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You'd like to believe such things can be true.
(It has been decided) Timeworn Charm
2546 A.D:
The fourth world war has finally ended but has left the planet desolate and lifeless. Only five cities in Europe remained untouched by the war's destruction, Minsk, Berlin, Prague, Kiev, and Riga. These cities were now referred to havens, and housed government officials and refugees who managed to escape their war ravaged lands such as the United States and China. The havens were all led by five representatives, one from each haven. Many of them thought of it as a democracy, but would soon find that this "committee," as it is called is just a group of greedy CEO's and politicians, and they control the last of man kind.

2549 A.D:
The committee has sanctioned a mandatory identification processing program that requires every single resident of each haven to have there identification screened and then entered into a database, then the said individuals are to receive an implant that allows that information to be accessed any time by the authorities whether it be at police checkpoints, weigh stations, air ports, or train stations. Failure to cooperate results in death...

2550 A.D:
The havens have had massive walls constructed around them to protect them from the wild and its newly discovered mutations from the wars past. The only things left that connect these havens are several train lines and a few airports, which cannot be accessed without clearance granted by the committee under penalty of death, supposedly for the good of the people...

Spring, 2551 A.D:
As crime rates in each haven began to rise and resources began to dwindle, the committee commandeered every remaining T.V station and combined them into one. The new station was used to spread propaganda and ensure the civilians that nothing was wrong and that everything was as the committee stated, "Even better than before."

Winter, 2551 A.D:
In response to the committee's blatant lies and misuse of power a group known as the Seers created the only radio-station to have existed since the third world war in 2234 A.D. They used this station to spread the truth to those who had radios or would listen.

Spring, 2552 A.D:
As an addition to the Seers' campaign against the committee they began to make and hand out radios to the civilians, the committee was not pleased...

Fall, 2552 A.D:
The committee began a crusade against the Seers, and began by confiscating any and every radio they could find, arresting any who refused to relinquish their only link to the truth. In the coming weeks the attacks against the Seers became brutally direct, the committee began using the television network to spread propaganda against them, stating that they were "terrorists who wanted to cause the fall of humanity." Anyone who was thought of having connections to the Seers are arrested and executed on the spot.

2553 A.D:
The committees plan worked for the most part, the Seers shut down their radio-station and halted their anti-committee actions, but the committee could not stop the flow of information... A rumor began to spread through the havens about a man who seems to appear from nowhere without identification and strolls right through restricted areas without being caught. The committee reassured the public that no person could manage traveling between havens and most definitely not into restricted areas without being caught..

Summer, 2554 A.D:
The rumors about the mysterious wanderer have become more rampant in the havens, people have been saying that he has come to bring about the end of the world. The committee has began to take interest in the situation as video confirmation of the man has began to spread like wildfire. To make matters worse the Seers have once again began their campaign against the committee and have reestablished their radio-station to instill doubt in the public about the committee.

Present Day, Winter, 2554 A.D:
The committee has hired three assassins to deal with the wanderer, claiming that all will revert to what it once was in a few weeks, but the Seers didn't think so highly of that plan, spreading information about events that coincided with the wanderers whereabouts. The Seers believe this man holds the key to the problems in the world, but it isn't for them to decide, it is up to the civilians.

The Committee:
The Committee is made up of the five greediest and influential people in all of the world, whether they where the President of the United States or the CEO of a major company. They say they are trying to restore order, but don't be fooled by their charade, they are slowly destroying what little order is left in the world for personal gain, and are willing to destroy anything, or anyone who stands in their way.

The Assassins:
These three relentless killers who were hired to deal with the wanderer and his ever growing presence in the havens. Their backgrounds are sketchy at best but that didn't seem to matter to the committee, all that mattered is that they are good at what they do.

The Seers:
Little is known about these "believers of truth," for all the public knows, they could be anyone: neighbors, friends, and quite possibly even family, and this fact has made itself known in the public's growing distrust in what is left of the world. Whether they are fighting for right or wrong isn't known, but then again, right and wrong depends on a person's perception of life and its morals.

The Public:
The public is made up of the last of humanity, the people that made up the once wonderful majesty called civilization, and the people that are trying to just survive another day. The civilians that make up the public range from thieves to police, and are struggling to find their place in the war between the Seers and the committee. Good and evil, bad and good, right and wrong, these perceptions are left to the public.

The Wanderer:
This man seems to be an enigma to reality. With motives and a humanity unknown, he has an existence known only in rumors (though nobody knows if he even exists). He is seen by the public as the harbinger of the end, to the committee a threat, and to the Seers he is a savior.

The Voice:
The Voice is the name of the radio station the Seers created to spread the flow of correct information. It is ran an operated by a chain of informants, who all work for two men called the Eyes and the Ears. Over the Voice's broadcast the Eyes and the Ears claim each haven as their own when addressing them specifically. Not much is known about the two men except that they are masters of information gathering and that the Voice given to them by the Seers under the conditions that they keep the flow of information moving.

Part One: The Flood
December 7th, 2554 A.D. Haven K.
Via the Eyes and the Ears

The amount of rain this year was absolutely preposterous, the only thing that kept the refuge camps from flooding was the facet that winter came soon enough to freeze them over instead. The seers estimate the casualties so far around three to four hundred, whether their deaths are due to the harsh cold or just starvation. Sightings of the Wanderer have become more frequent here in Kiev, thus prompting the Committee to step up law enforcement at checkpoints. The Committee still insists that everything is fine, but I fear those who survive the Winter will have worse to face in the Spring...

That is some spirit boosting positive feedback! -Fuura

Fuura Shurran
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Fuura Shurran
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  • [06/07/10 08:05am]

  • User Comments: [4]
    Dude.... impressive would be an understatement.

    comment -HD Zantetsai- · Community Member · Mon Jun 07, 2010 @ 02:31pm
    A very interesting idea. It is like what fallout would have been like with an actually GOOD storyline. I like that the fourth world war started it, and not the third, seeing as the third is waaay cliched. When you come up with rp details, I will more than happily join.

    comment TheAlchemistofWhite · Community Member · Mon Jun 07, 2010 @ 07:25pm
    Sorry for the double comment, but I liked how they employ the Animal Farm strategy and tell people it was better because they only slightly remember on the past. The entire government sounds like an Orwellian one.

    Spring, 2551 A.D:
    As crime rates in each haven began to rise and resources began to dwindle, the committee commandeered every remaining T.V station and combined them into one. The new station was used to spread propaganda and ensure the civilians that nothing was wrong and that everything was as the committee stated, "Even better than before."

    comment TheAlchemistofWhite · Community Member · Mon Jun 07, 2010 @ 10:52pm
    This needs to be made in to an RP .... NAO!!!

    User Image
    The flame of life burns the brightest.
    comment Strifer Garuwashi · Community Member · Mon Jun 07, 2010 @ 11:14pm
    User Comments: [4]

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