her mother sad for years, but Misaki though
not able to accept it has learned to hide her grief over
him. Her mother however hasn't been able to cope with
the lost and at points gets very angry at Misaki for no
reason because she takes the looks after her father.
Misaki and her mother rarely see eye to eye because of
that, but she can't do anything but love her mom and try
her best to keep her happy. At the age of 14 she learns
that her father is still alive but apparently suffered amnesia
and has no memory of his past family. It breaks Misaki's
heart but she is happy just knowing he is alive and well
and tries to move on. Her and her four best friends start a
band, two to be exact, the first only lasted for about 2 years
when they all disguised themselves and wore a band to
cover their eyes and always had matching wigs of short
black hair. The 2nd band is when they all decided to reveal
themselves and starting singing all over the world. **They
sing to follow in Misaki's fathers footsteps because he's a
famous singer as well.
She is a very loving girl that has never wronged anyone.
Will always be there to help her friends out and is very shy
towards strangers, but when she's on stage she completely
changes and is full of energy and her shyness disappears
for the moment. She's somewhat on the naive side, can't
really tell when someone is kidding or is trying to take
advantage of her kindness so that's why the other 4 are
always looking after her. Misaki is new when it comes to
love though, she has strong feelings for the oldest of her
best friends, but can't help coming back to Hiro at times.
*Her family--*Her friends--*Hiro--*Animals
*Veggies/Fruits--*Little kids--*Designing clothes
*Playing guitar & paino--*Drawing
*Meat--*Mean people--*Seeing girls flirt with Hiro
*Herself for being selfish when it comes to her
four best friends

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