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Nora found herself moving swiftly through the Agogo forest at the break of dawn. Her slender athletic body allowed her to move at a steady pace without tiring from jumping over fallen logs or making her way through heavily bushed areas. Nora, an elven girl, had never left the Agogo forest in all of her seventeen years on earth, which meant she knew these woods inside and out. The Agogo forest was home to about three hundred elves, which were deep in the western end of the forest to separate themselves from other races.
Nora lived happily with her parents, her younger twin sisters, along with her little brother. Nora herself had never left the woods for she had been warned of the dangers beyond their forest. Nora was almost back at her village, she was accompanied by her two childhood friends, Eva a girl who was rather tall for only being fourteen and Esker a boy around the age of sixteen. The three friends had been out during the night collecting supplies for the elders of their village.
Nora being the fastest of the three young elvens led the way back to the village. Although it wasn't long before her sensitive ears pick up something in the distance. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked towards the east. Her two friends raced past her, but stopped when they realized she had come to a halt. "What is it?" Esker asked tapping his foot a little impatient. "Come on Nora...We have to get this stuff back to the elders." Eva replied wandering closer to her. "Shh..." Nora placed a finger to her mouth; it was hard to hear anything with these two around. Esker only waited another ten seconds before he continued for Eva, "She is right you know. The sooner the supplies are back, the faster we can relax..." He threw the bag of supplies over his shoulder and motioned for Eva to follow him. "I’ll meet you guys back at the village in a few minutes." Nora called after them. She wandered towards the east where the noise had come from.

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Forest Rp

Sora gave a devilish smile as she watched one of the three men look around confused. It would take more than the three of them to scare her out into the open. She leaned against an old oak tree; she was covered by not only the bushes surrounding the tree, but by the night as well. The only source of light tonight was the small amount coming from the half moon above. She listened closely to the other two man in the opposite direction. "Over there..." Sora almost snickered when she watched them go the wrong way. "What silly men..." She spoke to herself now in a whisper. She had been on the run from these three for more than a week; she had been caught stealing from them in a nearby town. She had heard rumours they wanted her as a slave, but she was too smart for them. However she knew her weakness was strength, and if they got a hold of her it would be over. She didn't know anything about the forest, but didn't expect to stay there very long. She had stumbled into it by accident; she took a wrong turn while running away from the men. Although the forest was paying off with good cover, she knew in the back of her mind she was lost. She couldn't hear anything now, had they left? She knew they would leave eventually, but so soon? She slowly peered around the tree, but there was no one there.

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Native American Rp

Rayen was in her family’s hut preparing fish and fruits for dinner that evening with her mother, while her father was getting a fire ready. When Rayen heard a loud mysterious noise coming from outside in the distance, she looked up from her work and shot a confused glace to her parents. "What was that?" She questioned in the same instant that her father had grabbed his knife. "Stay here." He spoke sternly to Rayen and her mother, and with that he disappeared out of the hut. Rayen glanced over to see a worried look on her mother's face, but her attention was quickly drawn away when she heard loud and painful screams coming from outside. Her mother rose and went outside, and Rayen followed right behind her. Rayen's mouth fell a little as she witnessed the attack of her people by an army of white men. The army clearly outnumbered the native residence and villagers were running in every direction attempting to avoid the chaos that had begun. The men of her community were rushing around attempting to find any weapons they could. Rayen had been absorbed in the havoc when she felt her mother tug on her wrist, trying to pull her away from the conflict. "Mother, we can't leave father." Rayen shouted but in that instant a group of panicking women had broken through their bond and she lost her mother's hand, sending her flying into the ground. After a few brief moments, Rayen groaned but sat up. The battle had spread all through the village now and Rayen looked around, but her mother was nowhere to be seen.