So I really have mixed feelings on the ending of the series, it was so bitter sweet that I didn't really know if I was supposed to cry or laugh. I almost don't feel like it was't a good way to end the series but can't see it being continued as it would turn into suck, as we have seen with so many 'could have been awesome' series'. All in all I must say it was a beautiful end to a series, that when in the earlier stages, had me wondering if it was worth my time. You have to admit that you need a little bit of patience with this series, if your like me I can't stand long a** series that, Never. End. It honestly pisses me off when they continue a good series saying "Oh look! Money," and kill it with greed and stupidity but that's waaay off topic. Another thing that was bitter sweet but made me cry AND smile was Rolo. They so breifly brought in a new character, managed to make you really like him (after some mixed feelings) and then killed him off. Lelouch's death was more like a second ending for me because they made Rolo's death just as beautiful as his older brother's. Well that's enough ranting for now! Later. ~Haru~